Jennifer Therrien – Uptown Screen on the Green: Check!

It has been a busy couple of weeks here at the Chamber of Commerce. One of the main projects I was working on was stuff for the BIG event Uptown Screen on the Green. One of the ways I helped out for this event was by making name-tags for all of the VIP guests attending. I never realized how much goes in to making something as simple as a name tag. Each company had one and so did each person attending. The name-tags of people had people like Mayor Tomlinson and Mike Gaymon on the list.

Who knew name tags would be such a time consuming job. I am starting to realize all the little things that go on behind the scenes in order for a event to take place. There is so much more than I ever thought.

The Screen on the Green name-tags turned out to be a success!

Jennifer Therrien – Guest at the radio show!

Through these past couple of weeks at the Chamber I have experience a lot of different and exciting things. I got to experience something new this week. As an intern I got to attend the radio show that Mike Gaymon does every Tuesday with Clear Channel and PMB. It was a treat because I have only been in our very own NPACE radio studio.

Tuesday, September 10th, I was able to sit in on the radio show and hear what Mr. Gaymon had to say. The show at Clear Channel is live with two radio hosts also in the room.  At this particular show he was talking about healthcare policies with someone from their own insurance agency. After talking to him, he talked to Amy who spoke a little bit about the upcoming event Uptown Screen on the Green. She also talked about the Young Professionals and how they have hit their goal of 555 members, which had increased to 557. She talked about the celebration they had the night before in honor of their accomplishment. 

After listening to the radio show at Clear Channel, we made our way to PMB where we listened to the same show again but this time it was being recorded to use at a later date. I really enjoyed getting to see the two different radio stations first hand and being behind the scenes. I can’t wait to see what we do with the radio show in the future. 



Jennifer Therrien – My first week!

Well, last week was  my first week at the Columbus, Ga, Chamber of Commerce. I will be working with Amy Bryan as she mentors me throughout the semester. My first day I was introduced to everyone including CEO Mike Gaymon. I then got a tour of the old train station. They showed me where all the board rooms are and what kind of meetings were held there. It  made me really excited to get the opportunity to sit in on some of the board meetings that will be held there. I got to sit in on a Monday morning meeting and see what everyone was going to be doing this week. I got a feel of how the Chamber is ran and all the different events that go along with the Chamber.

One of the things I was most excited about was the fact that I got my own cubicle/office, I also received my very own email.

My first big assignment as the intern at the Chamber of Commerce was to write an article about the history of the chamber for a magazine titled “Lady Illustrious.” I was excited and nervous at the same time to be able to write something for a publication!

Another exciting experience for me was I got to go with Amy to attend a presentation at the Coca-Cola Space Science Center in the Omni Theater. I was able to listen to Janeen, Amy, and Chris Woodruff speak on behalf of the Chamber and Young Professionals. It was a great opportunity and I cant’t wait to take part in other exciting meetings.

I’m not sure what’s next at the Chamber but I am pretty sure I am going to enjoy whatever I do there. I am looking forward to my semester at the Chamber!


Danielle Washington – Steam Mill Road Car Accident

Car Flipped Over

There is never a dull moment when you have the job of a reporter. Curtis had just got done covering a story and then he was informed there was a car accident on Steam Mill Road.  As Curtis, his skillful photographer, and I headed to Steam Mill Road I noticed how focused he got because he wanted to make sure he would deliver the most precise news to the public. As we get there the police have the street blocked off towards the area of the accident so we parked further down and walked on the scene. As we walked up I noticed the whole neighborhood was standing outside to see what happened and also to understand what was going on. Many of the surrounding neighbors were asking us how the accident occurred and we were trying to get to the bottom of cause.

The car itself was completely flipped over and it had knocked down the street signs and also some bricks as well. We could tell that it was just a one car accident but we did not know how it flipped over. Neighbors told us they heard a very loud booming noise which caused them to run outside to see what was going on. Shortly after we arrived the ambulance took the man to the hospital and then the towing truck came to dispose of the beat up car. There is no doubt that this was a tragic accident and people on the scene said he had suffered from a broken leg and other injuries as well. This car accident was truly an unfortunate one and I was saddened to see how badly the car was flipped over.

Steam Mill Road Accident

I really couldn’t get that image out of my head but I was hoping that the young man in the accident would be alright. We got some video and pictures of the scene and then we left to get back to the station to work on both stories Curtis covered for that day. Three days later the young man that was in that car accident dies from the trauma of the accident. I know his family is devastated by their lost and I know he will truly be missed. No matter what the issue may be I have learned that as a reporter you have to hold it together even in the most tragic situations.  I applaud Curtis for always being a bulwark of news as he performs his job.

Steam Mill Rd

Danielle Washington – A Fatal Accident

Fatal Car Accident

It was a humid night when Curtis was informed about woman being in a car accident. This woman name was Martha Hardeman and we were about to unfold what actually happened to her. So once again we were on the verge of breaking news so we loaded up the live truck and we went to the scene of the accident. As we arrived on that cloudy night I could tell that this woman was in bad shape and it was later determined she had been dead for 8-10 hours. She was lying next to her car in her front driveway while police and investigators were trying to determine what caused her death. As we were attempting to discover what really happened Curtis was getting prepped to go live in a few minutes. The details were vague in the beginning because we knew she was an elderly lady who lived by herself and her car rolled over on her. Curtis had to get this news out to the public so he streamed back live with the few details he did know while we were on the scene. He definitely handled that well and eventually we got more concrete information about the woman.

