Goodbye Internship, Hello JOB!!!! :)

My last day as a intern!

My last day as a intern!

Okay, so I’m a little late with this post but things have been soo hectic in my life that I could write another an entire blog about.

Anyway, so on Wednesday, October 22nd, I was hired on at WTVM as a Media Content Specialist by Mr. Darryl Huger. That was also the last official day of my internship with the company. It was incredible! Mr. Huger made a huge announcement in front of the entire staff at the 2:45 news meeting and everyone was very supportive and encouraging. That same day I was given my official company badge with my actual picture on it and I was also added to the payroll that day.

I traded in my internship badge for my OFFICIAL EMPLOYEE badge! :)

I traded in my internship badge for my OFFICIAL EMPLOYEE badge! 🙂



Once I was done with that, I still had a few hours left in my internship for the day and I wanted to savor those few hours by hitting the streets with Sara Lim for a story to cover. Sara and I went to CSU’s main campus to interview Dr. Thomas Dolan about the Khorasan group and its threat to the United States.

My awesome Sara Lim!

The awesome Sara Lim!

Looking busy for the camera

Looking busy for the camera

Dr. Thomas Dolan

Dr. Thomas Dolan

Once we were done with that story, we headed downtown to the Police Dept. to look for leads on a good story. We were able to get access to the back area of the Police Dept. where Sara and I could look through a book of recent police reports and pick out what we felt like could be used for news.

I started my very first working shift on Friday, October 24th. Right now, I’m only working weekends there; Friday-Sunday until next semester when I have more availability with my classes. This is a really big accomplishment for me and also an exciting one. My internship only lasted 2 months and I already have a job working for the same company I was interning for. It all happened so fast that it almost felt unreal. I definitely plan to use this opportunity to my advantage and get all of the necessary experience I need grow and become a valuable asset to a company after graduation. Mr. Huger told me after he hired me that this is not just a job but the beginning of my career and he is absolutely right. This opportunity is not only a fantastic resume builder but it will open the door for more opportunities for me later in life and after graduation. I look forward to establishing a career at WTVM and I am anxious to see what doors open for me down the line.

I asked Mr. Huger to take a selfie with me after he hired me and he kindly obliged! :D

I asked Mr. Huger to take a selfie with me after he hired me and he kindly obliged! 😀

Getting the word out!


This week we released our September news letter. It is the first time the Liberty Theatre created a newsletter to keep the community informed, but it was well received. I would like to give myself a little pat on the back, because it received many compliments.

This was a week focused on getting the word out about them. Whether it maybe social media or newspapers calendars, we basically wanted the community to know more about their upcoming events and Liberty Legends posters being sold to raise money for their organization.

I mentioned that we should create a social media campaign of some sort to 1. raise awareness and 2. start a social movement within our community in honor of the Liberty Legends. I grew up in Columbus and I never new that there was a Liberty District or that Columbus, Georgia had musical legends performing here and that the mother of blues, Ma Rainey was born here. I feel like that is something worth raising awareness for and to receive funding, because it is a part of our cities culture.

The Liberty Theatre has been around for many years and many people within our community are not aware of it. I did not find out about until last year myself. I am hoping that the social media campaign can get the okay so we can get our community involved and get the word out!

WLTZ NBC 38: Internship Week 1


I began my internship with WLTZ NBC 38 June 16th. During my first week interning, I was shown how to edit television and radio promos. I used Final Cut Pro to edit the promos. After completing the television promos, I was able to see them on television between commercials. The radio promos were sent to Clear Channel Radio. I also edited graphics, Graphics are displayed while news stories are being broadcast. For example, if  a news anchor is talking about a suspect police are looking for, a graphic and description of the suspect may appear on the screen while the story is being told. Such graphics is what I was taught how to edit.

In addition, I was introduced to a software called After Effects. After Effects is used to add sound, graphics, visuals, and animations to news broadcasts. The graphics are usually at the beginning of the news broadcasts when anchors are being introduced, or between different segments of the news.

I was also shown how to use an audio board. The  audio board used to adjust mic  volume and and to adjust sound. The majority of the time, the producer or operations manager gives instructions on when to adjust the mic volume or fade/increase background (1)

I was briefly shown how master control operations work. The master control operator is responsible for making sure what’s appearing on air is accurate and being shown in the correct sequence. Master control operators also troubleshoot technical issues dealing with what’s appearing on air.

