Getting the word out!


This week we released our September news letter. It is the first time the Liberty Theatre created a newsletter to keep the community informed, but it was well received. I would like to give myself a little pat on the back, because it received many compliments.

This was a week focused on getting the word out about them. Whether it maybe social media or newspapers calendars, we basically wanted the community to know more about their upcoming events and Liberty Legends posters being sold to raise money for their organization.

I mentioned that we should create a social media campaign of some sort to 1. raise awareness and 2. start a social movement within our community in honor of the Liberty Legends. I grew up in Columbus and I never new that there was a Liberty District or that Columbus, Georgia had musical legends performing here and that the mother of blues, Ma Rainey was born here. I feel like that is something worth raising awareness for and to receive funding, because it is a part of our cities culture.

The Liberty Theatre has been around for many years and many people within our community are not aware of it. I did not find out about until last year myself. I am hoping that the social media campaign can get the okay so we can get our community involved and get the word out!