Jessica Word – Keeping Busy!

I have been keeping busy as an intern in the NPACE center!

I’ve been writing PSA’s, interview questions, and running the Facebook page. We are all actively preparing for the official launch this Valentine’s Day. Ten days and counting!

Many of the interns and assistants were given the opportunity to interview all the radio personalities at PMB Broadcasting. On Wednesday, I went to PMB and interviewed Morgan Nicholson, otherwise known as Morgan Taylor.

Morgan is a force to be reckoned with! She is only a freshman at CSU and she already has her own nightly program on Q107.3. She was great to work with and gave me lots of usable material to air on our own NPACE radio station.  Also, she gave me the grand tour of PMB Broadcasting and she introduced me to many famous radio personalities such as Al Haynes, Damon Free, Ed Bostic, and many more! I would love to be able to intern with PMB next semester.

On Thursday, I represented the CSU Communication Departement for CSU day at the Capitol! It was a lot of fun and I was able to meet a lot of great people! We were able to take pictures with the Governor, sit in on a legislative session, and pass out CSU swag to government officials. This was an awesome opportunity and I would love to be able to go next year!


CSU Day at the Capitol: Comm majors with Representative Calvin Smyre

Cory Veal – It’s just the beginning

This is the end of my second week at both my internships,  and boy has it been an exciting week.

This week at the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Chattahoochee Valley I was officially assigned the task of helping with the preparation of the Youth of the Year Ceremony. As an alumni, I know how important this is and what all goes into being selected and being a part of the event, so this is beyond exciting for me.


The Youth of the Year is a large event  that takes place each annually. Local clubs select children between the ages of 14-18 to be the youth of the year. Once selected they are entered in the state competition. If the child wins the state competition they will receive a $1,000 scholarship and then participate in the regional competition. Then five regional winners will be selected and win a $10,000 scholarship, and then compete at the national level. Once the national winner is selected they will win an additional $50,000 and be installed by the president. So as you can see, this is a lot of money to win for scholarships and is an important event to the organization. Therefore, I feel lucky to be a part of the team coordinating Columbus’ Youth of the Year Ceremony this year!

As for the NPACE center, I had a very exciting week as well. Coming from a television background I don’t know much about radio, but I was thrown into the fire. This week I had to interview Jim Martin from PMB Broadcasting and it was a true pleasure. He was very easy going and gave us a lot of good material for the NPACE center launch.

I also worked along Zach Jamieson, who was very helpful in assisting me with my first radio interview and I really enjoyed myself.  He showed me around the station and introduced me to all the radio personalities. Everyone was very nice and welcoming, so it made things run much smoother than I thought.


So, I had a pretty exciting week and I can’t wait til more exciting things are thrown my way!             .

Mark Yanoschik – PMB Interviews

This has definitely been an exciting week for me! I have interned at a local TV station before, but I have never been to a radio station. I have been a non-stop talker since I was little so I have always considered a career in radio. I went to PMB twice this week to interview the DJ’s Brian Waters and Al Haynes about their careers and the relationship between the NPACE center and PMB Broadcasting. The interviews were great because I would love to be in their place one day. As a student who hopes to be in media one day, I received a lot of advice on how to succeed in the industry.


Me and Al Haynes

Both of them look forward to the NPACE center launching because not only is it going to be an asset to students, but it will also be a huge contribution to non-profit organizations and business in the community. The NPACE center has already done so much already and it is going to continue to grow exponentially once it goes public. I just found out a few days ago that I am going to be helping out with the official launch of the NPACE, so I’m sure it will be memorable day!

Zach Jamieson-PMB/NPACE-Whirlwind of goings on!!


Once again, I will mention there is plenty of excitement in the NPACE Center and at PMB broadcasting! The launch of NPaCE will include  interviews with local dignitaries and various partners involved in the creation and implementation of  NPACE in our community.

