March is Red Cross Awareness Month- Jo Garrison

Friday, 21 March, was a successful event put together by Mrs. Walton, SAF Specialist, for the Red Cross.  Service members, retirees, family members, and civilians all came out to learn how the Red Cross helps the local community.  Representatives for Blood Service, Disaster Relief, Volunteer Services, and Health and Safety Classes all came out to collaboratively support the Services to the Armed Forces Specialist.  Seeing the volunteers come from all different areas of the local chapter was a huge inspiration to how much the Red Cross impacts the average American’s life.

SAF Red Cross Awareness Event

Saturday, 22 March, all the volunteers who helped put together Ride for the Red fundraiser was able to see how each little role we played make such a big difference through hard work and determination.  For a second day all the representatives of the local West Central Georgia chapter of the American Red Cross came out to raise money to be donated to the local chapter.  Over 75 motorcycle riders drove over 100 miles in recognition of Red Cross Awareness Month. Taking a scenic drive from the National Infantry Museum to Pine Mountain, Warm Springs and back to the National Infantry Museum the roads of West Central Georgia rumbled as riders drove behind the Red Cross Flag.

R4R Red Cross


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Malinda Shamburger- Thunder In the Valley

On March 16th, if you were anywhere in the vicinity of the Columbus Airport, chances are you heard an earth-shattering noise, and maybe you saw planes spinning and twirling out of control. No, Columbus was not under attack, nor was Stephen Spielberg filming The Civil War Part II. What was happening was, Columbus’ The Thunder In the Valley. Each year, flight enthusiasts from across the state meet in Columbus to showcase their talents. In addition to airplanes, there were race cars and motorcycles. The grand finale seemed to be taken straight from a high budget action film. There were racing motorcycles and a huge explosion!


This event served as more than just an air show. It is also a fundraiser, Thunder In the Valley supports many agencies in Columbus that provide services for children. Twin Cedars is fortunate to be one of those agencies that received this generous gift.

The benefactor will be the Anne Elizabeth Shepherd Home. I have talked about this part of Twin Cedars in past blogs. It is wonderful to know that the community is concerned about the welfare of children, and they are not just sitting around discussing it, that they are making genuine efforts to raise money. It is putting your money where your mouth is. The girls were able to come out and enjoy the show as well. One of the members of the Shepherd Home staff said, “It is so wonderful to be here, and to see our girls being able to be girls.” Having a good time was the order of the day!  The girls, Columbus, and even I had wonderful day!