Easter Egg Hunt Extravaganza-Tier Wootson

Easter is here and it’s time to go hunting!


Adam Pugh from the Rock Ranch, came all the way down to talk to Dj Chip about their annual Easter egg hunt. This year they hid a whopping 40,000 eggs, across the enormous field that they have. Mr.Pugh said that they would be expecting over 4,000 kids plus their family members. He said they will have zip lining along with many other different activities that the kids and families can do, along with plenty of food to eat.


He went on to say that every kid in Muscogee County went home with a free ticket for the Rock Ranch which could be used all the way up until July. It’s crazy to think that Easter is already here, which means school is almost over. Mr.Pugh was one of my first guest I booked for Dj Chip so it’s always a blessing and privilege to have him come onto the show.