Real Talk with Chequelle: Maria Verdell

Image    I’ve hit the ground running with “Real Talk with Chequelle,” and its exhilarating. On Tuesday’s episode of “Real Talk with Chequelle” I had the pleasure of interviewing Independent R&B artist Maria Verdell from Columbus, GA. She was such a delight and a good time. Maria Verdell is one of the artist that will be performing at D30’s Indie Artist concert on Thursday. To prove that her vocals were authentic, she did not bring a single to the station instead she sung live a smooth R&B medley. It was a combination of Miguel’s “Do You” and Musiq Soulchild’s “Love.” Chills began to appear on my arms immediately. To interview someone who is someone who is so passionate about their craft and perfecting it was such a breath of fresh air. Maria has yet to release a single but she is releasing a cover mixtape titled “Untitled” in August.

Franchesca Renfroe -Two Words: Virtual Internship!

 When spring semester was coming to an end I only knew two things: 1. I needed an internship 2. All of the internships I applied for were not accepting me. I had the dream of interning in New York while living in an overly expensive dormitory. A girl can dream can’t she? Well, that never happened. But what I stumbled upon was even better. A virtual internship! Now, this might seem like a breeze but it is just as time consuming as a regular internship. At first my bed was my make shift office, now I actually have one on the kitchen table.


I am interning with Vain LLC. this summer. I am a journalism intern and I write for the Erica Vain Weekly Magazine. When this internship started, I hit the ground running. Many people have told me that in the writing industry only the strongest survive. So, you must put on your grown-up pants and do above and beyond your job requirements. Within my first two weeks, I was doing my very first feature interview. It was with Flo from the Oxygen show Bad Girl’s Club. I was so nervous! I’ve never interviewed someone in-depth before (even with my nerves I made it through!)




After that, I became the Chief Intern. Now, I am learning the ropes of what it’s like to be a lead journalist and be the person coming up with ideas for stories, running the newsroom every morning,  assigning work, making sure everything is on track, being on call 24/7. It’s hard and sometimes I feel overwhelmed but I push through. This week we are getting ready for the 2013 BET Awards. Next week is going to be crazy! We are scheduling interviews. My boss is preparing for her trip to LA. We have to keep everything together on the east coast. It’s going to be a wild week! I’m ready for it!

Jasmine Jones – A week full of adventure at WTVM

I learned so much at the station this week!  I got a chance to work with Chuck Leonard  as we went to Head Start Phenix City for career day.  He explained to the kids what he does and about the equipment used in broadcasting.  As he was explaining it to them, I was learning a lot myself.  I helped him demonstrate to the kids what a tripod is and things like that.  He also gave me some great information about broadcasting and the many different markets in broadcast journalism. I enjoyed working with the kids and learning more about what he does.

Chuck with Kids

I also got a chance to go around with Dante Renzulli, a news reporter, and he showed me where to get police reports and how to pick out the most appropriate ones to show on the news.  He explained to me the importance of having a demo with a stand up and a package in order to apply to become a reporter.  We went on an adventure to Americus, GA, to get a story on the lady who won 3 million dollars off of a scratch-off lottery ticket.  This was very interesting as I got to interview the participants in the town.  Along with that I recorded my first stand-up interview  and he gave me great tips on how to perfect it, so that it will look good.  I thoroughly enjoyed going out with the reporter and learning how to make a story work even when you have little to work with.  It was a great week at WTVM News Leader 9.

First stand up

Zach Jamieson-PMB/NPACE-Whirlwind of goings on!!


Once again, I will mention there is plenty of excitement in the NPACE Center and at PMB broadcasting! The launch of NPaCE will include  interviews with local dignitaries and various partners involved in the creation and implementation of  NPACE in our community.

Yes, the NPACE center is excited to announce their new copy writing team. They have been hard at work writing PSA’s and interviews for weeks. We are truly lucky to have them to help us with these projects! If you’re interested give a shot out to that team’s leader, Jessica Word at Jessica and Courtney Mason have been doing some amazing work on all of our new PSA’s and general announcements! We also want to extend a welcome to our teams two newest writers, Cory Veal and Ventrine Parham!

Josh and Maggie of FNSF worked hard on the voice-overs for this material all week long  and we now have complete and edited PSA’s thanks to Tyler Higgins and the rest of our awesome staff.

pmb_all_stationsThis week we will be doing interviews with a good number of the DJ’s from PMB broadcasting! As well as the owner of  PMB broadcasting, Jimbo Martin. We’re super excited to get them on the other side of the mic. and ask them a little bit about themselves. Next week, we will also be doing interviews with the Mayor Lowe and Mayor Tomlinson, as well as interviews with our very own Dr. Mescon, the President of Columbus State University, Dr. Baxter the dean of the College of the Arts, and Dr. Gibson, the  interim chair of the department of  communications here at Columbus State University! Exciting, exciting things going on down here in the NPACE center and PMB broadcasting to include some of my first live remote with PMB broadcasting for River Town Ford aired on Kissin 99.3 and some wonderful work in the studio with Chris Chaos. Thank you so much sir!


