Being Well Rounded

NPACE provides a lot of equipment and time for one to perfect their craft. I’ve been working on CPR so long, that I’ve snuck off and got myself interested in some other things…camera production.


Eric Barnhardt is one of the staff members in NPACE, and he is very hands on with the camera equipment, so who better to learn something from than him. He’s constantly showing me the fundamentals of the camera , and the different angles that I can use to take great video. Today we shot a mini commercial for another intern in NPACE. Although it was just practice, the work that went into it was very real.


We started from the bottom from setting up the camera, and diffusers, and then it was time to film! Brandi Phillips was a great test subject! I was able to be her “hype-man” and really get her into the swing of things. The bright lights is one of my favorite parts about everything.



It wouldn’t be right if I did not give it a try myself. You never really know what you’re capable of until you’re forced to give it a try. I must be more than radio. I have to be well-rounded.




Producing and Editing, NPACE Center, Leonard Hood

This week was filled with a lot more of hands on learning once again. I enjoyed assisting with one of the videos that the NPACE team is working on right now about the lunchbox museum. The content for the video itself is very intriguing. The owner of the museum has a huge collection of old vintage lunch boxes and other historical artifacts such as record players. I helped edit some of the audio that was being used for the video. In video production our professor showed us how to correctly set up and use a camera dolly. I’m excited at the fact that I will be able to use it when filming my final video for class. We were also taught strategies for manipulating light sources to get the picture we want when shooting film.

camera dolly