Tier Wootson- WLTZ NBC 38


Working at WLTZ NBC 38 has been very self learning. I am Dj Chip’s camera woman, and I like learning the different angles with the lighting inside and out. We have had some fun guest ranging from Crossfit creators Chris and Mark to City Council Woman, Mimi Woodson. It still weird that what I produce is being seen in thousands of home in the Columbus area. I enjoy learning the way live news works and the ups and downs of the production. I love that even when things go wrong from servers crashes to guest not showing up that we all come together as a team to come up with a quick solution and get the problem resolved. 

Alexis Jarrett-WLTZ NBC 38-Dee Armstrong Show

What I have learned from watching Dee Armstrong and also observing the industry is that working in T.V. is a tough job and probably one of the most demanding industries you will ever work in. Appearance, personal opinion, and competition are all “perks of the job.” You have to have very tough skin to work in this business and I have seen first hand how it can take a toll on people’s’ personal lives.

One thing that is rewarding about T.V. is that you have the power of influence. Influence is probably one of the most powerful agents T.V. has to offer. I am looking forward to having the power of influence, and understanding its power means being responsible for what I say and do. One that you need in all industries is balance and a great team.

WLTZ has a team of people who care about you personally and professionally. I have appreciated my one year interning here. 

Alexis Jarrett-WLTZ NBC 38-Dee Armstrong Show-Production

One of the most valuable lessons I have learned while working in a T.V. station is to be flexible. Learning how to do everyone’s job and knowing that everything in a T.V. station is interrelated is key to survival. So far while working here I have learned how to edit news stories from CNN on Final Cut and send them to the Dee Show, work the promoter during live T.V. and the news, make Youtube and photos appear during the live show, keep track of the time during a show, work the camera’s during the show, and also update our viewers via social media outlet Facebook.

One of the skills I wish to learn is how to direct a live show inside the production room. The show director has probably the biggest job out of them all because they are in control of what you see on T.V. I was at first intimidated by all the glowing buttons and controls in the room, but now since I get to see how it is done first hand I know I can master it.

Alexis – WLTZ NBC 38 Dee Armstrong Show – Production Intern

Greetings from The Dee Armstrong Show!

 So, last time we talked I spoke about how I would walk everyone through how we book guests, and set a theme for the show. Ok, first we have to brainstorm about what would be appealing to our demographic. For the Dee Show it is women between the ages of 25-60+. So we have to make sure we pick topics for that group of women that would make for good T.V. Second, we have to ask ourselves, what is current in the news and culture of this time? So, with it being fall in the south, one of the obvious choices is … Football! But, how do we make football appealing to women? This season we have started  a theme called, “Coaches Wives,” where we tell a story of the coaches wives from local colleges and football teams, all the while they are sharing their favorite recipe with Dee on air. This is just one of many examples of how we set a theme for the show based on the times and season. The next thing to tackle is actually booking guests to come onto the show. One would think that most people would jump at opportunities to be on T.V and tell their stories, but this is not always true. We have to call a lot of people and make ourselves personable over the phone when we explain to them what we do on the show, so they won’t be intimidated by being on T.V. There are some people however that are polar opposites, and sprint at the chance of being on the show. We also have people who have great companies is the area who buy air time from our sales department.

These are all ways that people come to the Dee Show, but the number one thing that we look for is an interesting story  in our community.  One of the best things about working at a T.V show is that you stay up up-to-date on the voice and pace of our community.