Jennifer Therrien – My first week!

Well, last week was  my first week at the Columbus, Ga, Chamber of Commerce. I will be working with Amy Bryan as she mentors me throughout the semester. My first day I was introduced to everyone including CEO Mike Gaymon. I then got a tour of the old train station. They showed me where all the board rooms are and what kind of meetings were held there. It  made me really excited to get the opportunity to sit in on some of the board meetings that will be held there. I got to sit in on a Monday morning meeting and see what everyone was going to be doing this week. I got a feel of how the Chamber is ran and all the different events that go along with the Chamber.

One of the things I was most excited about was the fact that I got my own cubicle/office, I also received my very own email.

My first big assignment as the intern at the Chamber of Commerce was to write an article about the history of the chamber for a magazine titled “Lady Illustrious.” I was excited and nervous at the same time to be able to write something for a publication!

Another exciting experience for me was I got to go with Amy to attend a presentation at the Coca-Cola Space Science Center in the Omni Theater. I was able to listen to Janeen, Amy, and Chris Woodruff speak on behalf of the Chamber and Young Professionals. It was a great opportunity and I cant’t wait to take part in other exciting meetings.

I’m not sure what’s next at the Chamber but I am pretty sure I am going to enjoy whatever I do there. I am looking forward to my semester at the Chamber!


Jessica Word- Double Internship

This summer, I am completing my senior internship via a double internship through the College of the Arts and the NPACE Center. This will be my second semester working with the NPACE Center, and I am looking forward to picking up where I left off. I will continue to work on the NPACE Center and CSU Communication Department’s social pages as well as managing the CSU Intern Blog. As part of my Interactive Media course, I will be revamping the Intern Blog (so look out for some exciting new updates!) which will hopefully draw more attention and a larger audience to our blog and our department.

npacelogocollege of the arts

This week, I started working for the College of the Arts. I am working closely with Kern Wadkins, the Marketing Coordinator, and assisting her in any way that I can. I am told that I will be working on promoting upcoming events for the theater department and the Schwob School of Music. Also, I will be working on various social media outlets for the various departments in the College of the Arts. Yesterday, I worked on a mass mailing to be sent out which will promote upcoming events. It was long and tedious work but I know it’s important to let people know about our upcoming plays, shows, concerts, etc.!

Today, Kern has asked me to begin working on updating FANFARE, a publication of the CSU Schwob School of Music for 2013-2014. Overall, the publication could use a little updating to give it a fresh, more vibrant look that might be more appealing to a mass audience. I’m thinking that it would be wise to incorporate social media elements into the publication as well. By simply adding Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to the publication, it would make it much more accessible and more appealing to a younger audience. I have so many ideas on how to improve FANFARE. I can’t wait to get started!

my jpobMy desk area!