Come Join Us at the Media Roundtable on Tuesday evening!


You may have seen these floating around campus promoting the event.

Today was pretty eventful for me at the station! I started out my day at the 9:45 news meeting that we normally have every morning. Next, I shadowed one of the producers for the 12:00 news show. Even though I had shadowed producers before for news segments, it’s always an exciting experience for me to see how different producers bring their own unique personality to the show. After the 12:00 show was over, Janell, the assistant news director allowed me the opportunity to write a VSOT for the 6:00 show about how Congressman Sanford Bishop Jr donated $10,000 to the local African American Museum in Columbus and donated $15,000 to the House of Mercy homeless shelter. It was my first time creating a VSOT so I was a little lost at first but luckily, I had  people around me willing to help me create a great VOSOT. After I was done creating my VSOT, Janell partnered with me about the Media  Roundtable meeting that she was organizing for Tuesday night at 7:30 in the Schuster building. The purpose of the meeting was to bring awareness to the recent occurrences of police brutality in the media and also shed light on domestic violence. Janell had me make a few copies to create a packet to pass out at the event and she had me create a few nameplates from the guest panelists that would be at the event. I will update later with more info on how the event turns out.

Design Principles for Valentine’s Day – The Chamber – Symone Grady

With love filling everyone’s hearts as Valentine’s Day was quickly approaching, staff at the Chamber of Commerce decided to host a luncheon for all of their partners and sponsors. Utilizing the “Holiday”, Valentine’s Day, the staff decided to have this event on Valentine’s Day with an appropriate theme to show their appreciation for members.

Days before this joyful day, one of the coordinators for this event asked me to create gift tags that would accompany gift bags for guests. With this assignment, I was simply told that the labels must say “We love our members”, and incorporate the organization’s logo. That’s it. Without very much direction for  how to create these gift tags, I had to put my creative print media skills to the test. Not only did I need to  create labels that would capture one’s attention, but that also effectively communicates the desired message.  With only an hour to complete this task I knew that I needed to work diligently to create an exceptional finished product.

Before beginning this task, I immediately thought of the principles that I have learned in the Interactive Media Production course that I am currently taking. These basic design principles include proximity, alignment, repetition, and contrast.  I wanted to be sure to incorporate each of these  principles into the design that I created.

Ultimately, I created three different gift tags and allowed my supervisor to select the one she thought was most appropriate. After she told me which she selected, I understood that the design she favored the most best utilized proximity, alignment, repetition, and contrast. I was very proud to walk into the building during the luncheon to see the gift tags that I created being used and appreciated by all of the guests. I was also very excited to be able to use skills that I learned in class, and directly apply it to a task for my internship.


The gift tag that I created for the member appreciation luncheon.

Michael Molinaro – US Army – Getting to do some media relations

Week two of my internship was as much fun as the first—no, even better. I helped out with the Army Small Arms Championships by taking photos for their marketing campaign and I also got to do some media relations work.


Since it is an Army post they have different rules and media can’t just come on and do their thing. So I had to pick up a crew from the Sportsman Channel and one female reporter from a local station at the gate and escort them to the location of the competition. Once we got there I described for them what was going on then let them get to work. They asked me to help them find a few Soldiers who would be willing to go on camera and get interviewed, so I found some guys and gals who were willing to speak on camera. So that gave me a chance to do the other side of media relations and prep our people for the interview. When its on the spot real quick like that, you just give them a quick prep—nothing too much—and make sure their uniform looks good and they know they’re talking points. I am told that in a few weeks I’ll be actually doing some media training which will be fun. It’s a lot more in-depth and something the Soldiers take with them everywhere they go.


There were a lot of females at this match so my boss had me snapping lots of photos of them for poster production. Females are now going to be allowed to be assigned to infantry units so it was cool to see the girls out there shooting the big guns with the guys. They held their own for sure.