I was shown the basic in many areas of the news station during my first week interning. I’m looking forward to the following weeks because I will be assisting in the production of a new sports show!

Hands On Behind the Scenes – NPACE – Leonard Hood

This was a fun week interning because it was another very hands on week. Not only did I produce more audio for the shows that people in NPACE are working on, I helped record a theme song for “Tv Turnt Up”. The producers of the show had a student with lyrical talent,  write a short 50 second introduction to one of the instrumentals I produced, and I then recorded him and edited all of the sounds. It was fun because it reminded me of some of the things I enjoyed doing when I was growing up.  Fast-forward to today,  I was a camera man for one of the shows being produced called “iNto Columbus”. I was using a GH3 camera with extra features hooked up to it like a wireless microphone and a larger screen on top. It was fun to get that experience and I felt like I was a part of something professional. I even got a chance to record Miss Columbus, Hayley Henderson.

My perspective from behind the camera.

My perspective from behind the camera.



Past, Present and Future – US Army – Michael Molinaro

I am starting to wind down this internship and my time here at CSU. This past week was really cool at the Marksmanship Unit. It was all about the past, present and future of both this unit and the Army as a whole. We are still hosting the World Cup and I got to see new stars in the sport of shooting, winning their first medals of their burgeoning career.


I also got to see current Olympic Champions rise to the occasion once again and win a match, adding another gold medal to their large collection of hardware. It was really neat to watch the young shooters look up to the older guys and gals, asking them questions in some instances, while others were just too shy or afraid to go up to the people they have tried to emulate and are now competing against as if it is a dream.

World Cup 50 Meter Men's Pistol

And then we helped celebrate the past when a former member of the unit who spent twenty years in the unit and the Army, then continued as a coach and mentor for many years, passed away. They held a memorial upon the conclusion of Saturday’s matches and training. I helped with the photography of the event.


We stayed out of the way so those in attendance could pay tribute and pay attention to the guest speakers, but I was all ears as they read over his biography and not only the accomplishments this man made in shooting sports, but for the Army and our country. He earned the Distinguished Service Medal for his actions in Korea and if he would have paid the ultimate price during the attack, he would have probably earned the Medal of Honor.


I firmly believe that you can’t move forward unless you know a little bit about the past. I am certainly glad I was able to help share in the celebration of a real hero.


Although things have slowed down slightly after Youth of the Year, my work here has not. My projects have gotten smaller as we’re in the between stages of preparing for our next major event. At the start of fall each year, the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Chattahoochee Valley hold their annual Upatoi Polo Cup. The details of this event are so large, we begin planning mid April, early May. Therefore we aim to get smaller projects and general club marketing done before our time is strictly placed on this large scale event.

As of right now, we are focusing on our Women’s Giving Circle Kick-Off Luncheon next week. The Women’s Giving Circle’s plan is to cultivate the artwork the children complete in the club’s each day through the Fine Arts Programs. Funds raised during the luncheon will help provide supplies and resources for club members to participate in more Fine Arts related programming whether it is in the clubs or providing the opportunity to go on field trips to get exposure to various arts programs in the area.

In assisting with this program I have created a news release that will go out to our media sources early next week. In addition, I have sent out a small save the date to Phenix City Life magazine. I also had the pleasure of creating the organization’s mission statement.

“The Women’s Giving Circle is a community of women coming together to educate, engage and support the BGCCV’s youth through development efforts in the Chattahoochee Valley.”

In the closing of this week I will be working on another news release focusing on our 2013 successes. In comparison to 2012 we have improved in our targeted program areas. These areas include: Academic Success, Good Character & Leadership and Healthy Lifestyles.




I have also been continuing my regular duties in updating all of our social media outlets. I have to say that is the best part of my day as I get to view the photos of our kids having fun in the clubs.

Orchestra Performance – David Douglass – NPACE

 photo 1 photo 2

Orchestra of Columbus State University performed at the River Center, in which several NPACE colleagues filmed the performance. Personally, this was my first time filming an NPACE related event out of the NPACE center. I must admit this was truly a learning experience because I had no knowledge of the Panasonic GH-3 cameras that were used in filming. Also, I had no idea what to expect from the performance that usually last 2 hours.

