ZachJ-PMB/NPACE-Holy Canoli

It’s been a mad rollercoaster ride trying to balance studies, internship work at the station, and my newest position as the manager of Columbus’ newest rock venue On The Rocks! I am a long time bartender and manager so that part isn’t complicated  (though coming into a new establishment certainly has  its hurdles), but now I am learning a whole new bag of tricks – event planning and promotion. I have been working with bands such as Eye Empire, Drowning Pool, Jesse James Dupree (of Jackyl and the TV show Full Throttle Saloon), and tons of others up and coming like Sevendust and Trapt! I don’t know if a better gig could have fallen from the heavens for me being a long time rocker, and wanting to end up in entertainment public relations!! Along with event planning, I’m learning the promotions aspect of things as well as dealing with band management, logistics, radio ads, interviews, etc. Just to much to even comprehend.

One of the most exciting events coming up is the Jesse James Dupree and Dixie Inc. Bourbon Bash. Not because of the show, or the event per say, but because I am going to have the opportunity to meet Jesse himself. He is my idol, he’s an entrepreneur, musician, performer, and entertainer. I am too excited to have the chance to hangout and dialogue with this cat.

I have been getting more and more comfortable with my remote broadcasts as time goes on. I rocked it out with the Zaxby’s girls last week, what a blast! I gave out CD’s to the kids and parents, kicked it with the Zaxby’s racecar driver, broadcast live on location for 106.9, it was just all around a fun afternoon!

Did I already mention that I got the chance to interview the guitarist and co creator of the world of Coheed and Cambria Travis Stever? Let me tell you how that went down: So I’m in the 106.9 rock studio with Chris Chaos, ready for a live phone in interview with Claudio from Coheed and Cambria. After a few minutes, their tour manager, Peter Stahl, came on the line to tell us that they couldn’t track Claudio down. I quickly interjected with ” I can be in Atlanta in 1.5 hours, how about a live interview instead?” IT WORKED! 2 hours later I was in a live interview with Travis and it was beautiful! For the rest of the evening, as i enjoyed the concert, I did impromptu interviews with fans and sent them in via email recordings on my phone. It was awesome!

These are only a few of the situations I have had the pleasure of being a part of. Thanks to Chris Chaos, PMB broadcasting, Dave Arwood, and Columbus State University, I am living the dream, right here in Columbus Georgia, and I don’t graduate until next spring!! How much cooler can this get!!

Thats all I have this time, so until next time…

WORD OF THE DAY: cavil (/ˈkævəl/) – v: to raise irritating and trivial objections.

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Jesse James Dupree hackin’ up a guitar with his chainsaw!!


Mark Yanoschik- Air Show!

I had the privilege with getting to be on the Ranger Joe’s God and Country Show on 106.5 FM and 1420 AM last weekend during the Columbus in the Valley Air Show. It was an enjoyable experience that not only helped me build up my resume, but my media skills as well. PMB broadcasting gave the professors and students of the Columbus State University Communications department three hours to talk about the air show and the NPACE Center.

The air show was definitely an interesting place to broadcast a radio show live. Keeping the show going was not easy because there is only so much to say and you have to always stay interesting. Dr. Gibson and Dr. McCollough really helped the students who came to stay both informative as well as interesting. I am interested in working in media so I looked forward to the challenge. It was an incredible experience that truly epitomized why I chose the communications department of Columbus State University.


Mark Yanoschik – PMB Interviews

This has definitely been an exciting week for me! I have interned at a local TV station before, but I have never been to a radio station. I have been a non-stop talker since I was little so I have always considered a career in radio. I went to PMB twice this week to interview the DJ’s Brian Waters and Al Haynes about their careers and the relationship between the NPACE center and PMB Broadcasting. The interviews were great because I would love to be in their place one day. As a student who hopes to be in media one day, I received a lot of advice on how to succeed in the industry.


Me and Al Haynes

Both of them look forward to the NPACE center launching because not only is it going to be an asset to students, but it will also be a huge contribution to non-profit organizations and business in the community. The NPACE center has already done so much already and it is going to continue to grow exponentially once it goes public. I just found out a few days ago that I am going to be helping out with the official launch of the NPACE, so I’m sure it will be memorable day!

Zach Jamieson-NPACE/PMB-Cram it!!

It has been a crazy last couple of weeks!! Cramin’ for exams, projects, videos, presentations, etc.  

 This is an EXTREMELY rough edit of the NPACE video that may eventually be used as it’s commercial. Pretty exciting. I have to get back to crackin’ the books or I am absolutely not going to get what I need to finished. Wish me luck on the end of the semester and lets kick it on my break!!

Zach Jamieson-PMB/NPACE-Not Enough Hours in the Day

Top of the morning friends! It has been an extremely busy week. Up at 8am, in bed by 4am, and all over again. This week NPACE went live through PMB with our pilot program, Friday Night Football Focus. It went well and we were all ecstatic about our first shot. We’ve had a good
number of followers, and even some folks calling in, hopefully adding to these numbers in the following weeks. This week for NPACE I will visit five of Columbus’ high school coaches for interviews to bolster this weeks broadcast. I am having a great time building relationships with these molders of men and pillars of our community, all the while I’m supporting not only local high school football but the kids and coaches who make it happen.