To wrap things up, I just want to mention how stoked I am at the amount and level of material I am being given the opportunity to produce for my portfolio, it’s amazing! So far I have had the chance to learn radio programming, production, and had actual on air time. I’ve been doing video (also starting a documentary on struggling musicians and their trails to stardom to include interviews with locals as well as national acts all made possible by my boss and mentor Chris Chaos), still shot photography, interactive media projects, building web sites, building brochures, creating posters, and learning software. This doesn’t even begin to explain how valuable this experience is and to my portfolio, not to mention my future. Once again, more than excited! That’s all I got for today folks! Until next time…

Word of the week: COPYWRITER  noun: A writer of advertising, publicity or marketing content

Video of the Week: Bobaflex-Warriors | At Chaos on the Rocks Feb. 16th with Drowning Pool, SuperBob & Currier!! I’ll be on the bar. Unless they jam this tune for me, then I’ll be on the floor, tearin’ it apart!!

to Drowning Pool, Bobaflex, SuperBob & Carrier February 16th


Zach Jamieson@NPACE/PMB-Break?

“Who got a break?” is what I found myself whispering to, well , myself! I did get one full morning of sleep and the afternoon with my little Maddy-moo (my youngest daughter).

After getting caught up on some reading, and working on an interactive media project, I took the initiative to email the coaches I interviewed last week for the NPACE Center’s new radio show, Friday Night Football Focus (connect to our Facebook page or our Twitter page to comment live on Friday’s from 6pm to 12am).

After conversing (via email) with Professor Roger Hart, Acting Director of the NPACE Center, I contacted another number of coaches in hopes of gaining access to them this week. This new program will be the first of what we hope will be many for the NPACE Center radio station. It is, as the name suggests, a show with up to date information about high school football games in the area with interviews, discussions, call-ins and social media presence. Fixed between the high school content will be discussions about college football and the NFL as well. This first three weeks are mock trials for those in the studio to work the kinks out of production and show content as well as those of us interviewing to build relationships with coaches and schools and learn to hone the art of audio recorded interviewing and for all of us to work on our on air personalities.

Though this is a lot of work, it is all extremely fun and interesting. Once we get all the kinks worked out of the show with the help of Joseph and the rest of the PMB Broadcasting crew, this show looks to be an awesome opportunity for not only CSU students to learn, but for our area high schools and their students to earn some press coverage and much deserved attention. There has even been discussion of live game coverage from the press box eventually!! Going back to the rides on the bus to play games in surrounding towns, how cool would it have been to hear a radio station doing an interview with your coach, and listen to him talk about you.

This week along with a number of coach interviews, I will be working on an interactive media presentation for the NPACE Center, as well as a station wide meeting on Wednesday to discuss our first and next broadcast recording. Joseph Brannan of PMB Broadcasting and Dave Arewood should be with us to critique our recording, work on our emerging personalities and roles, as well as working towards first streaming via internet and eventually a live broadcast on one of PMB’s AM stations and then an FM station next season. It is important that we show our competence and professionalism in order to pave the way for future satellite programs with PMB Broadcasting. So exciting!

I will also be interviewing Dr.Danna Gibson, Interim Chair of the Communications Department at CSU, for our 20121009-113946.jpgNPACE Center video project. This should be fun and informative, as the good Dr. is (and should be with a background such as her’s) extremely well spoken and concise The NPACE Center is one of the Communication Department additions Dr.Gibson’s has given her leadership. A conversation with Dr. Gibson about the NPACE Center should make for some interesting content for my groups A-roll.

Well friends, it’s time to refocus my efforts on my media project, and getting some things done in preparation for class tomorrow, and I think Maddy-moo has successfully plastered every banana-covered cheerio to not only her face, but to my recently oiled wood floor!! Until next time…

Word of the week; Silent Generation: a label for the generation of Americans born from 1925–1945 notably during the Great Depression (1929–1939) and World War II (1939–1945).

Music Video of the week; SixxAM:Nikki Sixx, formally of the rock super power of Motley Crüe, hits it nicely with this Sevendust-y sounding album. I dig it Hope you do too!!

Kayla – CSU Athletics – Video Interview

This week my group that I am working with in my video production class had the opportunity to interview one of my teammates who had two ACL surgeries on her knees. She is just recently recovering from her second one that occurred this past spring. It occurred while she was trying to run away from a stove fire. Now, it is her senior year of soccer, and she is trying to come back in time so she can play. One of her major challenges is getting past the fitness tests. This is because it is really difficult to get quickly back into things when an injury has prevented you from being active for months. We thought this would be an interesting story to cover because of all the unique aspects of her specific situation.

In my video production class, I am learning a lot about the art of video and things that I never thought about whenever I’d watch videos on television. A couple of things that I have learned so far is that it is a very detailed craft, and if you want to have good video, patience is the key. We shot our interview last week, but we plan to reshoot the interview this week to improve our shots. I have learned a lot of things about the camera that I did not know before, such as: white balance, neutral density, interviewing angles, and most importantly, audio. I really enjoy this class and hope to continue to learn more. I can’t wait to show you the finished project!

Below is a picture of the group in action.