Mark Yanoschik – CSU TV coming soon!

This week a majority of my time with the NPACE center was being at the meetings concerning a partnership with CSU TV. Right now, the plan is that it will air on a Mediacom channel starting this summer. Obviously, a lot of work must go into planning before anything can be started. Many students from the Communications Department came out to the interest meetings and screen tests, which shows how much the department is growing. A variety of great ideas were brought up due to the amount of students present at the interest meeting. Many ideas were expected, such as a sports or pop culture show, but some were outside of the box such as a sketch comedy show or prank show. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that I would also love to be on a sports show since I was a part of the NFL picks and high school game recaps for the Friday Night Football Focus radio show at the NPACE center.


It was exciting to do the test screening for CSU TV. Admittedly, I was nervous like many of the other students. This sense of nervousness made me even more excited because the NPACE center is presenting me with real world situations that might not otherwise be available to me. I did an ad-lib about the new state-of-the-art recreational center on the main campus, because I spend a lot of time working there. I feel like the test screening went well, now I just have to wait to see if the students and staff  behind CSU TV chooses me to be on a show. Wish me luck!

Mark Yanoschik – My First Two Weeks at NPACE

I have been working at the NPACE center for two weeks now and I couldn’t be happier with my new job! I have been around incredible people who are teaching me new things everyday. I have learned a great deal more in the past couple of weeks than I was expecting. I helped out with the Friday Night Football Focus radio show last semester so I have been around NPACE despite the fact that I have not taken any production classes. The professors really mean it when they say that the students can get very involved with the program. I am a traditional freshman and have already done a great deal with the NPACE center. Everything that I am learning is going to be very beneficial because I plan on working in the media field after I graduate. I have interned at WLTZ for the past two summers and  over winter break and I believe this is the right field for me.  I am very thankful for the opportunities that I have had and am doing what I can to make the most of them!

A week ago some of the professors and student assistants gave a tour of the NPACE center to a group of Explorer Scouts. It was fun to see a group of young teenagers look so excited when they saw what the NPACE center is capable of accomplishing. I felt the same way when I walked into the building for the first time last summer. Maggie, Zach, and I gave a demonstration of the sports show which is broadcasted from NPACE and discussed all of the opportunities and experience that the NPACE center has given us. Tyler filmed the entire tour and I have been editing it together so that it can be a possible promotional tool for the NPACE center. It is taking a while because I am still learning how to use Final Cut Pro X (luckily I have had Jessica to help me). I have been watching the instructional videos on Professor Hart’s nownewmedia blog, which I recommend to anyone who hasn’t learned how to use Final Cut Pro X. Thank you for reading, next week I’ll be giving another update of my exciting time in the NPACE center!


Kelly – NPACE – Friday Night Football Focus Media

Due to time constraints, my internship has changed! I am now more than happy to be working in NPACE for the Friday Night Football Focus. This is the football radio show that is broadcasted out of the NPACE center every Friday night from about 7-11pm. I am working with Josh, Derek, Mark, Maggie, Tyler, and Mr. Hart to make this a success.

Tyler and I are in charge of social media. This is a great experience for me to expand my social media skills and work towards the growth and promotion of our radio broadcast. Mr. Hart created the Facebook page a couple of weeks ago, and early Friday night the page had about 5 likes. By the end of our broadcast, about 10:45pm, we were up to 32. Now, only a few days later, we are at 64 likes. This is a great jump in awareness in only a few short days, and the broadcast has yet to be aired!

We started with inviting our friends and people in the community who we knew to enjoy not only high school football, but professional and college as well, to view and like the Facebook page. We quickly saw an increase in our audience. We began receiving posts and comments in which we were able to promptly respond to. People were inquiring about game stats and updates, promotions, and our thoughts on issues related to the ongoing games. It was a great experience to see first-hand how Facebook and other social media outlets can be so interactive and how viral, even on a smaller spectrum, something can become so quickly.

I invite you to check out our page and participate in the conversation!

Zach Jamieson-NPACE & PMB Broadcasting-“There is something afoot at the” NPACE center!