Yes, the NPACE center is excited to announce their new copy writing team. They have been hard at work writing PSA’s and interviews for weeks. We are truly lucky to have them to help us with these projects! If you’re interested give a shot out to that team’s leader, Jessica Word at Jessica and Courtney Mason have been doing some amazing work on all of our new PSA’s and general announcements! We also want to extend a welcome to our teams two newest writers, Cory Veal and Ventrine Parham!

Josh and Maggie of FNSF worked hard on the voice-overs for this material all week long  and we now have complete and edited PSA’s thanks to Tyler Higgins and the rest of our awesome staff.

pmb_all_stationsThis week we will be doing interviews with a good number of the DJ’s from PMB broadcasting! As well as the owner of  PMB broadcasting, Jimbo Martin. We’re super excited to get them on the other side of the mic. and ask them a little bit about themselves. Next week, we will also be doing interviews with the Mayor Lowe and Mayor Tomlinson, as well as interviews with our very own Dr. Mescon, the President of Columbus State University, Dr. Baxter the dean of the College of the Arts, and Dr. Gibson, the  interim chair of the department of  communications here at Columbus State University! Exciting, exciting things going on down here in the NPACE center and PMB broadcasting to include some of my first live remote with PMB broadcasting for River Town Ford aired on Kissin 99.3 and some wonderful work in the studio with Chris Chaos. Thank you so much sir!


To wrap things up, I just want to mention how stoked I am at the amount and level of material I am being given the opportunity to produce for my portfolio, it’s amazing! So far I have had the chance to learn radio programming, production, and had actual on air time. I’ve been doing video (also starting a documentary on struggling musicians and their trails to stardom to include interviews with locals as well as national acts all made possible by my boss and mentor Chris Chaos), still shot photography, interactive media projects, building web sites, building brochures, creating posters, and learning software. This doesn’t even begin to explain how valuable this experience is and to my portfolio, not to mention my future. Once again, more than excited! That’s all I got for today folks! Until next time…

Word of the week: COPYWRITER  noun: A writer of advertising, publicity or marketing content

Video of the Week: Bobaflex-Warriors | At Chaos on the Rocks Feb. 16th with Drowning Pool, SuperBob & Currier!! I’ll be on the bar. Unless they jam this tune for me, then I’ll be on the floor, tearin’ it apart!!

to Drowning Pool, Bobaflex, SuperBob & Carrier February 16th


Dan Quigley – NPACE & CSU TV

Well it’s the photo(2)end of week three already this semester and things are busy as ever here at Columbus State. My internship with NPACE & CSU TV already has me doing cool things all over the city of Columbus. At the end of the first week I had already found myself video taping The Elixir of Love at the River Center. The opera was put together by our fellow friends at the Schwob School of Music. I was able to practice my live recording skills and try to capture the months of hard work by other students in the College of the Arts.

photo(3) I would be lying though if I didn’t mention that one of my favorite parts (besides listening to the harp player practice before the show) was the Front of House audio mixer they had in there. Luckily, I was able to grab a shot of it so I could share it. This is a serious piece of equipment and I wouldn’t have been able to see it had it not been for the opportunity from my internship. Not to mention it was hard not to think about how nice one of those would look in my living room.

So, Jazmine and I were able to get a lot of material from the show even though there were only two of us and three cameras. The show itself was a great thing to record. At first, I was a little wary about having to sit through an opera and film it but it turned out to be a great performance by the actors/singers, and orchestra. I was certainly glad I was able to go and the footage we got turned out really nice.


After we packed up and headed back to NPACE, a look in the window revealed some of our other interns getting their NPACE on as well. Friday Night Sports Focus was in full effect doing what they do best on the airwaves. I grabbed a sneak shot of them as you can see here. This is the NPACE Radio Station that is blooming out of nowhere thanks to people like them as well as our partners at PMB. On Febuary 14th, we’re going to be having our big kickoff down for the radio station so be sure to keep an eye out (or an ear I should say).

