Cory Veal- And the tasks continue

This previous week at the Boys & Girls Club I was able to learn that I have been offered and opportunity to stay during the summer. I have been assigned to assist with another major event taking place early September.

I have been working on creating newsletters and more for the clubs website and our Facebook page. We are on the path of re-branding ourselves in the community and we are currently going in the right direction. It is very important to maintain a good social presence so people can see what good you are actually doing. Our Facebook activity has skyrocketed since we decided to update it keep current content on it.

Check out our Facebook page Like us if you have the chance :


Charissee McKee- Twitter

I have completed my media plan.

I had to do some research on our Facebook and Twitter page and see what our demographic is. I also had to figure out what content our students respond to the most. I have outlined what I believe would be best for our department, especially the departments Twitter page. They do not have a lot of followers and most of the information is just linked from the Twitter page. There is no content between the departments Twitter page and followers being shared. There should be interaction and frequent posts.

We did learned in my  PR class not to become a twammer, but still make your presence known on Twitter. We want to have more followers on the Twitter page, especially our students. We are the leaders in social media. I hope my media plan is successful as well as helpful for this department if it is utilized after my internship. I have a lot of information over theses past 3 weeks about social media and I know it will be very beneficial for me in the future since a lot of companies are going to social websites to reach their targeted audiences. Now, I know how to develop a media plan and I know I can take these tips with me in the future. I realize it is more than just putting up a status on a daily basis. You have to engage your targeted audience. I am glad I am learning these important tips now.

Comm Dept

Jessica Word – Official Launch of the NPACE center

It has been hectic in the NPACE center this week. Our official grand opening is TOMORROW! We all have worked so hard and we cannot wait to show our community partners, school officials, and local dignitaries what we have accomplished.

Last week, I was able to sit in on a radio interview with Mayor Eddie Lowe.  I have never been a part of a radio interview so it was interesting to see how Tyler was able to actively engage with him as well as running the soundboard.  The interview went really well and will be played tomorrow during the official launch!


Tyler and Mayor Lowe

I will be running the NPACE center Facebook page during the event tomorrow so everyone will have a chance to see what’s going on at the NPACE center. The opening ceremony will feature special guests Dr. Mescon, Dr. Baxter, and our own Dr. Gibson. After the ceremony, tours will be given of our facilities to show everyone what we have and what we will accomplish in the future.

If you haven’t already, make sure to like the NPACE center’s official Facebook page:


Josh and Maggie will be airing live from 8-12 and from 6-10 they will be giving a recap of the day’s events. I’m praying that it won’t rain! However, I doubt that even the rain could put a damper on all of our excitement for the launch of the NPACE center!

Kelly Hovey- Friday Night Football Fun!

Friday nights down at the NPaCE studio have been very exciting! Since going live on October 26th, our audience has greatly increased and we have had more feedback through the show and through our social media.

The week before we went live, our social media hits were at a low. We looked at the statistics and saw that the reasoning was a mix between people simply not being online as much that night and that of us just not reaching people. However, after we went live the next Friday, we saw a huge increase in activity. Not only were we reaching more people “organically”, as Facebook calls it– we were also going “viral”! With more people “liking” and sharing our posts and actually being able to listen to the broadcast, we were reaching a larger audience instantly. We even had people in New York tuning into our broadcast on the internet! Since our first live broadcast, we have had one more that also proved even more successful.

Next week will be our last broadcast. I am looking forward to seeing just how much more we can grow our fan base and increase our social media efforts! Be sure to check out the show this Friday from 7:30-11pm!

You can tune into!home/mainPage for the live broadcast! Also check out our Facebook page for updates and football conversation!

Jennifer Therrien-Columbus Museum- A Different Day

Well, the past week has been a little different than all the other weeks at the Museum. I have finally got the hang of planning the Facebook posts, so now they are prepared and ready to go at least two weeks before they post. It is so much easier to have them planned. Last week we created our Pinterest for the Museum and it was so exciting to actually begin on that. We are still new to it but it seems to be coming along quite nicely. It is interesting to see what other Museums post on their Pinterest accounts. Some of the boards we want to create are Chicken George, Events, a Museum board, Contemporaries, and a Museum Shop board.  Right now we have the most information on the Chicken George board.

Last Friday was a very fun and entertaining day at the Museum. It was nice not to be stuck in an office all day at a computer. The Museum hosted an event called the Historic Bradley Olmsted Garden Tree Walk & Luncheon. There was about 25 people to attend this event. Before the guests arrived Ashley and I set up the tables with pamphlets and information about what was going to happen that day. We listened to a speaker talk about the Olmsted Garden at the Museum and the original house on the Museum! It was interesting to learn how much the Museum has grown over the years and to see what the original building was. The Olmsted Garden at the Museum was created by the same person that created Central Park in New York. After listening to the lectures we went on a tree walk around the garden at the Museum to look at different trees and plants and pools that used to be occupied. It was a beautiful day for this walk and it turned out to be a huge success. Most of the women there asked if the Museum would do another garden walk in the spring time to look at the way the trees and plants are at that time. I can’t wait to help out with another event at the Museum!

Kelly – NPACE – Friday Night Football Focus Media

Due to time constraints, my internship has changed! I am now more than happy to be working in NPACE for the Friday Night Football Focus. This is the football radio show that is broadcasted out of the NPACE center every Friday night from about 7-11pm. I am working with Josh, Derek, Mark, Maggie, Tyler, and Mr. Hart to make this a success.

Tyler and I are in charge of social media. This is a great experience for me to expand my social media skills and work towards the growth and promotion of our radio broadcast. Mr. Hart created the Facebook page a couple of weeks ago, and early Friday night the page had about 5 likes. By the end of our broadcast, about 10:45pm, we were up to 32. Now, only a few days later, we are at 64 likes. This is a great jump in awareness in only a few short days, and the broadcast has yet to be aired!

We started with inviting our friends and people in the community who we knew to enjoy not only high school football, but professional and college as well, to view and like the Facebook page. We quickly saw an increase in our audience. We began receiving posts and comments in which we were able to promptly respond to. People were inquiring about game stats and updates, promotions, and our thoughts on issues related to the ongoing games. It was a great experience to see first-hand how Facebook and other social media outlets can be so interactive and how viral, even on a smaller spectrum, something can become so quickly.

I invite you to check out our page and participate in the conversation!