Danielle Washington – Breaking News

After an amazing day with the coverage of the Miracle Riders we arrive back at the station to begin editing this great story. So Dante begins to demonstrate his expertise on how he edits stories which gives me some good insight on how to edit and focus on the key components of a package. As we are discussing these details he begins to compartmentalize the sound bites he wants to include and what B roll to insert into his story. It was such an honor to be a part of this story that touched the lives of so many people. Then all of a sudden at about 10:30 pm that night we were informed that there was a blazing fire at 3rd Avenue and Railroad Street.

So we immediately rushed to the fire to report this breaking news, as we got there it was tricky trying to find a place to park and for the live truck to set up as well. However, as we drove around the area we discovered a proximity that allowed us to settle in so we could report the breaking news of the fire. Dante was very diligent as he prowled through the bushes to get a good angle of the fire. The police were very particular about how close people could be to the fire so they kept directing us to move back further. Dante being the savvy reporter he is found a way to capture the fire within the limitations of the police instructions.

The conflagration of the abandoned warehouse was spread everywhere and we were attempting to figure out how it started. However, the most important part was whether anybody was in the warehouse or not. As it came to be discovered no one was in the building as it took ablaze but we did not know how it started. As I got to observe how quickly breaking news occurs it showed me another element of the business that I really admire. I really appreciate the hard work of the people that report the news and also the photographers as well. The photographers actually have to go through the process of setting up live in a timely fashion to ensure the live shot is on TV by the time the newscast rolls around. This is so much pressure and I salute all the photographers at Wtvm because they do an outstanding job every day.

As the fire was being put out I got the opportunity to ride over to the closet bridge and take pictures of the fire because Dante needed extra footage for his story. The fire finally was put out and then Dante went live right in the heart of the action. So my first opportunity to go live was definitely an interesting event that affected the downtown area and it taught me to always be ready for anything to happen when you’re a reporter. That day was eventful from the Miracle Riders coverage to the warehouse fire it was obvious that Wtvm truly embodies its promise of delivering “news you can count on.”

3rd and Railroad Fire Fire Warehouse Fire

Danielle Washington “The Miracle Riders”

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon in Columbus Georgia and I had just arrived at WTVM. I was anxious to get started for the day because I would be working with another stellar reporter Dante Renzulli and the story we had the honor of covering was one that definitely touched my heart. Sometimes in life we tend to get so wrapped up in our busy lives that we forget how fortunate we are as individuals. We tend to take the things that come naturally to us for granted such as our health and strength but there is a group of people in the Columbus Area that realized we are all connected in this world. This group is so amazing that I was completely honored to be in their presence because it so humbling to see a group that was concerned about the well being of others. This outstanding group is affectionally known as the Miracle Riders of Columbus, Ga. These men sacrificed their time to make sure babies and children of the Miracle Network would have money to continue research and improvements around them.

The query arises to us all to figure out how far we would go to help someone in need. These Miracle Riders have a distinguished leader named Scott Ressmeyer who is the co-owner of local restaurant Country’s Barbeque. Scott has been doing this ride for the past four years so this year commemorated the fifth year for the ride. He along with eleven of his friends took off from the Medical Center for a 21 day motorcycle ride across forty-eight states to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network. These riders persevered through the heat for the Miracle Network and I was thoroughly impressed with their hard work and dedication.

As for the reporting of this story it was very excited because we go to wait at the National Infantry Museum for their anticipated arrival back to Columbus. There was so much joy in the atmosphere and Dante was ready to do his live shot. He allowed me to help him set up and learn certain features with the camera. We were also privileged to have star photographer Paul Therrien to cover the live shot of their arrival. His skills and wisdom are great and he definitely made Dante’s story more detailed and clear by leaning on his expertise. So as the miracle riders pulled up they all were smiling and waving because they were happy to back home. I could tell they were tired but the most important factor was the welfare of the Miracle Network. The Riders set history by raising a grand total of $262,860.80 this was the most they have ever raised over the five year span of doing the motorcycle ride. It was awesome to actually get to interview Scott Ressmeyer he truly is a saint among men and I was happy to be able to help cover this special story. Dante Renzulli is very talented and later that day he showed me how to edit a story and also how to make sure the sound bites tell the story because the voices are the heart of the story.

Dante Renzulli and Scott Ressmeyer Miracle Riders Arrival Honorary Member and Miracle Riders Infantry Museam

Jasmine Jones – A week full of adventure at WTVM

I learned so much at the station this week!  I got a chance to work with Chuck Leonard  as we went to Head Start Phenix City for career day.  He explained to the kids what he does and about the equipment used in broadcasting.  As he was explaining it to them, I was learning a lot myself.  I helped him demonstrate to the kids what a tripod is and things like that.  He also gave me some great information about broadcasting and the many different markets in broadcast journalism. I enjoyed working with the kids and learning more about what he does.

Chuck with Kids

I also got a chance to go around with Dante Renzulli, a news reporter, and he showed me where to get police reports and how to pick out the most appropriate ones to show on the news.  He explained to me the importance of having a demo with a stand up and a package in order to apply to become a reporter.  We went on an adventure to Americus, GA, to get a story on the lady who won 3 million dollars off of a scratch-off lottery ticket.  This was very interesting as I got to interview the participants in the town.  Along with that I recorded my first stand-up interview  and he gave me great tips on how to perfect it, so that it will look good.  I thoroughly enjoyed going out with the reporter and learning how to make a story work even when you have little to work with.  It was a great week at WTVM News Leader 9.

First stand up