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On Friday I decided to stop by the NPACE Center to get a live look at the all new Friday Night Sports Focus radio show produced by Columbus State University student Mark Madden along with new hosts Matthew Gay and Derek Bailey. I wanted to get an up close and personal experience as it was my first time attending an actual live radio show. I can honestly say my experience was incredible. The hosts Matt and Derek gave me a couple of on air shout-outs  as well as gave an opportunity to speak (though I turned it down because I let the professionals do their job while I stayed in my lane). I definitely encourage all CSU students visit the radio show and observe the professionalism and hard work mixed with some good ol’ humor and fun from our very own Columbus State University students. I now have a better understanding of what it takes to produce a quality radio show.

 Mark Maddenderek_and_matt_radio_show

Be sure to tune in from 8pm – 11pm every Friday:

  • 99.7 FM
  • 1420 AM

Zach Jamieson@NPACE/PMB-Break?

“Who got a break?” is what I found myself whispering to, well , myself! I did get one full morning of sleep and the afternoon with my little Maddy-moo (my youngest daughter).

After getting caught up on some reading, and working on an interactive media project, I took the initiative to email the coaches I interviewed last week for the NPACE Center’s new radio show, Friday Night Football Focus (connect to our Facebook page or our Twitter page to comment live on Friday’s from 6pm to 12am).

After conversing (via email) with Professor Roger Hart, Acting Director of the NPACE Center, I contacted another number of coaches in hopes of gaining access to them this week. This new program will be the first of what we hope will be many for the NPACE Center radio station. It is, as the name suggests, a show with up to date information about high school football games in the area with interviews, discussions, call-ins and social media presence. Fixed between the high school content will be discussions about college football and the NFL as well. This first three weeks are mock trials for those in the studio to work the kinks out of production and show content as well as those of us interviewing to build relationships with coaches and schools and learn to hone the art of audio recorded interviewing and for all of us to work on our on air personalities.

Though this is a lot of work, it is all extremely fun and interesting. Once we get all the kinks worked out of the show with the help of Joseph and the rest of the PMB Broadcasting crew, this show looks to be an awesome opportunity for not only CSU students to learn, but for our area high schools and their students to earn some press coverage and much deserved attention. There has even been discussion of live game coverage from the press box eventually!! Going back to the rides on the bus to play games in surrounding towns, how cool would it have been to hear a radio station doing an interview with your coach, and listen to him talk about you.

This week along with a number of coach interviews, I will be working on an interactive media presentation for the NPACE Center, as well as a station wide meeting on Wednesday to discuss our first and next broadcast recording. Joseph Brannan of PMB Broadcasting and Dave Arewood should be with us to critique our recording, work on our emerging personalities and roles, as well as working towards first streaming via internet and eventually a live broadcast on one of PMB’s AM stations and then an FM station next season. It is important that we show our competence and professionalism in order to pave the way for future satellite programs with PMB Broadcasting. So exciting!

I will also be interviewing Dr.Danna Gibson, Interim Chair of the Communications Department at CSU, for our 20121009-113946.jpgNPACE Center video project. This should be fun and informative, as the good Dr. is (and should be with a background such as her’s) extremely well spoken and concise The NPACE Center is one of the Communication Department additions Dr.Gibson’s has given her leadership. A conversation with Dr. Gibson about the NPACE Center should make for some interesting content for my groups A-roll.

Well friends, it’s time to refocus my efforts on my media project, and getting some things done in preparation for class tomorrow, and I think Maddy-moo has successfully plastered every banana-covered cheerio to not only her face, but to my recently oiled wood floor!! Until next time…

Word of the week; Silent Generation: a label for the generation of Americans born from 1925–1945 notably during the Great Depression (1929–1939) and World War II (1939–1945).

Music Video of the week; SixxAM:Nikki Sixx, formally of the rock super power of Motley Crüe, hits it nicely with this Sevendust-y sounding album. I dig it Hope you do too!!

Alexis – WLTZ NBC 38 Dee Armstrong Show – Production Intern

Greetings from The Dee Armstrong Show!

 So, last time we talked I spoke about how I would walk everyone through how we book guests, and set a theme for the show. Ok, first we have to brainstorm about what would be appealing to our demographic. For the Dee Show it is women between the ages of 25-60+. So we have to make sure we pick topics for that group of women that would make for good T.V. Second, we have to ask ourselves, what is current in the news and culture of this time? So, with it being fall in the south, one of the obvious choices is … Football! But, how do we make football appealing to women? This season we have started  a theme called, “Coaches Wives,” where we tell a story of the coaches wives from local colleges and football teams, all the while they are sharing their favorite recipe with Dee on air. This is just one of many examples of how we set a theme for the show based on the times and season. The next thing to tackle is actually booking guests to come onto the show. One would think that most people would jump at opportunities to be on T.V and tell their stories, but this is not always true. We have to call a lot of people and make ourselves personable over the phone when we explain to them what we do on the show, so they won’t be intimidated by being on T.V. There are some people however that are polar opposites, and sprint at the chance of being on the show. We also have people who have great companies is the area who buy air time from our sales department.

These are all ways that people come to the Dee Show, but the number one thing that we look for is an interesting story  in our community.  One of the best things about working at a T.V show is that you stay up up-to-date on the voice and pace of our community.