Hudson Thompson – What’s Happening in Columbus

There is a new show coming to fruition here at NPACE! The name is tentatively named “What’s Happening in Columbus” and will feature different activities/events happening in Columbus, Georgia! You will be able  to watch the show (airing in about 2 weeks, hopefully) and figure out what to do on your weekend, or see clips of what you missed out on in the week(s) prior — while also learning about local artists, musicians, etc.

This Thursday, we plan to go to Fountain City Coffee and film the open mic night and also get some B roll for our first segment.

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Also, I got to make the intro and outro for the show, which was great fun! I got to utilize Final Cut Pro X and also use 2 songs from my band, BadaBings, in the intro and outro!

Jeremy Statum – Checking Things Off the List

This week has been about planning and preparing. The first interview I will be doing for the bi-weekly videos is going to be with Judd Richardson, the owner of Fountain City Coffee. Also, I will be filming it on my brand new Canon Rebel T4i DSLR camera.


I also bought myself a new Mac book pro to do my editing and other school related tasks (youtube). In the midst of scheduling for shooting time and getting prepared for discussions, I can’t help but be excited about the things I will be producing this semester. I’m looking forward to posting my first video.