Good Things Happen to Those That Wait

The term, “good things happen to those that wait” has been oh so relevant within the past week. Last week, I was told that beginning in May, I would become the restaurants marketing and PR representative. Until this point, I have been given certain objectives and done my best to complete them and represent the company in the most positive manner. As you all know, I’ve been training the new hires, posting and tracking our social media pages, and whatever else I can do on a daily basis to help. This internship has allowed me to get my foot in the door and made this future position possible. As I’ve said in one of my recent post, there are so many things we can all continue to learn on a daily basis and I’m trilled to continue this learning  process, even after our internships are over.

I must learn to load the pit! Yum yum!

I must learn to load the pit! Yum yum!

Everyday that I’m at the restaurant, I learn something new that I can use in the future. Ultimately, it’s small things. Things that aren’t overly interesting or challenging. Original owner Mike Fernandez and pit master has instilled in us, what we do isn’t overly complicated or difficult, but a million small things that have to be done perfectly. I guess I’m just crossing my fingers that I can actually remember a million things! As usual, this week will bring new challenges and new understandings. Bring it on!


The quant and whimsical store in Daphne, AL. What a great atmosphere!

Jessica Word – Photoshop Success

Finally, I’m beginning to solve my issues of updating the Department of Theatre program cover. I decided to use a picture taken from Rent and use it as the background of the program cover. I deleted several layers of dated text, graphics, etc. to come up with a more modern and enticing cover.

photo (1)Here is the tentative cover of Theatre on the Park

The final draft of the cover isn’t due until mid-August so I’m waiting for Kern’s approval and hopefully some tips or suggestions on how to improve the cover. Tomorrow, I will begin working on something new for the College of the Arts. Kern assured me that there is still a lot of work to be done before fall semester begins and I am up for the task! I like being able to have such an impact on what the College of Arts is producing to students, faculty, and the general public. It’s very rewarding and I hope to continue working in this office in the fall as a student assistant.

Jessica Word- Photoshop difficulties

Last week, I struggled immensely with Photoshop. Kern asked me to redesign the front of a program for the Department of Theater. I was unable to work on this in the Dean’s office so I walked a block away to the NPACE Center to finish this task. She shared the copy of the program cover with me via Google Docs but I needed permission to open it. After she allowed me to access the document, it would not open in Indesign or Photoshop. Professor Hart helped me for almost an hour to try and open the document and begin editing. It was a long and tiring process, for some reason we could not get it to work. Finally, I was able to open it in Photoshop but by that time I had to go to class. The next day, I went back to Kern’s office and worked on her personal laptop to edit the program in Photoshop. This proved to be equally taxing and uneventful. The layers of the program were locked and  not editable.  By the time I was ready to leave for class, I was filled with ideas on how to improve the program but had yet to start. Kern told me that this upcoming week she will sit down and work closely with me to fix this issue. I look forward to be able to edit and update the cover of this program.


Jasmine Jones – WTVM News Leader 9

There is always something interesting and new to do in the news room.

This week, I helped Anna (one of the producers) write multiple teasers and leads for the noon show. Also, I got a chance to work with Roslyn Giles on a murder case that involved a shooting. It was interesting because it was like a murder mystery because we couldn’t find any information on the suspects.  Eventually, we found someone who was at the place where the shooting happened.  I enjoyed this process, even though it was a sad story.

wtvm roslyn giles wtvm car

wtvm desk

wtvm anna

Charissee McKee- Social Media

I am learning the ends and outs of social media. For example, how to handle a crisis on a social media website as well as when it is the best time to post an update. I am learning a lot and Hannah has been a big help with teaching me the information. She actually gave me the opportunity to post some statuses on the College of the Arts page so I could get use to social media and how to do  ot. She gave me some very valuable information about actually spreading out information, based upon just how much activity the page actually gets. It was very informative. She stressed that it is best to do your research on social media so you could get a better understanding of the dos and don’ts. She actually gave me an outline with information about social media. I think this is the perfect time to learn, especially with Artbeat going on.

Our society is becoming so fast paced and social medias is playing a major role within our society. It is best to understand them now and make yourself more accessible for companies. They want you to be well-rounded and have a professional social media presence. I am glad I am learning this now before I join the workforce. I was given the task to actually come up with a media plan. I have been looking at the dos and don’ts as well as how other universities use of social media. The article Hannah told me to look at has been very helpful in trying to develop a plan for our own page. I will continue to do more research in order to develop a good media plan. SMO_Social_Media_Optimization

Jessica Word- Artbeat and ALL-GA Luncheon

Spring Break is over and Artbeat is rapidly approaching! The festivities will begin this Thursday, March 14, and will continue until March 31.  I am so excited! Needless to say, it will be pretty crazy around the NPACE center as we rush to film most of the events. I am looking forward to filming these events and beginning my documentary for my video production II class.

