Jordan King – Editing

I am starting to really edit the film I’ve retrieved and I am so excited to see the finished product. I began filming in late May and I have one more day of filming. The video I’m making will be played at the Orientation banquet and also for next year’s orientation team. This video will be given to student life and they will use it throughout the year.


Jordie King – Fears Conquered

Not all of the activities we did during the Orientation Team Retreat were easy. There were some very challenging activities, including the high ropes course in the picture. Students were asked to climb a fifty foot pole and jump trying to catch a triangle swing. A lot of the students were afraid of heights so this activity taught them trust, respect, and courage. It was so encouraging watching students take risks and be vulnerable. This was my favorite activity to watch because the team worked together through encouragement and support and got through this activity as a team. This was also a very interesting activity to film.


Be careful up there!

Corinne – NPaCE – Anxious

As I continue to await more news regarding my internship, I am trying to prepare myself by learning as much as I can in my video production class. Currently we are exploring different types of camera shots and how to create a different feel with each shot. We have started to film interviews and are practicing different shots during this time. Soon we will start filming whatever project we decide to take on. This will definitely help me when I begin my internship with NPACE and WTVM.

As an intern with WTVM, I hope to learn all aspects of video production. I would also like to have the opportunity to shadow a news reporter and possibly practice writing a script. At the NPACE center, I can’t wait to get involved in such a wonderful and growing organization. I look forward to helping in the process of reaching out to the community and doing what it takes to help the NPACE center become the best!

Until next time….