Dana Coburn- Wedding Brochure Completion

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The wedding package that I have posted about several times is almost completed! I cannot wait for these packages to be printed. This package will be extremely useful for all brides as well as their guests. All information needed for a successful wedding is including in this package which entails, a welcome letter, brochure, recommended vendors, floor plan, pocket for contract and estimate, wedding party gift ideas, helpful wedding day tips, budget sheet, and a timeline for the wedding from beginning to end.

The vendor list will be extremely useful for wedding day attire to the best places to visit while in Columbus. We are thankful to have such a supportive Uptown Community and hope to offer gift certificates from the surrounding businesses in the future. This list also includes contacts for wedding planners, the top wedding cakes, reliable rental stores and all the best DJ’s that we are aware of.

Once we have completed the package it will have to go through the Continuing Education Executive before distribution is allowed. This week I am gathering all additional information needed for the package as well as perfecting the completed lists. I am excited to be able to say I was apart of this creation for experience as well as for my personal portfolio.