Giving and Receiving between Students and Nonprofits

As I wrapped up the fall 2012 semester this week I completed my internship with Hope Harbour. My last two tasks have been completed for the shelter and have been printed and published.

As I stated throughout the semester, I have been creating Hope Harbour’s Fall 2012 newsletter. Using Adobe Indesign I was able to create my own template to suit Hope Harbour’s needs. In the newsletter I included all community events the shelter held, a special thanks to Board Members, volunteers, Donors, and partners, upcoming volunteer opportunities, and future events for the new year. I was hoping to include the Thanksgiving celebration but the shelter requested the news letter be printed and mailed by December 6th, Georgia Gives Day.

Georgia Gives Day was a state-wide day of giving. People all over the state visited the website and donated to their favorite organizations. I added the GA Gives logo and information onto the website and included it in the newsletter. I am happy to say Hope Harbour raised more than $2,300.

I also completed my donation video. I was a little dissatisfied with the results due to the fact that I could not export important videos off my phone, such as my interview with the Executive Director and numerous volunteers. I was able to retrieve  two videos which included my interview with the volunteer coordinator and footage of the donation process, therefore I created an informational video about how to donate to the shelter. It included the two videos I mentioned above also information about the process and monthly donation items needed for the shelter. I feel this video is of value considering the donation process. As the video will show, due to the privacy of the shelter, donors are to meet Hope Harbour staff in the early morning or mid-afternons on Tuesdays in a local church parking lot. Although this information is located on the website, some donors may be hesitate or uncomfortable with the process. By creating the video and presenting the process donors can have a better understanding of how it works. Below you will find links to both projects.

I am happy to have assisted Hope Harbour this semester. Only 38% of non-profits outsource for their needs due to limited budgets, therefore college students and CSU Communications department NPACE center are of great value to the nonprofits of our community. But let’s take a moment and think about the value nonprofits have not just for students like us, but the community at whole. Students are able to get real world experience and are more prepared for their future careers, and the communities we live in become a better place for our children and future children to prosper in.

I cannot wait to see what students do next semester!

Hope Harbour Fall Newsletter