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So being a production assistant has many perks. First, we get to have hands on experience with the same technology that is used in major network stations. NBC Universal would be using the same formats for all their broadcasts that I am learning here locally. This will look great on a resume when I exit college. The second great perk of the job is all the current and local events that you get to keep track of because you work at a news station. When Hurricane Sandy rolled into the East Coast, I was at the news station watching at the Master Control Operator captured the news feed for the “Breaking News” segments that would come in from NBC Universal.

Also, there are always exciting guests that stop by and generally everyday we get to have someone on the show who is a guest in our ‘Cooking Corner.’ This by far has to be the best perk of the job; getting to eat for free everyday!  We also get in beauty experts that show you how to do makeup tips, experts on health and fitness, and many more topics.

Beside the average college student wanting the experience of a real T.V. station, I also get to work under some great people who are teaching me all the latest technology and skills I will need to make me competitive in the work force. Learning how to work programs such as Final Cut Pro X, Avid, After Effects etc are industry standards that I have to learn. It can be an exciting, but daunting process, however when you know this industry is for you, the sky is the limit.


Alexis Jarrett – WLTZ – Production Intern

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Hello All !

It’s another school year and I am finally a Senior! Last year (Spring Semester) I interned at WLTZ as a News Intern, and I learned that I honestly liked production and TV more than the news. The show experienced some changes over the summer when I interned, so this year, I will be writing to you all as a production intern for the Dee Armstrong Show. So I bet you are wondering, what exactly do you do?

In TV your work week starts the week before. You have to be prepared or else everything will crash and burn. On Fridays I get ready for the next week by preparing and researching show topics for the week. First, I have to keep in my mind the show’s demographic which is very important in TV. The show’s demographic is women between the ages of 25-65. So when I am researching topics, I have to find shows relevant to our audience. The show topics are: Health, Beauty, Relationships, Something Wow, and Money. For each topic, I have to find three related articles from websites. It sounds easy, however, it can be a daunting task!  These topics usually fit into the monologue, which is the first part of the show where things are light and funny and are used to draw in the viewers.

On my next blog, I will talk to you about the process for booking guests and setting a theme for the show!