Successful Event – Cory Veal -Boys and Girls Club


Caleshia Ferguson

As I have shared with you guys over the last few weeks Youth of the Year is a major event for BGCCV and I am glad to say  we had a successful event. Our event took place at the National Infantry Museum on March 13, 2014. The venue itself was beautiful and the audience added the extra touch. Everyone was dressed beautifully and conducted themselves similarly

Throughout the night Tavari ( BGGCV Staff) and I made sure everything was in order. We were in charge of stage placements and queuing guest when it was time to take the stage.  We also took the finalist under our wings for the night and made sure they enjoyed themselves.

Most importantly I’m proud to say our YOY winner was Caleshia Ferguson. She is a senior at Carver High School and hoped to attend Albany State University in the fall. I am beyond proud of her and our other contestants.  They were all deserving to take the stage that night.

We were also grateful to have Jason Dennis from WTVM host our event. Not to mention they covered the event the same evening on the nightly news. WTVM also aired segments of the finalist the entire week.

Check out pictures and video clips of the finalist below.


Army Strong Experience – US Army – Michael Molinaro

We finally held our big event of the year, the 2014 Army Strong Experience (ASE), on Thursday March 13 at Fort Benning. We had around 950 students, future soldiers and teachers come out to learn more about the Army then what they see on TV and in commercials, and get a real sense of the jobs that the Army has to offer.


My main focus the day of the event was handling media relations. I went and picked up reporters from a number of TV stations, such as WTVM and WLTZ, and also two reporters from the Ledger-Enquirer. The Army also sent down a broadcast crew from Washington DC, so it was a big deal. After I picked them up we went to one of the ranges where I handed them a press kit I made and briefed them on how the day would unfold. Then I was asked to do a few on-camera interviews, so I obliged. The week leading up to the event I prepared myself for this opportunity and went over the key messages and themes we wanted to get out to the public about the event.

_DSC0038 copy

The students started showing up and we got the day going. It started with a demonstration by Army Rangers, and then members of the Marksmanship Unit did a shotgun demonstration, where they shot all kinds of traditional and non-traditional targets out of the sky. They made a salad by shooting parts of fruit and veggies, like lettuce and watermelons. It was awesome.

_DSC0101 copy

Then the media did some more interviews that I facilitated. After that part was over we went to the Airborne school where some of the students got to jump out of 34-foot training towers, just like Soldiers in training do. They were scared for the most part but after they got the guts to jump and went down once, they wanted to go again and again.

_DSC0049 copy

On Friday we had what is called an after-action review and discussed what went right and what went wrong, along with suggestions to make next year’s event even better. This whole week was a great experience and I learned a lot about effective PR. Treating the media well leading up to the event really paid off as we got great press from the event.

The Time Has Come – Moe’s BBQ – Elizabeth Strickland

Over the past two weeks, a lot has come together. We have opened up, and lines are out the door daily. Spring breakers are rolling in by the truck load, making the atmosphere very interesting. Locals have been returning, not once, but two and three times. Feedback from the locals is without a doubt, the most rewarding. Their business will keep us afloat through the slow winter months, and pleasing them is our main focus.


Ben Gilbert, original owner, business man, and pit master.

I have thoroughly enjoyed training the new hires. Each hire has brought something new to the table, teaching me something new as well. Implementing that they are all ambassadors of Moe’s Original BBQ has been the first and last thing they are told every shift. Explaining consistency for each customer and transaction is included.

My main goal for the next week is tackling social media, each and every day. We have all been so busy getting the doors open, I have not made as many post as I would like. We all know how much awareness can be made through social media, there is no excuse for me to not follow through with post a couple times a day. I am so pleased that the doors are open. Happy faces and full bellies are walking out the door, making this all worth while.


I must not forget, once again, we have been named one of the top ten BBQ joints in America. Check it out!

The time is here – US Army – Michael Molinaro

So the week that has been on the calendar for quite some time, the reason I was afforded this opportunity to intern for the Army Marksmanship Unit, is upon us. Tomorrow, Thursday March 13, we will host more than 1,300 civilians from around the region to Fort Benning at the Army Strong Experience (ASE). We’ll show off the Army and a lot of the force’s capabilities.


