Zach Jamieson -PMB and NPACE- Just because I’m excited!

After speaking with Chris Chaos at the station, we now have access to Chaos on the Rocks. Chris is going to help us gain permission and access to national acts that shall remain nameless until that fully comes to fruition, but some wicked exciting prospects none the less, trust me. We do have access to the club for sure and we’re ready to blow this up!


Also, I just invested in a new panasonic GH2 with a 14-45mm lens to get started with. Wicked excited to get workin’ with this bad boy! Having access to more cameras will make this documentary supper killer! We’ve already come up with a few schemes that I think will make for some amazing footage! So excited to get this thing in my hands, you don’t even know!!


That’s it for now y’all! Stay tuned for more exciting events and plans!

If you want to keep up with this project (documentary) as it comes together, please visit us at: whatsmedia4