Not only am I interning at NPACE but also at the very soon to be CSU TV which is headquartered up on main campus. Formally known as, I have worked here for two years and am now getting to do part of my internship as the project  has a metamorphosis into the television station for the entire campus. As you may or may not know NPaCE also has a studio built on the same model as that of CSU TV. I’m looking forward to helping both of these projects collabphotoorate with each other and build another outlet for the Communication Department as well as the University as a whole. In this last picture, you can see the set from one of our shows TWiSS which stands for This Week in Space Science. The show is hosted by CSU’s own Dr. Shawn Cruzen, director of the Coca-Cola Space Science Center. All week I worked on making this set work for our recording on Thursday. As you can see from the picture, there are NO WIRES on the ground. That’s a major accomplishment if I do say so myself. Also we were able to do the show with no green screen which in my opinion made it look extremely clean. Dr. Cruzen came in and put on a great show which should be up right after we edit it. He talked about all of the exciting things they are doing down there at the Space Science Center (just a stone’s throw from NPACE) and believe me they are exciting. Not to get to into it but one of the topics was the transit of Venus that happened this past summer. The Science Center sent teams all over the world to capture and document this once in a lifetime astrological event. You’ll have to tune into the show to get the rest of the details.

Anyway, a lot has gone on in these last few weeks and this is just the tip of the iceberg. I can’t wait to watch both NPACE and CSU TV grow over the course of the semester while being able to be involved. This is going to be a big one for both of them in Spring 2013 so keep tuned!

Jessica Word – Exciting Internship

Hey everyone! This is my first blogging experience and I am really looking forward to continuing this throughout the semester. I have been interning in the NPACE center for the past two weeks I have been writing and editing PSA’s for the communication department, NPACE, and the NPACE partners. Along with several other students, I am on the PMB Broadcasting team, and we are hard at work to produce many PSA’s to air on all PMB stations.

We are all actively preparing for the official launch of the NPACE center this Valentine’s Day. With the help of my lovely roommate, I have been working on making a flyer so we can promote it on Facebook and Twitter. We want let as many people as possible know about all of the exciting opportunities NPACE has to offer.

It seems that I have a busy semester ahead of me and I am so excited to be interning here!


Zach Jamieson -PMB and NPACE- Just because I’m excited!

After speaking with Chris Chaos at the station, we now have access to Chaos on the Rocks. Chris is going to help us gain permission and access to national acts that shall remain nameless until that fully comes to fruition, but some wicked exciting prospects none the less, trust me. We do have access to the club for sure and we’re ready to blow this up!


Also, I just invested in a new panasonic GH2 with a 14-45mm lens to get started with. Wicked excited to get workin’ with this bad boy! Having access to more cameras will make this documentary supper killer! We’ve already come up with a few schemes that I think will make for some amazing footage! So excited to get this thing in my hands, you don’t even know!!


That’s it for now y’all! Stay tuned for more exciting events and plans!

If you want to keep up with this project (documentary) as it comes together, please visit us at: whatsmedia4

Zach Jamieson-NPACE & PMB Broadcasting-“There is something afoot at the” NPACE center!

20121019-111109.jpg Similar to Bill’s proclamation “There is something afoot at the Circle K Ted!”, on a more positive note there is an excitment in the air here in the NPACE center with the aproach of our first up and comming live broadcast for the Friday Night Football Focus high school edition (our pilot program for FNFF, as well as for NPACE radio broadcasting). Everyone here is really starting to gel, roles emerging, and the excitement is through the roof. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO MAKE A COMMENT WHILE WE ARE ON THE AIR BETWEEN 7PM AND 11PM ON FRIDAYS PLEASE CLICK THE FNFF LINK ABOVE. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO CALL IN AND BE A PART OF OUR SHOW PLEASE CALL: 706-507-8600

On another note, I have just begun the other portion of my internship at PMB Broadcasting. With the guidence of Dave Arwood as well as the helping hand of others on staff, I have been learning new software for audio editing and working with voice parts and sound effects working towards the FFNF image. It has been alot of fun, and somewhat of a challenge balancing my shedule between my girls, PMB, NPACE, interviews, classes, work, study time, and family. In saying that I would like to openly thank my wife for here patience and persistance in understanding. Let me show you what my schedule looks like for the week and there are still a few things not added in here:


Include the fact that when it says bar at the bottom, I work untill 3-4AM, then add a dash of study time, and a little sleep (and I mean little) and you the recipe for my success! I love to be busy and man am I . But in the end, I will have a lot to show for my work here.

