Getting to Know the Business a Little More

Columbus Regional Health

Columbus Regional Health

This week I had the opportunity to learn some fun new stuff. I’m learning more and more about marketing strategies and for different platforms. I am also getting to apply what I’m learning in class to what I’m doing on a daily basis at the hospital.

facebook     I’ve been trying to help keep up with measuring the value of exposure for the Columbus Regional Health brand. Believe it or not, there actually is a way that companies measure their exposure in a mathematical sense. Every month at Columbus Regional, they do a measurement of all social media, TV, online newspapers, and traditional newspapers. If something gets a ‘like’ on Facebook, it is seen as a dollar amount, or if a post is ‘Shared’ or ‘Retweeted,’ it all means money. Same goes for newspapers, everything is a factor-if the article is on a front page, how big the article is, if it is black or white, or even if it comes out in the Sunday paper-the more exposure, the more money for the company.twitter

I’ve also been given a new responsibility this week, which is very exiting. Throughout all the hospitals, there are Digital Message Boards-some for only physician areas, some for only employee areas, and others for consumers (or hospital visitors). Each one is supposed to run certain messages and they change periodically, so new ones have to be created. Well it is going to be one of my new jobs to be the person to help manage those Digital Message Boards. I’m excited to learn more about them, and help out more around the office.

In addition to helping with those other tasks, the Marketing department was asked to participate in the Crawl the Hall for the children’s floor Halloween event. Jessica put me in charge to come up with our theme, attraction, table presentation, and prizes. I know it seems small, but it is her first time that this department has been asked, so I feel great that they asked me to take charge of it. I can’t wait to see how it turns out-I have so many ideas already!