Music Production – NPACE – Leonard Hood

This has been one of the most exciting and entertaining weeks for me in NPACE. There are a lot of different shows and skits being put together by the students and one is called “Tv Turnt Up”. I have been making instrumentals for the show so that there can be quality music on the show without having to worry about copyrights. Producing music has always been a hobby of mine since a kid so it feels good to be able to put my talent to use. I’ve put in a lot of  hours in order to come up with good sounds, but when they are finished, all the hard work is worth it. Some of the students have also been recording one liners and discussion topics in the radio station room. I was even able to be included in one of the radio discussions this week.

Setting up cameras in the studio to record a skit

Setting up cameras in the studio to record a skit

ArtBeat Radio, Arts in the Heart of Columbus!

Artbeat to me, is the life of Columbus. For two weeks, people come together and express themselves through their art. Me being originally from Augusta, Georgia I know of festivals like this such as Arts in the Hear. But Artbeat to me is special because of my involvement in it every year.

This week at the NPACE radio center I got to interview some of the most interesting people I’ve ever met. Latino artist, sculpture artist , actors, dancers, chairmen of committees.

The key that I’ve learned from working on Radio with Josh Pate is in instances like this let him take over and do all the work!

No I’m just kidding, but the thing that really has people come alive on air is talking about their passion. Having them sit down and explain their life, their art, their angle. That is what really makes the whole thing pop.

Where else are people of different nationalities, cultures, backgrounds, and artistic taste going to meet up and become one for two weeks?

The answer is nowhere, nowhere but Artbeat.

Friday Night Sports Focus!! Tune In!!

Friday Night Sports Focus!! Tune In!!


Franchesca Renfroe -Going To My First Awards Show!

BET Hip-Hop Awards

It’s official, I will be covering the BET Hip-Hop Awards first hand! This is going to be my first major event coverage. I will be traveling up to Atlanta and conducting interviews for the website throughout the day. I’m so excited! Since this will be my first big event I will be working along side my boss. I know the day is going to be long and hot, but it will definitely be worth it!


I have also gotten exclusive Information about a movie that will be premiering on Hallmark Channel in September. The name of the movie is, “The Watson’s go To Birmingham.” I had to draft up the article to put on the site. One thing I have learned is that in the world of entertainment writing you have to be prepared to receive information to write about. New stories can come in at any point. No matter what time, you have to be ready to put the news out. Time is always of the essence.

Zach – NPaCE – All coming together!

This last week has been a lot of planning. At this present moment I have been personally engaged in the production of the new NPACE center’s promotional video. Our group will meet sometime this week for a storming session, to include building a rough story board, discussing narrative, and finalizing character ideas. I think that I’m more excited to get the footage into editing and playing with the different video techniques. Fun stuff!

Last week in the workshop at NPACE with Dave Arwood we learned a bit about the view of a radio station from a management perspective and shortly there after we got a chance to play with the new sound boards and software! Now things are getting fun! Wednesday we will get the chance to check out PMB‘s Wynnton Road studio. We’ll be meeting some of the different personalities behind the mics, and getting a chance to see the “how” and “what” of what it is these guys really do. I had a chance last year to hang out in the studio getting some air time for our “Children of Music in Schools” program and it was amazing to see how it’s really done.

Also this week, I am beginning work on some new posters for NPACE. I have had an absolute blast playing around with the different editing softwares in the new (and might I add lavishly furnished) labs in Dillingham Hall.We are playing with Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Indesign and a few others. Ever wonder how they doctor (edit) pictures in tabloid magazines? That’s what we’re playing with all week, too fun!!

I’m gonna have to wrap it up for today, but look forward to an early post this week as excited as I am about it’s happenings!! Until then…

Word of the week; Wire Service: News stories, features, etc., sent by direct line to subscribing or member newspapers and radio and television stations.

Music of the week; Alice In Chains: Your Decision

Post Layne (Stayle)and these cats are still putting out some great jams. No one will ever BE Layne, but Willy Duvall does a great job trying. This album has been out for a hot minute, but it’s still a must rip album (Black Gives Way To Blue)!!

English: William DuVall - Alice in Chains - Ro...

English: William DuVall – Alice in Chains – Roskilde Festival 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)