Cory Veal- My internship Experience

This semester I had the pleasure of interning at two locations, the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Chattahoochee Valleys’s administration office and the NPACE center. I was able to experience the world of public relations at a non profit organization and the world of media production at the NPACE center.

At the NPACE center I was able to place myself back into media productions. I have always had a passion for television production and to have been placed to work in the NPACE center I was able to increase that passion.  I was constantly around equipment and media related conversations. I also updated myself with the recent Final Cut Pro X, In design and adobe Photoshop.

One major task I had in the NPACE center was being on hand for the need of on-air written material. I was able to be apart of the NPACE centers grand launch by writing several PSAs that aired that day. I was also on hand for the day’s activities as well. I then wrote intros/ outros for the Artbeat radio event and even more PSAs focusing on specific events taking place during Artbeat 2013.

Over at the Boys & Girls Clubs, I expressed my passion for writing once again with assisting with Press Releases. I was able to write a couple of press releases, with one landing in the Ledger Enquirer. I am very pleased with accomplishing that task and being able to fulfill my duties at the office as well. I was also involved in helping plan the Youth of the Year Celebration at the Boys & Girls Clubs. There I was able to see the other side of PR work as far as planning an event that will not only benefit internal parties but help with the outside public’s view on the organization as well.

Both of my internships were an exciting experience and I am really appreciative of the real world experience I was able to obtain.


Cory Veal – Archiving and more

This past week in the NPACE center Professor Hart has requested that all videos be archived before the ending of the semester. Therefore I have been archiving each day that I have come in. I have been able to see so much footage from Artbeat and more. I have also had the opportunity to see the good and bad of videography. Some footage has been perfect and others may have been out of focus, contained bad lighting, or in the wrong frame. It is important to be able to recognize what can be fixed about a shot so that next time an individual goes back into the field they know exactly what they need to work on. I have personally been able to refresh myself with the entire process of archiving and viewing footage.

Throughout this semester I have seen and learned a lot in the NPACE center. But this past week I have really been hands on with the video footage and have gotten the chance to get a good gist on archiving at its best.


Courtney Mason – NPACE is Official

This past week has been absolutely intense. Thursday marked the official launch of the NPACE center. Remarkably, everything went pretty great, with no major set backs. I did a lot behind the scenes, including coordinating the tours. That part did not go exactly how we had planned, as people were milling about after the initial ceremony, but they still went well. I also did a lot of baking. Like… so much baking. I made close to 100 cookies, and about 40 cake batter blondies. There was a mix up with the catering, but thanks to Jay O’Neal we had plenty of food for everyone. There was a lot of positive buzz, and people seemed really impressed. Josh Pate and Maggie Reese were doing interviews throughout the day. These two are absolutely awesome at what they do. I was able to sit in on an interview they did with The Ferst Foundation, a non-profit that I worked with last semester, and Maggie was just great. This week I am going to start developing a way to organize the equipment checkout process for our department. We have a lot of professional equipment that we have access to, which is awesome, however it is a little disorganized. I am going to try to make it better. Hopefully I am able to make some serious progress that will make the process easier for everyone. Anyway, that is just about all for me!

dr gibson


This week was very hectic for almost everyone in the communication department.

Many individuals, including myself were involved with the official launch of the NPACE center Thursday. The event was a huge success and it appeared everyone really enjoyed themselves.

I was on call to grab any individual needed to do an interview with Maggie and Josh. This was exciting and beneficial for me as well. As I was lining interviews up, I was also networking with several individuals waiting to learn more about the NPACE center. I really enjoyed watching the interviews take place, especially Bear O’brien’s interview where he made plenty of jokes on air.Thursday was simply a huge success and I’m sure Dr.Gibson and the rest of the faculty was more than proud.

As for my internship with the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Chattahoochee Valley, I have been dished even more tasks. As I will continue to work on the Youth of the Year Event, I will also assist this semesters Group Communication project. I will be on hand for any help they need to get their project going and to assist the Clubs in any way.


Tyler Higgins – The grandeur of the Grand Opening

Yesterday. So much lies behind that one word. If you saw what happened down at the NPACE Center yesterday, you would know exactly what I mean. We had our Grand Opening for the Center that consisted of an opening ceremony with speeches from the Columbus and Phenix City mayors, the President of the University and many others. The city closed down our block of 9th street and even stopped the train from passing during that morning! It was huge stuff!

We had the opening ceremony, a live radio show covering the event (hosted by our own Josh and Maggie), there was student lead tours throughout the day and many connections were made and conversations were had with business professionals, university officials and city officials. This Grand Opening was a huge undertaking that took a lot of prep work and sacrifice but because of all this work, it was a success. The day came to a close as yours truly summarized the night and replayed the earlier live broadcast from 6pm to 10pm that night. It was a great thing to be a part of!


Mark Yanoshik-Opening Day!

The NPACE center official opening ceremony to the public was an incredible event to be a part of.  Throughout the day, I was showing visitors the various projects that students work on in the multimedia lab. They were impressed to see the state-of-the-art technology that the students have access to. My proudest moment was when a visitor stood in amazement that I was a student assistant as a freshman. We explained that Columbus State University always strives to give students access to the best technology available because it is always improving, so it is imperative to stay up-to-date. They were happy to see the serious social networking that NPACE center is a part of because they know that a lot of word goes around through the multiple social media outlets. The NPACE center is clearly going to be a big asset to the community at large as shown by the fact the the Mayors of both Columbus and Phenix City were present. It was when I saw the Mayors that I truly realized how beneficial the NPACE center will be to our communities. I look forward to seeing NPACE center’s future growth.

Jessica Word – Official Launch of the NPACE center

It has been hectic in the NPACE center this week. Our official grand opening is TOMORROW! We all have worked so hard and we cannot wait to show our community partners, school officials, and local dignitaries what we have accomplished.

Last week, I was able to sit in on a radio interview with Mayor Eddie Lowe.  I have never been a part of a radio interview so it was interesting to see how Tyler was able to actively engage with him as well as running the soundboard.  The interview went really well and will be played tomorrow during the official launch!


Tyler and Mayor Lowe

I will be running the NPACE center Facebook page during the event tomorrow so everyone will have a chance to see what’s going on at the NPACE center. The opening ceremony will feature special guests Dr. Mescon, Dr. Baxter, and our own Dr. Gibson. After the ceremony, tours will be given of our facilities to show everyone what we have and what we will accomplish in the future.

If you haven’t already, make sure to like the NPACE center’s official Facebook page:


Josh and Maggie will be airing live from 8-12 and from 6-10 they will be giving a recap of the day’s events. I’m praying that it won’t rain! However, I doubt that even the rain could put a damper on all of our excitement for the launch of the NPACE center!