Learning from Mistakes – Moe’s Original BBQ – Elizabeth Strickland

This past Saturday, we had our second band playing live music on the deck. I honestly didn’t know what to expect. The days are still fluctuating, one day will be really busy, and the next day is not. Saturdays however, have been extremely busy and steady. Besides announcing the event through Facebook, posting it on the marque, and telling everyone that would sit long enough, I didn’t know how else to promote the event. I was crossing my fingers and counting on our Saturday crowd to show up and support the band. The band showed up, but a crowd did not. I instantly felt responsible for the lack of attendees. I knew I hadn’t done enough promoting and marketing to get the outcome we had hoped for. From the beginning I knew the purpose of an internship was to learn and grow, but I didn’t realize their would be so much trial and error along the way.

Rolling In The Hay from Birmingham, Al!

Rolling In The Hay from Birmingham, Al!

Since realizing I could and should have done more to promote the event, I now know what I will do in the future to get such events noticed by the public. The first being, contact the local radio station, whom we have good relations with already, to promote the event which both locals and tourists will hear. Secondly, make the chamber aware of our events so they can let both tourists and locals know where the fun and good food is at! I have defiantly noticed the power of word-of-mouth throughout our community.

A lot of Moe's leave chalk out so guest can write sweet messages such as this one for all to see!

A lot of Moe’s leave chalk out so guest can write sweet messages such as this one for all to see!

Getting my bearings will come sooner than later and I know I will not make the same mistakes twice!

Moe's is known for their delicious daily side specials!

Moe’s is known for their delicious daily side specials!


ArtBeat Radio, Arts in the Heart of Columbus!

Artbeat to me, is the life of Columbus. For two weeks, people come together and express themselves through their art. Me being originally from Augusta, Georgia I know of festivals like this such as Arts in the Hear. But Artbeat to me is special because of my involvement in it every year.

This week at the NPACE radio center I got to interview some of the most interesting people I’ve ever met. Latino artist, sculpture artist , actors, dancers, chairmen of committees.

The key that I’ve learned from working on Radio with Josh Pate is in instances like this let him take over and do all the work!

No I’m just kidding, but the thing that really has people come alive on air is talking about their passion. Having them sit down and explain their life, their art, their angle. That is what really makes the whole thing pop.

Where else are people of different nationalities, cultures, backgrounds, and artistic taste going to meet up and become one for two weeks?

The answer is nowhere, nowhere but Artbeat.

Friday Night Sports Focus!! Tune In!!

Friday Night Sports Focus!! Tune In!!


The Time Has Come – Moe’s BBQ – Elizabeth Strickland

Over the past two weeks, a lot has come together. We have opened up, and lines are out the door daily. Spring breakers are rolling in by the truck load, making the atmosphere very interesting. Locals have been returning, not once, but two and three times. Feedback from the locals is without a doubt, the most rewarding. Their business will keep us afloat through the slow winter months, and pleasing them is our main focus.


Ben Gilbert, original owner, business man, and pit master.

I have thoroughly enjoyed training the new hires. Each hire has brought something new to the table, teaching me something new as well. Implementing that they are all ambassadors of Moe’s Original BBQ has been the first and last thing they are told every shift. Explaining consistency for each customer and transaction is included.

My main goal for the next week is tackling social media, each and every day. We have all been so busy getting the doors open, I have not made as many post as I would like. We all know how much awareness can be made through social media, there is no excuse for me to not follow through with post a couple times a day. I am so pleased that the doors are open. Happy faces and full bellies are walking out the door, making this all worth while.


I must not forget, once again, we have been named one of the top ten BBQ joints in America. Check it out!


Crunch Time – Moe’s Original BBQ – Elizabeth Strickland


Due to the weather, the date has been pushed ahead a couple more days. As eager as we all are to open, these next two days will be extremely helpful in prepping us for the busy weekend ahead. I think back to the first month of being open at the store in Auburn, AL. Trying to get the doors open, we opened a few days before we were prepared. We thought we would have down time through the opening process, to fine tune and make further preparations. Boy, were we wrong. From open to close, there was a line out the door, for weeks after opening. This was such a learning lesson for myself and others who are planning to open their own business one day. Don’t open before your fully prepared. You raise the risk of the situation falling apart, leading to a bad experience for the customers. With that being said, we are waiting, it will pay off. The next two days, more cleaning, training, and cooking will be done. Friday, the new employees will catch a drift of Moe’s mission. Food will be prepared and delivered to surrounding condos and businesses. Each Moe’s across the country prides itself on involvement with the community, we want and will do the same. I look forward to my post next week, as  I share with you our progress and first few days of being open. What a long but rewarding process this has been. Until next time…

Eat well my friends!


Internship of my Dreams


The holidays were coming to an end. The reality of school beginning soon, was settling in. As excited as I was about concurring  yet another semester, knowing it would not be a typical term, was all the more intriguing. Along with my other captivating, PR related classes, my junior internship would be the most exciting.

I have worked for a Moe’s Original BBQ for nearly three years in Auburn, AL. When I begin my journey with Moe’s, I never imagined where it would take me. I instantly fell in love with it’s mission, soul, and love for southern barbecue. The longer I worked for the company, the more it became clear of a bright future I could potentially have with this ever growing franchise.

As of December 11, 2013, I am officially a resident of Panama City Beach, FL. I moved here to watch a Moe’s start from the ground up. Roughly three weeks from opening, my internship has began at the perfect time. I began the internship this past week. My focuses for the next few weeks will include; training new hires, joining Panama City Beach (Bay County) Chamber of Commerce, managing the stores social media web pages, and preparing the store for it’s grand opening. I couldn’t be more trilled to incorporate everything I have and continue to learn through CSU!

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