Fulfilling the need for interactive media…

For the last few weeks of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, I have been working on a documentary style video for the organization. I have been shooting footage of the donation process (including donors in action), interviewing staff and volunteers, and collecting still images. The information I have learned throughout this semester in my interactive media production course has helped tremendously, such as camera angle, location, and casting.

Working with the battered women’s shelter, you have to be very cautious of the images you disburse online and within the community. The location of the shelter is confidential and the victims identities are withheld. The material to work with is limited, unless you acquire prior authorization from the organization as well as the people in the images.

To overcome the issue at hand, I only interviewed the Executive Director, Volunteer coordinator, two volunteers, and interaction with one donor (who chose not to be interviewed). What I found most interesting about the process is the story the donor shared with me. She stated that every month her neighborhood collected items and donated them to a local charity. They chose Hope Harbour being that this is domestic violence awareness month. Hearing her story was inspiring and I wish I could have recorded her, but the footage I recorded tells the story almost as well. The volunteers are fellow CSU students, one who is the president of his fraternity, and the other who participates in the servant leadership program. This worked out perfectly, being that one of Hope Harbour’s objectives is to raise awareness within and get the younger members of our community more involved. I will be using imovie software to edit and publish the video. I expect it to be 5-7 min. in length and utilize it on Hope Harbour’s social media sites.

Once I complete the video this week, I will being my work on Hope Harbour’s quarterly newsletter. I am focusing on events which took place throughout Domestic Violence Awareness Month, the upcoming harvest festival and thanksgiving dinner events, and updates within the shelter. I have estimated it to be complete after Thanksgiving and be disbursed by Christmas.

I still have some work to accomplish on Hope Harbour’s website. Another volunteer and I have collaborated on the task and have both ran into technical issues with GoDaddy. I must say, I do not recommend using this platform. But we will continue until it works.

Until next week…