Also, In the next few days I will work on the Intro, outro, into spot, and out of spots that PMB so graciously allowed us to use their voice talent for. A few zips and bangs, toss in a few rockin’ riffs and SHAZAM, audition spits out gold (with the help and guidance of Dave Arwood and his helpful staff). If you didn’t get the Adobe Audition reference, it’s the software we’ve been using to produce the spots we’ve been making. What’s even more satisfying is the first usable spot you create.

Wedged between (and not necessarily evenly) these few assignments, I finished a military focused brochure to be used by Dr.Gibson at a military function this week, featuring our very own Communications department. I was flattered and honored to be asked to help with such a project, even if it was a last-minute situation, as most important situations usually are. I worked through the night, and come 9am, BLAM! We had a nearly finished copy. With a few tweaks and edits, it was on the CSU press by that evening.

Today I finished a small preview of NPACE’s new commercial for Dr. Park. After a few more weeks of B-roll and several long nights in the NPACE lab editing, I’m confident that we will have a very persuasive end result. Yet another piece of software I am learning this semester that is a lot of fun to play with, Final Cut Pro X. There are so many things that can be done with this software it’s crazy.

Well kids, it’s nearly 2am and I have to be up at 8am to work at PMB before my interviews and classes! So… Until next time…

Word of the week: vote 1.a choice that is made by counting the number of people in favor of each alternative 2.The opinion of a group as determined by voting 3.a legal right guaranteed by the 15th amendment to the US constitution; guaranteed to women by the 19th amendment.

Video of the week: I love this stream. Philly D

Zach Jamieson@NPACE/PMB-Break?

“Who got a break?” is what I found myself whispering to, well , myself! I did get one full morning of sleep and the afternoon with my little Maddy-moo (my youngest daughter).

After getting caught up on some reading, and working on an interactive media project, I took the initiative to email the coaches I interviewed last week for the NPACE Center’s new radio show, Friday Night Football Focus (connect to our Facebook page or our Twitter page to comment live on Friday’s from 6pm to 12am).

After conversing (via email) with Professor Roger Hart, Acting Director of the NPACE Center, I contacted another number of coaches in hopes of gaining access to them this week. This new program will be the first of what we hope will be many for the NPACE Center radio station. It is, as the name suggests, a show with up to date information about high school football games in the area with interviews, discussions, call-ins and social media presence. Fixed between the high school content will be discussions about college football and the NFL as well. This first three weeks are mock trials for those in the studio to work the kinks out of production and show content as well as those of us interviewing to build relationships with coaches and schools and learn to hone the art of audio recorded interviewing and for all of us to work on our on air personalities.

Though this is a lot of work, it is all extremely fun and interesting. Once we get all the kinks worked out of the show with the help of Joseph and the rest of the PMB Broadcasting crew, this show looks to be an awesome opportunity for not only CSU students to learn, but for our area high schools and their students to earn some press coverage and much deserved attention. There has even been discussion of live game coverage from the press box eventually!! Going back to the rides on the bus to play games in surrounding towns, how cool would it have been to hear a radio station doing an interview with your coach, and listen to him talk about you.

This week along with a number of coach interviews, I will be working on an interactive media presentation for the NPACE Center, as well as a station wide meeting on Wednesday to discuss our first and next broadcast recording. Joseph Brannan of PMB Broadcasting and Dave Arewood should be with us to critique our recording, work on our emerging personalities and roles, as well as working towards first streaming via internet and eventually a live broadcast on one of PMB’s AM stations and then an FM station next season. It is important that we show our competence and professionalism in order to pave the way for future satellite programs with PMB Broadcasting. So exciting!

I will also be interviewing Dr.Danna Gibson, Interim Chair of the Communications Department at CSU, for our 20121009-113946.jpgNPACE Center video project. This should be fun and informative, as the good Dr. is (and should be with a background such as her’s) extremely well spoken and concise The NPACE Center is one of the Communication Department additions Dr.Gibson’s has given her leadership. A conversation with Dr. Gibson about the NPACE Center should make for some interesting content for my groups A-roll.

Well friends, it’s time to refocus my efforts on my media project, and getting some things done in preparation for class tomorrow, and I think Maddy-moo has successfully plastered every banana-covered cheerio to not only her face, but to my recently oiled wood floor!! Until next time…

Word of the week; Silent Generation: a label for the generation of Americans born from 1925–1945 notably during the Great Depression (1929–1939) and World War II (1939–1945).

Music Video of the week; SixxAM:Nikki Sixx, formally of the rock super power of Motley Crüe, hits it nicely with this Sevendust-y sounding album. I dig it Hope you do too!!

NPACE Center Radio Training With Dave Arwood

by Roger Hart
Acting Director of the NPACE Center

Dave Arwood, Operations Manager for PMB Broadcasting, held a training session for Department of Communications students in the NPACE Center radio station that PMB Broadcasting donated to Columbus State University. Arwood is starting a regular training schedule for students and interns that are aspiring to become new radio talent. We are very grateful to PMB Broadcasting’s staff and Dave Arwood for the contribution and commitment they are making to the Mass Media Studies track students in the Department of Communication. Students are working diligently on developing programming content for the NPACE Center radio station which will be able to broadcast student produced programming on PMB Broadcasting radio stations and stream the same programs on Internet Radio.