My role has been developing branding for the event and pitching ideas to media. I expect to have all of the local media on hand and there is a chance I may even conduct an interview or two on TV. I will get them interviews of people who can talk about the event on camera, make them media kits so they have an idea on what is occurring, and I brief them on the rules for the day when it comes to media. Since guns are often involved there are places they can and can’t set up, protection like ear plugs that they need, and so forth. So it’s my duty to ensure their safety and that they get the shots they need to make a good story. It helps them do their job better but also ensures that the message we want to get out happens.

Since it’s the Army we don’t plan for one event and forget about everything else. Multiple projects are ongoing all of the time. This past week, besides planning for the ASE, I had to market one of our teams for an upcoming match they will be in.


I also took lots of photos at a training seminar we had for civilians from the Dept. of Defense and then posted them via social media.


Next week I’ll have all of the recaps from the ASE and photos. I am doing 40 hours on the internship this week, so while it’s a lot, it’s so rewarding and the experience is going to pay huge dividend in the future. I can’t wait to see what happens.

And the Army keeps rollin’ along-Michael Molinaro

This past week at the Marksmanship Unit we concentrated heavily on a competition we hosted for juniors from around the country. It was called the US Army National Junior Air Rifle Championship and around 85 kids from all over—Washington, Oregon, Kansas, New York, Pennsylvania, Florida and Georgia all competed for titles and awards.


The majority of them were JROTC Cadets, which means they are probably headed for a career in the military anyway. It was a nice event. I was in charge of doing the photography during the matches, and at the awards ceremony I helped the guest speaker prepare for his speech, and then took pictures of every team at the event. They will use those pictures to promote next year’s event when the time comes. It is really cool to see your work pay off in products used around the country. They said some of my photos will surely be on school gym walls, social media and in magazines that promote youth sports. I look forward to seeing them.


Now we turn our attention to the Army Strong Experience on March 13. This is the big event that they wanted me to specifically intern for, so I am pumped. It will be a long week and aside from my classes at CSU this will be all I do that week. I’ll take leave from work so I can do this. It will be well worth it and the experience will pay off down the road for sure.

Olympics, Pres. Eisenhower, and more – US Army – Michael Molinaro

This past week  at my internship  we had meetings to gear up for the next four weeks which are sure to be very busy and exciting. We have a few matches to cover and the big event on March 13 that is quickly approaching. I did escort a reporter from Channel 38 WLTZ-TV here in town to interview a soldier who won a Soldier of the Year award and thought that this would be a good time to discuss the place in depth where I am interning and let everyone know more about the caliber of talent at the unit. Especially since yet another award was won here and the Olympics are going on.


The Marksmanship Unit boasts Olympians, World Champions and National Champions. For example, soldiers from the unit have won 24 Olympic medals in shooting. That’s more than some countries have won in their entire history of competing in the Olympics! How crazy is that?

Shooting is one of the oldest Olympic sports, and in 1956 the Soviets were kicking everybody’s butt so President Eisenhower said he wanted to establish a place that would train the best shooters to beat them all over the world. He was a smart man and decided the best shooters in our country are in the military, so he established the Army Marksmanship Unit. Since then, besides the 24 Olympic Medals, including a gold medal in 2012, they have won hundreds of world championships and thousands of national titles.


What makes them even more unique is they take everything they learn in competition and apply it to training soldiers preparing to deploy to harm’s way to protect our country. Say they go to a match and figure out that shooting in the wind a certain way is better, then they come back home, do some tests, and then teach it to the rest of the Army. This unit even invented the sniper rifle.


They are in magazines all of the time and everyone from the FBI to CIA to Special Forces come here to learn from the best. All of this is going on right here in Columbus. This is a cool job!

MLK Day Celebration- David Douglas

Blog post 3 rsz_mlk

Saturday, January 18th, 12:00 noon the Mayor’s Commission on Unity, Diversity and Prosperity’s “The Dream Lives” Martin Luther King, Jr. Event took place in Columbus at government center outdoor plaza. The purpose of this event was to renew the spirit of the MLK Legacy to meet the challenges many are faced with today. Despite the blistering cold, community members of the Tri-city area did not let the weather detour them from showing up.

CCG-TV was responsible for filming and editing of the event. Personally I think the most difficult part was preparing for the event which meant checking each piece of equipment (cameras, tripods, monitors, cords, and etc.). From this experience I learned how important preparation is when filming in the field. As a shooter or camera operator the worst experience you can have is your equipment malfunction.