Tyler Higgins – The grandeur of the Grand Opening

Yesterday. So much lies behind that one word. If you saw what happened down at the NPACE Center yesterday, you would know exactly what I mean. We had our Grand Opening for the Center that consisted of an opening ceremony with speeches from the Columbus and Phenix City mayors, the President of the University and many others. The city closed down our block of 9th street and even stopped the train from passing during that morning! It was huge stuff!

We had the opening ceremony, a live radio show covering the event (hosted by our own Josh and Maggie), there was student lead tours throughout the day and many connections were made and conversations were had with business professionals, university officials and city officials. This Grand Opening was a huge undertaking that took a lot of prep work and sacrifice but because of all this work, it was a success. The day came to a close as yours truly summarized the night and replayed the earlier live broadcast from 6pm to 10pm that night. It was a great thing to be a part of!