Advertising – Jake Hall – College of the Arts/NPACE


The COA advertisement in the Sunday edition of the Ledger-Enquirer.

The COA advertisement in the Sunday edition of the Ledger-Enquirer.

I have had an adventurous week. I have been working with the College of the Arts at CSU to help advertise for two groundbreaking events for the Schwob School of music. They have received a very nice Yamaha disklavier that they will be displaying on September 4 to go along with the naming and endowing of the Jack and JoRhee Pezold division of keyboard studies on September 14. You can find more information on the disklavier recital here and the naming and endowing ceremony here. We spent the last two weeks talking with both the Ledger-Enquirer and Georgia Public Radio to get the events advertised through those media outlets. It was an interesting learning experience finding out how advertising works, and how it is different through different outlets.

GPR actually does not handle direct advertising. They do what is typically labeled as underwriting. Underwriting is essentially another name for sponsorship. The COA gives them money and do a 15 second plug during the segments of our choosing, which was the morning and afternoon drives. Also, Atlanta is now a separate division of GPR, so the price was different to promote through Atlanta, but it was different in a good way because it was cheaper to advertise on the Atlanta station. The most interesting part in all of this was coming up what to say. I had to cut out a lot of words or find a way to make them shorter in order to fit them into a 15 second window. It was challenging, but very rewarding.

The Ledger, on the other hand, was quite easy. All I had to do was tell them what to say on the ad, and they put the ad together. The picture featured with this post is the finished product.

I also had several news articles to write for the Saber this week, which will be available Wednesday. One of them is on the Ninth Annual Jim Blanchard Leadership Forum. I was privileged to be able to attend such an extraordinary event. The event was headlined Mark Cuban. Many people know who Mark Cuban is, but for different reasons. I know him as the charismatic owner of the Dallas Mavericks. It was quite an honor just to be under the same roof as such an extraordinary human mind, and to be able to cover such an event as a member of the press.

Crazy Semester – Jake Hall – College of the Arts & NPACE


I have officially began my final semester as an undergraduate at CSU. I look forward to graduating and getting my communication degree, but it is also a strange feeling. I am about to go out into the real world and get a real job. Not the part time food service jobs that I have worked for the last ten years, but something that I can make a career out of and continue to grow under.

For my last semester I chose to intern at the NPACE because I want to get really good with the camera. I have been working hard at getting better with them, but I still feel that there is room for improvement. I start on tuesday working there.

That was going to be my only internship until Dr. Gibson emailed me about an opportunity to work for the College of the Arts as well the NPACE. I was skeptical at first, but after sitting down with Dr. McCollough and discussing it further I felt that it was a great opportunity. So I took on that job as well.

So far it has been great at the College of the Arts. I have been in discussions all week about getting advertisements for upcoming COA events placed in both the Ledger-Enquirer and Georgia Public Radio. My boss, Rex Whiddon, and I discussed other things that he will need my help on, and it looks like I will certainly have an entertaining and valuable final semester at CSU.