A great trip – US Army – Michael Molinaro

As I write my final blog for my college career, I reflect on what an amazing experience this has been. Working with this unit has been rewarding to say the least. The soldiers and civilians I got to work with throughout the week took me in from the beginning and never treated me as anybody other than one of their own. The work I got to do was simply wonderful. From creating new branding to photographing international sporting events, this semester I learned so much. This past week the unit’s service rifle team hosted a Boy Scout troop from Atlanta.


These Soldiers are exactly who we want protecting us and representing us to the world. I mean, one minute they are competing against Russians, Chinese, Germans and the rest of the world in competitive shooting, the next day they are taking those lessons they learned and using them to train their peers who are preparing to go overseas and possibly use those skills in combat, and then they host 12- and 13-year olds and make those kids feel on top of the world.


Few units in our Army have that capability, so I feel very fortunate to work this great organization. I will certainly take everything I learned here and in the classroom into my future endeavors. I can’t believe that in less than two weeks I get to finally walk the stage, in front of my children, and show them that if Daddy can do it, anybody can do whatever they out their minds too. I may have done college the unconventional way, waiting until I was 40 to graduate, but all that matters is that degree and being able to prove to my kids that hard work pays off.


Dana Coburn – What a Versatile Staff Can Do!

Throughout this semester, I have formed some great relationships with my co-workers here at The Rankin Gardens and Atrium. Having such a versatile staff, The Rankin department has had the opportunity to use our different connections in hopes of being able to expand our business to different audience that have never been interested in, or informed of The Rankin. Having these outlets is making it easier to attract interested clients. The different types of connections that this staff has provided are, undergraduate students; main campus and downtown campus, and graduate students. Those two large connections then gives us outlets to, Greek life, Campus Nerds, SGA, and all other related organizations.

More specifically, these connections have been so beneficial to me as a senior in college, and I have been extremely willing to help out with advertising this venue through my active involvement in the student life; Greek life. I am in the Delta Zeta sorority and have made several relationships with other organizations throughout my four years as a CSU student that have given me the audience to begin with. My status as an intern has intrigued the students, and they have been asking  all about The Rankin and possible events at the venue. So far we have booked two student events for this semester, and both organizations have said they did not know anything about The Rankin until my internship began.

This is a great step towards expanding this venue and increasing the awareness. There is so much competition out there within our community and I think it is very important for the students of Columbus State University to know that they are able to come here at a discounted price. Also, because we are connected with the college, we are more willing to work with their requests and lower budgets. Saying that, all of our positions a t I believe that my position in school, and my connections at The Rankin have given this venue a new platform to work off of.