Come Join Us at the Media Roundtable on Tuesday evening!


You may have seen these floating around campus promoting the event.

Today was pretty eventful for me at the station! I started out my day at the 9:45 news meeting that we normally have every morning. Next, I shadowed one of the producers for the 12:00 news show. Even though I had shadowed producers before for news segments, it’s always an exciting experience for me to see how different producers bring their own unique personality to the show. After the 12:00 show was over, Janell, the assistant news director allowed me the opportunity to write a VSOT for the 6:00 show about how Congressman Sanford Bishop Jr donated $10,000 to the local African American Museum in Columbus and donated $15,000 to the House of Mercy homeless shelter. It was my first time creating a VSOT so I was a little lost at first but luckily, I had  people around me willing to help me create a great VOSOT. After I was done creating my VSOT, Janell partnered with me about the Media  Roundtable meeting that she was organizing for Tuesday night at 7:30 in the Schuster building. The purpose of the meeting was to bring awareness to the recent occurrences of police brutality in the media and also shed light on domestic violence. Janell had me make a few copies to create a packet to pass out at the event and she had me create a few nameplates from the guest panelists that would be at the event. I will update later with more info on how the event turns out.


The time is here – US Army – Michael Molinaro

So the week that has been on the calendar for quite some time, the reason I was afforded this opportunity to intern for the Army Marksmanship Unit, is upon us. Tomorrow, Thursday March 13, we will host more than 1,300 civilians from around the region to Fort Benning at the Army Strong Experience (ASE). We’ll show off the Army and a lot of the force’s capabilities.


My role has been developing branding for the event and pitching ideas to media. I expect to have all of the local media on hand and there is a chance I may even conduct an interview or two on TV. I will get them interviews of people who can talk about the event on camera, make them media kits so they have an idea on what is occurring, and I brief them on the rules for the day when it comes to media. Since guns are often involved there are places they can and can’t set up, protection like ear plugs that they need, and so forth. So it’s my duty to ensure their safety and that they get the shots they need to make a good story. It helps them do their job better but also ensures that the message we want to get out happens.

Since it’s the Army we don’t plan for one event and forget about everything else. Multiple projects are ongoing all of the time. This past week, besides planning for the ASE, I had to market one of our teams for an upcoming match they will be in.


I also took lots of photos at a training seminar we had for civilians from the Dept. of Defense and then posted them via social media.


Next week I’ll have all of the recaps from the ASE and photos. I am doing 40 hours on the internship this week, so while it’s a lot, it’s so rewarding and the experience is going to pay huge dividend in the future. I can’t wait to see what happens.

Producing real products for the real world – Michael Molinaro – US Army

Last week at my internship I had to go back to the desk to get cracking on some brochures and flyers for some upcoming events. I don’t mean to sound like it wasn’t any fun but after being outdoors the past two weeks I was really starting to like that scene. But using the products I learned in Interactive Media Production and seeing real results come out of them was really cool. It’s great to use them in class and get a grade, but when you produce something that is meant for the real world can be quite rewarding. I did two flyers for the unit—one for the event that I am interning for that occurs in March………………


and another for a competition they are hosting later this month.They liked my first one so much they asked me to do another and I said why not.

2014 Jr Air letter size.pdf

There may be an opportunity to travel to Homestead, FL later this month over a weekend to do another photo shoot with one of their sister units in some sort of collaboration in products but we’ll wait and see if it goes down. That wouldn’t be an issue with me if I had to go. I love traveling for my job and do so for the internship would be a good experience. I’ve stayed busy here and the tempo has been easy, however, soon they are going to be ramping up things here just as the rest of my classes and my full-time job get busy all at once. That’s going to be real test but one I am looking forward to since deadlines and busy times are the norm in the real world. Bring it on!