20121019-111109.jpg Similar to Bill’s proclamation “There is something afoot at the Circle K Ted!”, on a more positive note there is an excitment in the air here in the NPACE center with the aproach of our first up and comming live broadcast for the Friday Night Football Focus high school edition (our pilot program for FNFF, as well as for NPACE radio broadcasting). Everyone here is really starting to gel, roles emerging, and the excitement is through the roof. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO MAKE A COMMENT WHILE WE ARE ON THE AIR BETWEEN 7PM AND 11PM ON FRIDAYS PLEASE CLICK THE FNFF LINK ABOVE. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO CALL IN AND BE A PART OF OUR SHOW PLEASE CALL: 706-507-8600

On another note, I have just begun the other portion of my internship at PMB Broadcasting. With the guidence of Dave Arwood as well as the helping hand of others on staff, I have been learning new software for audio editing and working with voice parts and sound effects working towards the FFNF image. It has been alot of fun, and somewhat of a challenge balancing my shedule between my girls, PMB, NPACE, interviews, classes, work, study time, and family. In saying that I would like to openly thank my wife for here patience and persistance in understanding. Let me show you what my schedule looks like for the week and there are still a few things not added in here:


Include the fact that when it says bar at the bottom, I work untill 3-4AM, then add a dash of study time, and a little sleep (and I mean little) and you the recipe for my success! I love to be busy and man am I . But in the end, I will have a lot to show for my work here.

In the mean time may I add; When doing an interview at a high school around the end of the class day, be sure you are not parking in a spot that is blocked in by the busses or youu may be blocked in for fourty-five minutes or so while you are trying to exit!! Oops!!

Well ladies and gentlemen, I can imagine how excited you might be to read my post this week, so without further a due…Until next time…

Word of the week: embrasure Definition: (noun) An opening (in a wall or ship or armored vehicle) for firing through.

Music of the week:SIXXam-Lies of the beautiful people. I was introduces to Nikki Sixx’s ( formerly of Motley Crüe) by Chris Chaos. A few weeks ago he tossed me a few CD’s to listen to. I’m pretty impressed with Sixx’s progression from 80’s hair and metal to his new, edgy sound reminiscent of a Sevendust almost.

Zach Jamieson@NPACE/PMB-Break?

“Who got a break?” is what I found myself whispering to, well , myself! I did get one full morning of sleep and the afternoon with my little Maddy-moo (my youngest daughter).

After getting caught up on some reading, and working on an interactive media project, I took the initiative to email the coaches I interviewed last week for the NPACE Center’s new radio show, Friday Night Football Focus (connect to our Facebook page or our Twitter page to comment live on Friday’s from 6pm to 12am).

After conversing (via email) with Professor Roger Hart, Acting Director of the NPACE Center, I contacted another number of coaches in hopes of gaining access to them this week. This new program will be the first of what we hope will be many for the NPACE Center radio station. It is, as the name suggests, a show with up to date information about high school football games in the area with interviews, discussions, call-ins and social media presence. Fixed between the high school content will be discussions about college football and the NFL as well. This first three weeks are mock trials for those in the studio to work the kinks out of production and show content as well as those of us interviewing to build relationships with coaches and schools and learn to hone the art of audio recorded interviewing and for all of us to work on our on air personalities.

Though this is a lot of work, it is all extremely fun and interesting. Once we get all the kinks worked out of the show with the help of Joseph and the rest of the PMB Broadcasting crew, this show looks to be an awesome opportunity for not only CSU students to learn, but for our area high schools and their students to earn some press coverage and much deserved attention. There has even been discussion of live game coverage from the press box eventually!! Going back to the rides on the bus to play games in surrounding towns, how cool would it have been to hear a radio station doing an interview with your coach, and listen to him talk about you.

This week along with a number of coach interviews, I will be working on an interactive media presentation for the NPACE Center, as well as a station wide meeting on Wednesday to discuss our first and next broadcast recording. Joseph Brannan of PMB Broadcasting and Dave Arewood should be with us to critique our recording, work on our emerging personalities and roles, as well as working towards first streaming via internet and eventually a live broadcast on one of PMB’s AM stations and then an FM station next season. It is important that we show our competence and professionalism in order to pave the way for future satellite programs with PMB Broadcasting. So exciting!

I will also be interviewing Dr.Danna Gibson, Interim Chair of the Communications Department at CSU, for our 20121009-113946.jpgNPACE Center video project. This should be fun and informative, as the good Dr. is (and should be with a background such as her’s) extremely well spoken and concise The NPACE Center is one of the Communication Department additions Dr.Gibson’s has given her leadership. A conversation with Dr. Gibson about the NPACE Center should make for some interesting content for my groups A-roll.

Well friends, it’s time to refocus my efforts on my media project, and getting some things done in preparation for class tomorrow, and I think Maddy-moo has successfully plastered every banana-covered cheerio to not only her face, but to my recently oiled wood floor!! Until next time…

Word of the week; Silent Generation: a label for the generation of Americans born from 1925–1945 notably during the Great Depression (1929–1939) and World War II (1939–1945).

Music Video of the week; SixxAM:Nikki Sixx, formally of the rock super power of Motley Crüe, hits it nicely with this Sevendust-y sounding album. I dig it Hope you do too!!