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One of Easter Seals West Georgia’s annual fundraising campaigns is the Playhouse Project. It starts with four local high schools (Carver, Jordan, Shaw and Hardaway) agreeing to build the playhouse as a project in shop class. Although it starts off as a project, it transforms into an invested interest for these high school students. They become excited to help the organization; all the students and teachers are encouraged to volunteer to help sell tickets and some schools have even toured the Easter Seals facility and met the participants. Once the playhouses are completed, they are transported to the Sam’s Club parking lot where they will be on display until the day of the drawing. The public can then visit the playhouses and look around inside and out. This is when the community gets the chance to help raise money for Easter Seals. Tickets cost only $5.00 and can be found at various places around town. There will be four different drawings, so if someone wants a chance to win any of them, they should buy four tickets. You do not have to be present the day of the drawing to win.

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This is a very interesting event, because so many groups of people are impacted. The schools get a class project, the students find out what it feels like to help an organization, the community gets the chance to win four beautiful playhouses, and Easter Seals receives all the funds raised.  This is a win-win-win-win situation.

So, if you are interested in purchasing tickets for the playhouses you can go to any of these places:

Daniel Appliance: Monday- Friday (9am- 6pm) and Saturday (9am-1pm)

Easter Seals on Double Churches Road: Monday- Friday (7am-6pm)

Sam’s Club: Saturday (10am-4pm) and Sunday (1pm-4pm)

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There are so many things going on at Easter Seals over the next couple of months. Check out our Facebook to stay up to date on all upcoming events. Thanks for reading!


Valerie Evermon