This Friday, Courtney Mason and I will be meeting Dr. Gibson in Atlanta to attend the ALL GA-ALL STATE luncheon.  My former Phi Theta Kappa advisor from Darton College asked Dr. Gibson to be a speaker at this luncheon and she asked us to be her guests. As former recipients of the award and die-hard phi theta kappans we were delighted! Hopefully, we can serve as an example to students present at this luncheon that it is beneficial to continue on to a four-year institution, especially one as great as Columbus State University!

I received this award last year!

This is sure to be a busy week and I will post some pictures from upcoming Artbeat events and the luncheon later this week.

Jeremy Statum – Gearing Up and Buckling Down for Artbeat of Columbus

I welcome you all to the deceptive and uneasy calm before the storm better known by the name Artbeat of Columbus. Its a good thing storms are my favorite type of weather. The NPACE center has been gearing up to record, capture, catalog, edit, upload, and share every exciting moment of one of Columbus’ newest arts festivals. I had the pleasure of working on Artbeat last year, and I am truly looking forward to seeing what the College of the Arts has to offer next month. Last March was indeed a challenge, mainly because Artbeat was a brand new idea. All the lines of communication had to be built largely from scratch, but that was one of the main ideas behind the festival in the first place, to foster the growth of a healthy relationship between the individual departments in the College of the Arts. To be as politically correct as possible, we are a community consisting of a sizable amount of, shall we say ‘opinionated’, people. It’s good for us to get out of our comfort zones and see what others are up to in our university. Artbeat provides the perfect chance to accomplish this goal, and I believe the Communication Department has a responsibility to use the resources at its disposal to aid in spreading this message. We stepped up to the challenge well last year. Personally, I was able to work on a short documentary with Christina Kleehammer over two weeks showcasing the process Art student Mark Priest went through in crafting the metalwork sculpture “Sleeping Swan”

This year promises to be even better, and our department has many more tools at our disposal thanks to the growth of NPACE than we did 12 months ago, and our team of interns and student assistants have the advantage of experience and training…and did I mention experience? I can’t wait to see what Artbeat holds for us in then next month.

Tyler Higgins- Prepping for the next 2 weeks!

Just around the corner we have ArtBeat 2013. Last year, I did a lot of filming for this event and had a blast. The events that I was able to attend and the people I met made the many many hours put into it worth all the effort. I am excited for the events I’ll be attending this year and for the opportunity to further my video and editing skills. It looks to be two weeks full of art and filming! Columbus will soon be inundated with local and national artists alike. The number of events that will be taking place is overwhelming. For a full list of these events, check out:

What to keep watch for you ask? Keep an eye out for me and other communication students around Columbus while we film ArtBeat 2013! You will more than likely see us at many of these events working hard to capture this grand event. So stop by, say hello, and maybe offer an interview! We would love to hear about your experience at ArtBeat 2013. See you soon!


Charissee McKee- Department of Communication Lounge

Yesterday, I watched tutorials about Final Cut Pro X so I could get familiar with it. I have only a little experience with Final Cut Pro X and video production, but those tips from the video would have been helpful. I am glad that I was able to look at the videos. Someone may want to come in the NPACE center and need help with editing their video, I will be able to help them with that and give them some pointers. It is something I feel I should learn, especially since I am interning for the NPACE Center. I have only produced one video so far. It turned out nice, but I used my own camera. My group and I made a good grade on the video, but if we knew these steps it could have been even better and look more professional. I want to be able to help other students in that aspect.

Yesterday, I also had to look through some student’s papers about a Listening Space for students who took the Active Listening course. I had to find common statements between students and come up with the top ten requests from our students for a lounge within the department. This is supposed to be presented soon and we are hoping that we are able to have this lounge for our students. We need a place where it is quite and conducive to learning, comfortable, a place where groups can meet and a place were students could access computers. There were more requests from students, but that was just a few that I listed. It would be very helpful for us and I am hoping that it comes through. Future students would love it!

Comm Dept

Charissee McKee- Busy Busy Busy

Today was pretty interesting. I got a first look at just how involved our department was and still is in the community. I can see why we have a NPACE center. As I looked over the notebooks for group communication class, I saw the range of different organizations our department has helped. Like the Boys and Girls club, March of Dimes, and even the high school that I attended. I cannot remember if those students at that time helped me in particular, but some student’s handwriting I recognized. This is one of things I love about our department. Our department’s involvement in the community is amazing.


It is midterms, meaning I am half way through my internship and I am excited about what they will have me involved in tomorrow. I will be working downstairs in the NPACE center. I would like to get my hands on social media, as well as video production, especially for Artbeat. I am really interested in this and I am hoping that I can be of some help. This is very busy time for the department, but we have a lot people working hard to make this successful.