Once at the River Center we set-up three cameras on the upper-level of the auditorium. One camera was used as the wide shoot which served as the safe shoot or go to shot. The second and third cameras were set up on the left and right sides to provide close up shots of soloist and orchestra directors. Being that I had no past experience of filming this event I decided to start out operating the center camera which was a wide shot. After 30 minutes of performance, during intermission I switched to a side camera which was more hands on than the center camera. I thought of it as an opportunity to experiment with shots and be creative. This was a great experience filming and listening to music.

Successful Event – Cory Veal -Boys and Girls Club


Caleshia Ferguson

As I have shared with you guys over the last few weeks Youth of the Year is a major event for BGCCV and I am glad to say  we had a successful event. Our event took place at the National Infantry Museum on March 13, 2014. The venue itself was beautiful and the audience added the extra touch. Everyone was dressed beautifully and conducted themselves similarly

Throughout the night Tavari ( BGGCV Staff) and I made sure everything was in order. We were in charge of stage placements and queuing guest when it was time to take the stage.  We also took the finalist under our wings for the night and made sure they enjoyed themselves.

Most importantly I’m proud to say our YOY winner was Caleshia Ferguson. She is a senior at Carver High School and hoped to attend Albany State University in the fall. I am beyond proud of her and our other contestants.  They were all deserving to take the stage that night.

We were also grateful to have Jason Dennis from WTVM host our event. Not to mention they covered the event the same evening on the nightly news. WTVM also aired segments of the finalist the entire week.

Check out pictures and video clips of the finalist below.

Army Strong Experience – US Army – Michael Molinaro

We finally held our big event of the year, the 2014 Army Strong Experience (ASE), on Thursday March 13 at Fort Benning. We had around 950 students, future soldiers and teachers come out to learn more about the Army then what they see on TV and in commercials, and get a real sense of the jobs that the Army has to offer.


My main focus the day of the event was handling media relations. I went and picked up reporters from a number of TV stations, such as WTVM and WLTZ, and also two reporters from the Ledger-Enquirer. The Army also sent down a broadcast crew from Washington DC, so it was a big deal. After I picked them up we went to one of the ranges where I handed them a press kit I made and briefed them on how the day would unfold. Then I was asked to do a few on-camera interviews, so I obliged. The week leading up to the event I prepared myself for this opportunity and went over the key messages and themes we wanted to get out to the public about the event.

_DSC0038 copy

The students started showing up and we got the day going. It started with a demonstration by Army Rangers, and then members of the Marksmanship Unit did a shotgun demonstration, where they shot all kinds of traditional and non-traditional targets out of the sky. They made a salad by shooting parts of fruit and veggies, like lettuce and watermelons. It was awesome.

_DSC0101 copy

Then the media did some more interviews that I facilitated. After that part was over we went to the Airborne school where some of the students got to jump out of 34-foot training towers, just like Soldiers in training do. They were scared for the most part but after they got the guts to jump and went down once, they wanted to go again and again.

_DSC0049 copy

On Friday we had what is called an after-action review and discussed what went right and what went wrong, along with suggestions to make next year’s event even better. This whole week was a great experience and I learned a lot about effective PR. Treating the media well leading up to the event really paid off as we got great press from the event.

The Time Has Come – Moe’s BBQ – Elizabeth Strickland

Over the past two weeks, a lot has come together. We have opened up, and lines are out the door daily. Spring breakers are rolling in by the truck load, making the atmosphere very interesting. Locals have been returning, not once, but two and three times. Feedback from the locals is without a doubt, the most rewarding. Their business will keep us afloat through the slow winter months, and pleasing them is our main focus.


Ben Gilbert, original owner, business man, and pit master.

I have thoroughly enjoyed training the new hires. Each hire has brought something new to the table, teaching me something new as well. Implementing that they are all ambassadors of Moe’s Original BBQ has been the first and last thing they are told every shift. Explaining consistency for each customer and transaction is included.

My main goal for the next week is tackling social media, each and every day. We have all been so busy getting the doors open, I have not made as many post as I would like. We all know how much awareness can be made through social media, there is no excuse for me to not follow through with post a couple times a day. I am so pleased that the doors are open. Happy faces and full bellies are walking out the door, making this all worth while.


I must not forget, once again, we have been named one of the top ten BBQ joints in America. Check it out!