In the mean time may I add; When doing an interview at a high school around the end of the class day, be sure you are not parking in a spot that is blocked in by the busses or youu may be blocked in for fourty-five minutes or so while you are trying to exit!! Oops!!

Well ladies and gentlemen, I can imagine how excited you might be to read my post this week, so without further a due…Until next time…

Word of the week: embrasure Definition: (noun) An opening (in a wall or ship or armored vehicle) for firing through.

Music of the week:SIXXam-Lies of the beautiful people. I was introduces to Nikki Sixx’s ( formerly of Motley Crüe) by Chris Chaos. A few weeks ago he tossed me a few CD’s to listen to. I’m pretty impressed with Sixx’s progression from 80’s hair and metal to his new, edgy sound reminiscent of a Sevendust almost.

Dacia – PMB Broadcasting

This past Wednesday, Professor Roger Hart and a group of students, including me, took a trip to the PMB Broadcasting Radio Station facilities to tour the station and to watch the radio personalities produce their radio shows live.

First things first, we sat down with Joseph Brannan, who is in charge of the Engineering and Accounting departments of the facility. Then he presented a PowerPoint that gave us an overview of what all the radio station did, and lastly came the tour. With that tour, we were able to see the offices of the workers who worked behind the scenes, while also viewing the different radio personalities of four different radio stations for the Columbus GA area.

The radio stations  that were on air at the time we toured included Q107.3, 106.9 Really Rocks, 103.7 Lite FM, and Boomer 95.3. Meeting all of the different personalities was a pretty cool experience, especially the personality of 106.9 Really Rocks ! He came into the studio and showered us with free band memorabilia, including a Foo Fighters t-shirt which I’m very appreciative of! The tour ended there and we were given the opportunity of sitting in with the different personalities of our choice. I chose to sit in with Q107.3 and the personality of the hour, who’s name was Damon, mainly because Q107.3 is my favorite radio station in Columbus!

Just by sitting in the Q107.3 room for all of 30 minutes showed me how laid back Damon’s job really was. I believe it was because after working at the radio station for 10 years, Damon really seemed to enjoy his job. Damon was a very lively, open, and fun person, so vibing with him wasn’t exactly hard. I felt right at home because our personalities seemed to be on the same level. With three computers and a microphone sitting before him, Damon showed me how to operate the whole radio system for that station. One computer showed how to cue songs for the hour; Damon was completely in charge of what songs played for the next 12 hours. One computer was for tools to use during radio shows, such as celebrity voice overs and pre-recorded recordings for the hourly shows, among other things. The last computer was for Damon to use at his leisure, usually checking for emails coming into PMB Broadcasting.

The most important thing I was able to accomplish while at the radio station, was talking to Joseph Brannan about a potential internship. Since I haven’t been able to start my internship at PMB Broadcasting yet, talking to Joseph was pretty vital. He shared with us that there were many open opportunities for students to intern there, so applying wouldn’t have been an issue. That was probably the most exciting part of the whole visit, being able to physically speak with Joseph about me starting. Good news is, he says I should be up and running as intern as soon as next week!

Hopefully everything falls through. I’m more than ready to start working with PMB Broadcasting!

Dacia – PMB Broadcasting

As I wait to start my internship as a radio intern with PMB Broadcasting, I tend to sit back and think where this opportunity may or may not lead me. The outcome in which I’m aiming for, is receiving a good amount of knowledge on the inner workings of radio in case one day, I would want to share my talents with a local radio station in my city as a hobby. I believe that having that knowledge would be vital in pursuing a career being a radio jockey, or a radio technician. The outcome I don’t want, is possibly not going anywhere with this new found knowledge. Having the talent to do something just to have it is obviously different than having the knowledge and using it for a greater purpose. I’m hoping that this opportunity doesn’t just slide by and run stale.