Mediabase 24/7 – Jyotsna Scales – Davis Broadcasting

Today I learned about Mediabase 24/7. It is a social music media base that shows you what music is being played across the country. You can search from hip-hop to country music on this site. Of course you have to have a special login and password just to gain access to all this  music. I believe only radio stations are allowed to access to this site. Not only can you view different music but you can search different radio stations and see what their playing. For example, I can look and see what Hot97 is playing in California and Power105 in New York.

The picture you see above are this week’s top 100 songs in hip-hop. You see on readio you can’t just pick and choose what songs to play on a daily basis. You have to choose what’s popular not only for you listeners but also what’s popular around the country. You can’t play a song that you like in particular and it be rated a 78 on the top songs. My advisor, Derrick Greene, explained is best when he said, “You have to wait until that song hits the top 10. You can’t play a song that is underrated because you have to give it time to climb to the top. We could play out a certain song six months ahead just because it’s popular here but the artist would wonder why it’s not number one at its highest peak because we played it out already.”

I never knew radio had such an organized and unique way about it.