Exciting Opportunity

This past week, I, along with other hopeful communication students had the opportunity to meet with the big dogs at WTVM. These included Tom Burke, the News Director, Christopher Robinson, Manager of News/Content Operations and Lee Brantley the General Manager. It was so rewarding to finally get to sit down and hear from their perspective where they see the partnership with the Communications Department going. Overall, they can handle about ten interns at a time. The great news is, that as their intern, you will not be the coffee girl or be stuck doing paperwork. They will teach you and train you in whatever field you have an interest. If it’s producing, you will be side by side with a news producer while they are live. Reporting? Be prepared to follow a field reporter wherever they go. The opportunities are endless. Not only tha,t but this kind of experience is irreplaceable and will look amazing on a resume! Want more? WTVM is a training station for other RAYCOM Media stations!! This means even a greater opportunity for a job after the internship.

Mr. Burke emphasized that jobs in this market are here to stay and growing. WTVM just finished hiring 9 people! They also frequently lose employees that move on to larger markets. As a soon to be graduate, this was extremely reassuring. I look forward to interning with WTVM and the amazing opportunities that await.