Houston we have Lift off – CSU Sports Talk – Derek Bailey


After Weeks of planning and painstaking work its here ladies and gentlemen!

CSU TV’s own Sports Talk Broadcast!! This show was the brain child of myself Chatil Bradford and Matt Gay. We’ve been planning this radio show out since the semester started and with the help of other students in the NPACE center we recorded our first broadcast this morning.


Honestly I felt very comfortable with the cameras around because it was very similar to the Friday Sports Focus Show I’m already doing for NPACE radio. So for me it went hand in hand. It was a little bit more nerve racking because as opposed to that show, I’m the host so the responsibility is a little bigger. Big Kudo’s to Matt Gay and Josh Pate for being able to do this on a week in and week out basis!


Tune in every couple of weeks for our Bi-monthly broadcast but DONT FORGET about the Friday night weekly show with Matt, Mark Madden, and myself where we talk EVERYTHING SPORTS. Also look for a special surprise very soon with a visit from a very Special guest!!

Kayla Brown-CSU Athletics-It is the beginning

This semester I have the opportunity to be a Columbus State University Sports Intern within the CSU Athletic Department. Throughout the semester, I will be helping out with a lot of their projects and will assist in the coverage of the Cougars 15 varsity sports.

Specifically during this internship,  I will be assisting in updating and critiquing the layout of their new website, creating and editing video packages, involved in game day operations and management (such as statistics, features, and press release writing). Some of the more specific projects that I will be involved with this semester are:  taking an inside look into the women’s soccer program, interviewing coaches and players,  producing podcasts,  game-day broadcasts with the Tricaster video switcher, men’s and women’s sports posters and cards, and creating brochures.

Many of these assignments will allow me to use programs and software that I have never used before in my life. I enjoy the people that I work with and are all very welcoming. They seem to be very excited to help me learn the “ins and outs” of everything.  We have already discussed how I will be working with adobe premiere pro, photoshop, and indesign with the projects that they have given to me.

I am excited to work with the Athletic Department this semester and cannot wait to show you all the different projects that I will be working on!