I did some office work and got started on a poster for the upcoming event in March. I should have it done this week so I should have it up in next week’s blog. January flew by and can’t believe it’s already February. This thing happens in mid-March and between work, this internship and of course my classes, it is going to be one hectic semester. But I wouldn’t want anything less because when I own my PR firm the only way I’ll be successful is if I am busy, right?

Franchesca Renfroe – Offered a Job In the Fall


I have been offered an invitation to officially become a part of #TeamVain in the fall. I would be an Editorial Assistant with a team of five or six interns. We would be working on the Erica Vain Magazine, now that it is officially on stands. I would be attending meeting once a week, coming up with content for a section of the monthly magazine (and assigning that content), I am also the link between my bosses and young adults (I keep things hip and fresh while keeping them in-the-know about what is happening in the world), and I would be building my own brand.

My own brand?

Do you guys know what this means?!

I will be making my name known in the entertainment industry, writing and interviewing. Basically building and giving my name credit in the Entertainment Journalism world. It’s not a tricky answer whether or not I accepted the job.


It’s going to be an extremely busy fall, but we have the ball rolling. Good things are going to come and I am so happy that I found this internship. The summer has flown by quickly, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Franchesca Renfroe – Well Hello There…. Magazine Angle.

Well, I’m going to be pitching my very first magazine angle. My pitch centers around VH1 Single Ladies star, Denise Vasi. I’m trying to come up with all these clever ideas. Hopefully, my boss will like one of them! I’m slightly nervous because I’ve never pitched an idea for an entire magazine. Articles, yes. Magazines, no! I’ve decided to sit down with a cup of Green tea and not get up again until I have a least five angles ready to pitch. After that is done, I get to think of an angle for Kat Graham better known as Bonnie Bennett in The Vampire Diaries. It’s going to be a super fantastic week!

Franchesca Renfroe – You Lead With Your Own Titles!

This week has been crazy! My boss is on her way to NYC for some important meetings. This leaves me completely in charge of the newsrooms. Being in charge of the newsrooms has taught me a lot about leadership, patience, and how to have fun at work. With the summer winding down I have to give that extra push to my fellow interns. This is the last leg of the race, no need to drop the baton now!


This basically describes the the way I feel perfectly – Mood swings and all

I find myself doing leadership tasks more naturally now. For example, we have always had a problem with the titles that are put on articles. For a couple of days I decided to just do the titles over. Then today, I let the journalism people pitch me their ideas. I wrote their ideas down and as an extra assignment I told them that they have to come up with their own titles. I made sure that they knew the titles had to be unique and nothing regurgitated from other media sites. Later on today I will see if this tactic worked! Wish me luck guys!

From Journalism Intern to Editorial Assistant Intern

Well, we have received are first set of evaluations. I did not know whether my evaluation would be critical or praising. Even when I’m doing a good job I always think I’m lacking somewhere.After many overly dramatic sighs I began to read my evaluation. My boss loves my work. Now I’ve made the jump from Journalism Intern to Editorial Assistant Intern. The same job description applies as Chief Intern for the Journalism Department, but now I get BCC’ed with the client emails and I have first pick on interviews. It’s a lot of work but I love it!

I also go to interview Ariane from Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta on Tuesday. Today I am working at transcribing that interview so that it can go live on the Erica Vain website. The interview itself was awesome. I stumbled some but she was an awesome person to talk to, and hilarious! I caught myself wondering if the jitters from the interviews ever go away? Does Oprah get jitters when she’s interviewing Beyonce? More like Beyonce gets jitters being interviewed by Oprah. I was really nervous, but with each interview I do I have less nervousness then I did before.

Today, however was a crazy day. With the BET Awards events starting today, my boss is extremely busy, which makes everyone run to the intern leads. Since I work another job outside of my internship, my boss is always catching me replying to emails. It’s crazy and I love it!


Ariane from LHHATL


This was a tweet sent to me from Ariane on Twitter. I was so excited! I can’t wait to do more interviews!