I got the chance to speak with her neighbor and she told me she had arrived home at about 6:30pm when she noticed that the elderly woman’s car lights were on but she assumed she was going to turn them off. Then about an hour and a half later it was brought to her attention that her lights were still on so she decided to go walk across to check on her neighbor. Her grandkids walked with her but when she noticed a shoe in the front yard she told her grandkids to stay back. She began to walk up the driveway and that is when she found her neighbor lying there under her car, so she immediately called the police.

This was such a tragic accident and it saddened me to see this happen to someone. Neighbors said she was very nice and I found out she played the piano for her church as well. She thought her car was in park when she got out but it wasn’t and it rolled over on her. She was 73 years old and I know she will truly be missed by her family. Curtis got the chance to reveal this poignant information to the public with grace and this also makes people become more aware of their own safety while driving or parking. This story showed me that no matter what the story may be one must always keep their composure to serve as an emissary for the public and a true reporter to the people of the community.

Breaking News Curtis at Accident Scene

Danielle Washington – New Principal at Rothschild Middle School

The greater Columbus area has recently been undergoing some news changes in the Muscogee County School District. With the recent decision to close Marshall Middle School and Edgewood Elementary Schools for the 2013- 2014 school year it is clear that changes have to be made in the district. One of the changes that will be implemented is the placing of former Marshall Middle School Principal Dr. Michael Forte at Rothschild Middle School. He will lead and serve Rothschild Middle School as their new Principal. Therefore as I have the privilege to shadow Veteran Reporter Curtis McCloud I get the opportunity to learn more and more. So this particular day we had a game plan to get some information from Dr. Forte about his new position. We got on the phone with Dr. Forte and he gave us a great statement about the upcoming school year. He seemed very thrilled to be working with the students and staff of Rothschild Middle School and we were excited to jump into this story.

After we received his statement Curtis wanted to go out to the School to shoot some footage and also to get the opinions of the students and parents about Dr. Forte being a new addition to Rothschild. As we arrived at the school we were in search for students or parents that would be happy to share their opinions about the new leadership for the upcoming school year. We began to look and parents and students had left for the day however, Curtis did not let that discourage him. We decided to drive around the neighborhood to see if we could discover someone else to be a part of our story. As we circled the block we came across a woman in her yard and we inquired about her opinion on the situation and she was willing to be interviewed.

I thought it was amazing how Curtis just continued to search for a viable person for the interview because one must always deliver a full package. This woman was actually the aunt of a student that attends Rothschild and she had great insight into the new position because she actually worked in the school system as well. Her perspective provided the truth because she mentioned that the kids would have to get used to Dr. Forte before any major changes in the school would take place. She also told us that she thinks it will be a good thing for the school.

After we left her house we ventured back to Rothschild to shoot a live shot right in front of the school. This is always the fun part of the story to me because a reporter gets the opportunity to place their own spin into their story. I also got to shoot a live shot in front of Rothschild Middle School and it was definitely a great experience. I truly believe that this story was informative because it allowed the community to understand other changes that have been made in the School District. I know that Rothschild will have a successful school year and once again Curtis was able to interpret a package through his own creative lens that reached out to the viewers. I am really learning a great deal from him.

Rothschild ParentRothschild Live shot 2Live ShotCurtis Live Shot at Rothschild

Danielle Washington “The Miracle Riders”

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon in Columbus Georgia and I had just arrived at WTVM. I was anxious to get started for the day because I would be working with another stellar reporter Dante Renzulli and the story we had the honor of covering was one that definitely touched my heart. Sometimes in life we tend to get so wrapped up in our busy lives that we forget how fortunate we are as individuals. We tend to take the things that come naturally to us for granted such as our health and strength but there is a group of people in the Columbus Area that realized we are all connected in this world. This group is so amazing that I was completely honored to be in their presence because it so humbling to see a group that was concerned about the well being of others. This outstanding group is affectionally known as the Miracle Riders of Columbus, Ga. These men sacrificed their time to make sure babies and children of the Miracle Network would have money to continue research and improvements around them.

The query arises to us all to figure out how far we would go to help someone in need. These Miracle Riders have a distinguished leader named Scott Ressmeyer who is the co-owner of local restaurant Country’s Barbeque. Scott has been doing this ride for the past four years so this year commemorated the fifth year for the ride. He along with eleven of his friends took off from the Medical Center for a 21 day motorcycle ride across forty-eight states to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network. These riders persevered through the heat for the Miracle Network and I was thoroughly impressed with their hard work and dedication.

As for the reporting of this story it was very excited because we go to wait at the National Infantry Museum for their anticipated arrival back to Columbus. There was so much joy in the atmosphere and Dante was ready to do his live shot. He allowed me to help him set up and learn certain features with the camera. We were also privileged to have star photographer Paul Therrien to cover the live shot of their arrival. His skills and wisdom are great and he definitely made Dante’s story more detailed and clear by leaning on his expertise. So as the miracle riders pulled up they all were smiling and waving because they were happy to back home. I could tell they were tired but the most important factor was the welfare of the Miracle Network. The Riders set history by raising a grand total of $262,860.80 this was the most they have ever raised over the five year span of doing the motorcycle ride. It was awesome to actually get to interview Scott Ressmeyer he truly is a saint among men and I was happy to be able to help cover this special story. Dante Renzulli is very talented and later that day he showed me how to edit a story and also how to make sure the sound bites tell the story because the voices are the heart of the story.

Dante Renzulli and Scott Ressmeyer Miracle Riders Arrival Honorary Member and Miracle Riders Infantry Museam