PBC Golf Tournament – Jake Hall – Sports Information


I recently worked the Peach Belt Conference golf tournament at Callaway Gardens. The first day was interesting because it was storming. The rain came down pretty heavy and at first they were attempting to continue with the golf tournament, but eventually they called it. They sent me to the 18th hole.

It was kind of cool because they gave me my own golf cart to drive back and forth between the course and the club house. My job was to collect the scores from the 16th hole to the 18th hole and text them into the official score keeper. As I said eventually they called me to come back to the club house to see if they will continue the first round. They eventually just called the first round off.

The second day of the tournament they sent me to the fourth hole. It was still raining a little bit, but not as much as day one. It was peaceful sitting on the golf course. You really have to experience it some day because it is quite scenic. I did the same job as day one except this time I kept track of holes 1 through 3. When all the golfers came through my station I went back into the club house. I had a blast at the course.