Kelly – Final Editing Day – NPaCE


This past Thursday was the last day of my NPACE Center internship, as well as my work towards my Bachelor’s degree!

Thursday we had several students come in for help with their video projects. Along with Mr. Hart’s help, we assisted one student in finalizing her project. We reviewed the production in Final Cut Pro and made a few edits in color correction to enhance the video in ways the student wasn’t aware of. We then had several students come in to upload their projects to the hard drive up until closing time, 6:00pm. We reviewed with each student to ensure their projects had all of the requirements for Mr. Hart’s Video Production course, and that the individual productions were uploaded to the correct hard drive. Mr. Hart created a check-list on the dry-erase board for us to follow and to use as a checklist.

Overall, the afternoon was a success. We were busy with students the entire time allotted. I am happy that I was able to put my video production skills to use and help other students! I believe this to be a great opportunity for future interns. Not only did I assist students in their learning, I also was able to learn more myself!


Christina – NPACE – Raw Nixon and Helping Other Students

NPACE is working on a digital image project that will be incorporated into a live, multi-media presentation about the Vietnam War.  We have been finding and archiving classic photographs, videos and sound bytes of memorable moments that defined that era in America’s history.  One video I found on youtube totally fascinated me.  I was looking for footage of Nixon’s resignation speech, which I had seen highlights from many times before, and what I found was a version that included raw footage of Nixon just before he went on air.

In that familiar scene of his famous resignation, he was joking around and laughing!  The Watergate scandal had erupted, and here he was making wisecracks about picking his nose!  Incredible!  He wasn’t only joking around in the footage, though.  He was also asking questions and ordering people around.  There was no way he could have imagined that the footage would end-up on Youtube someday for the whole world to see, because social media over the internet did not exist yet.

Here, check out the raw Nixon footage.  What do you think?

In other news, my study of FCPX is starting to pay off, as I was able to help some of Mr. Hart’s Video Production students import their footage into the program today and begin editing their project.  I was glad to be able to help them, and also see what they were able to pick-up on their own.  It really is a user-friendly program; if you play around with it, you can learn a lot.

Here’s a tutorial video that shows you all the fun tools in FCPX.  Some of them are carried over from previous versions, but others are new, such as the Position and Range Selection tools:

FCPX Tools

There is so much student activity around NPACE now.  It’s good to have a lot of people around.  This coming Wednesday, we will be filming tours of the College of the Arts in CSU River Parks campus.  And soon, we will hopefully begin interviewing key people for the Artbeat promotional footage.

Editing with X

They say, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”  Perhaps that is true.  But can you teach an old editor new Final Cut?  That is the question.

During the Spring 2012 semester, I was part of team of CSU Communication Dept. students who captured footage from over 30 events during Columbus’ 1st Annual Artbeat Festival.  These events included everything from art exhibits and musical performances to master painting classes and wine tastings.

This semester I am taking on the task of organizing our many, many hours of Artbeat footage using Final Cut Pro X in the NPACE editing suite.  I have been using the older version of Final Cut for over 5 years now, so that one is as familiar as driving a car.  Now, I have an opportunity to learn how the new format works.  Some things are the same; others are different.  It is a challenge to break away from what has become second-nature in order to learn a new editing process, but I have found that there are good things that come with it as well.  For example, I’ve already learned that Final Cut Pro X has some fun organizational features that the older versions didn’t have, such as keywords, ratings, and smart collections.  I am enjoying being able to take a video clip, rate part of it as rejected, and then rate another part of the same clip as a favorite.  Then, I have the option of viewing only the portions I’ve marked as favorites.  It is such a good feeling to look in the browser and see only footage that I like.

I’m just starting to scratch the surface of the new version and I’m looking forward to discovering other cool features soon.  Is video editing something in which you’re interested?  What is your favorite software to use for video editing?

Here is a helpful tutorial that showcases some of the new organizational features in FCPX: