Hudson Thompson – Check me out on Saturdays…

Alright, so this week was super-insane-crazy-awesome!
Tuesday and Thursday, I helped Dave out with his show. Also, I got to help Gator out with some of the usual stuff. The thing that stood out Thursday was we were all listening to a station that the company that owns our station also owns. They had some great liners (the things in between songs/people talking that have explosions/weird noises/sounds/etc. and say the name of the station and have a catch phrase or something along those lines). So, we got to talking and Dave said that the station gets their interns to work on a lot of the promos and liners, etc. I saw this as my chance to yell “I’ve been telling you guys to let me write the greatest liner of all time!”

So, now I have been given that task.

Next week, I will embark on the creation of a liner so delicious, Gordon Ramsey won’t be able to touch it!

Today was especially fun, because, I officially voice tracked 5 hours. From 9 AM – 2 PM – I, Hudson Myles Thompson, will be on 100.9 WCJM The Bull!


Finishing up voice tracking the 9:00 hour

 I see different DJ’s voice-tracking and I guess it is because I am usually busy with other things, but I don’t notice them taking a long time. But, I know this, it felt like it took me a while to finish those 5 hours. Regardless, it was awesome, and I am stoked to do it again!

If any of you guys get the chance to listen to the station, it is 100.9. And, I’ll be on from 9 AM – 2 PM. It is definitely not my style of music and I had fun with that (mispronouncing names, talking about bands I know nothing about)! But, I had a good time, nonetheless!


Hudson Thompson – Dub & Disappointment

This week was somewhat of a let down when it came to Friday. Earlier this week, I was told that I would get to do some voice-tracking for an upcoming commercial (AKA I’m going to be on the radio immortalized in a commercial)! But, of course, something comes up with work and I have to go to work instead of getting to make the commercial. So, hopefully, I will get my chance to do that on the next commercial that requires extra voices!


Voice-tracking… You will be mine.

On Tuesday and Thursday, I was put to the testt when station manager, Steve Wheeler, asked me to dub in a commercial.  I would have been able to do it flawlessly IF I knew the email password (which I now know how to enter the email I needed) to access the pre-made commercials. In the past, when I dubbed in commercials and beds they were already where I needed them and I did not have to hunt for them. However, next time I will be ready for sure!  I dubbed in some more commercials Thursday, and Tuesday I assisted Dr. Dave with his show. I am getting great at making bad jokes (his show is filled with funny stories and ridiculous jokes). There is never a dull moment!

Hudson Thompson – Sales. Maintaining old relationships and starting new ones.

This week at WCJM was awesome because I got to participate in sales!

I’ve been there for weeks and the one branch of radio I feel I have not gotten to get into was sales, so I asked Steve Wheeler, our station manager, if I could go out and participate in that. He said yes, so Friday, I got all dressed up and went out with Dr. Dave. He is a DJ here that also does sales, just like Smoot. There is also Mike, whom I have never mentioned, that works at the Bull who is strictly sales. And, lastly, Gator  is the production manager.

Friday, I was able to go out and participate in sales with Dave. The first place we went to was the new Merle Norman in Valley, Alabama. They have done advertising with us in the past a few times, and plan on doing it in the future. Now, that of course was mentioned in the 20+ minutes we were there, but what I found out Dave’s approach is – he likes to talk and make people feel comfortable. He talked about what was going on in his life lately, he told her about his niece and other recent happenings, etc.


After we left he told me that for him, sales is really is about finding common ground with people and making them feel comfortable. I applied what I am learning in my Intro to PR class and we talked about how one must maintain old relationships while also starting new ones with new clientele. We also got to talk to some potential new clientele in Valley at Jin Express for a moment before we were basically shot down and he told us, “I’ll talk to Smoot.” This is something Dave said to never get offended by or worry about, because this happens all the time – some people want to deal with a certain person or could even NOT want to deal with you because of some other person. It is just the way it is in small town radio.

It was a fun and interesting time, and I could feasibly see myself working in sales!

Hudson Thompson – Same ole, same ole

It is week six here at The Bull in West Point. This week was actually fairly slow, I am definitely getting better on being live on the mic (I was there early in the morning again this week on Tuesday and Thursday to be with Smoot on his morning show), more relaxed, but also still having to be wary of what I say. It is interesting to me all the things that you are apparently not supposed to say on the radio, but are still said on the radio …it makes for interesting conversations, to say the least! Today, I assisted both Gator and Dr. Dave with making commercials.


This is Gator, we were working on a commercial for a local grocery store

I am getting pretty slick with commercials, I am thinking after next week I will be able to make them on my own.  Steve Wheeler, station manager, wants me to finish converting music for the sister AM station before I get on making my own commercials. I am very close to being done with the bulk of the converting, and I am thinking after  some point next week (Tuesday or Thursday) I will be done with them for sure! So, I am excited to see what the next few weeks have in store for me, because making commercials is so much fun! I have found the production aspect of radio is what I have really enjoyed of late, and maybe later in life I can get into that portion of radio, or something related. We shall see!!