Danielle Washington – Arson in Uptown Columbus

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There were many incidents of Arson in the Columbus Area especially in the historic district. So as I went out in the field with Curtis we put on our investigative hats to determine the culprits of these incidents. I learned that when you are a reporter you can’t be afraid to ask questions and knock on the doors of people’s home to get the information you need. We walked up and down the bricks of the historic district to get a lead into whom or what could be the cause of all the arsons in that specific area. We saw the tangible evidence with our very own eyes and it was devastating. There were cars in ashes and also trees were caught up in this damage as well.

I also got the divine opportunity to witness how each element of a story comes together full circle. Curtis began by doing a live shot right in front of a sign that spelled out the reward for the person who could help find the culprit of the arsons in the historic area. Yet again he did it effortlessly and then we moved on to get our interviews. We happened to find a great person to interview who actually is a major part of the police force. He told us that he was gone for the weekend but his wife and young daughter were still at the house when the arsonist place fire to his wife’s vehicle and as a result that caused a raging conflagration that went  up into his trees in the front yard.

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No one was harmed but just the ideal that the child could have possibility lost its life to the fire is so hard to even imagine. We got the main ingredients for a great story and some wonderful close ups with the help of photographer Jarrod Six and I realized that as a reporter one has to be prepared to wear many hats. The last effect that Curtis added to his package was tag on the roof of WTVM and it definitely was a nice finishing touch to the Arson story.

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Danielle Washington – “The Final Decision”

The greater Columbus area is rich with a historic foundation that allows citizens to feel connected to the community. The city is filled with many elements of hard work from the past which basically makes Columbus a cohesive unit. This hard work can be found in the educational system that impacts students on a daily basis. This hard work can also be found in our educators, business owners, determined citizens, and most importantly in the sweat and tears it took to develop this town. Therefore, when local issues arise it becomes a big stir because we as citizens of Columbus care about what happens in our neighborhoods and streets. So the possibility of the School Board voting to close Marshall Middle School and Edgewood Elementary School definitely struck a chord with the community, the teachers, parents, and students of these two Schools.

My first day as an WTVM Intern I got the opportunity to dive into the big School Board Meeting with Curtis McCloud as he covered the happenings of the meeting. We arrived on the scene early to set up everything and to begin doing a live shot to stream back to the station. In that particular instance I realized that we were about to take part in something that would forever change Columbus. Before the meeting began droves of people were lined up outside to make sure they procured seats for the vote and also for the recognition of the students in the local area. As Curtis prepped for his live shot at 5:00pm he began to show me the ropes about reporting. He informed me to always be ready and prepared for anything that may ensue. I really admire his tenacity to tackle all his stories with the utmost commitment and dedication. His hard work paid off because we were the first news station on the scene to ensure we did not miss any details. The greatest element about working with Curtis is that he never sticks to a conventional script, he always knows what he wants to say and is ready to report. So after we grabbed the live shot the reality began to seep in.

As we sat in the School Board Meeting the tension began to increase after the awards were given out. It was so much anxiety in the room because numerous students and parents were there to plead their cases and to see what the outcome would render. Before the Board voted an enraged citizen stood up to address the school closings, his tone was so brutal he yelled and screamed at the board and Interim Superintendent John Phillips about money being wasted. He also begged that they keep Marshall and Edgewood open due to the major scholastic improvements the schools made in the past school year. He shouted from the top of his lungs to ensure that he was heard and he definitely poured out his heart to the crowd. After he sat down people in the room had a shocked look on their faces due to the passion of his argument.

Then the time of reckoning unfolded and the vote began to be discussed. At the moment the vote was tabled by Board Member Mark Cantrell so the Board could have more time to discuss the issue further but once it was explained to him he withdrew his motion to table the issue and then they proceeded with the vote. The results were clear the Board decided to close Marshall and Edgewood. As this decision was revealed it was a commotion in the crowd and many tears shed. One parent that we got an opportunity to interview said that “she had just had the chance to watch her son read for the first time.” She was heartbroken and she felt like all her hard work had gone in vein. The Board’s explanation boiled down to savaging the budget for Muscogee County. By closing these schools it saved the district 10 million dollars. Both schools were under the number of students they needed to remain functional so the Board decided to close the schools down. This major decision definitely touched the community and it is still an issue people are discussing. So my first day as an intern I got to be a part of a historic decision in the community and I got to view it through the lens of a reporter.

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