Corinne Fisher – WTVM

This past Monday, I finished putting together my first full package. While I haven’t done a stand up yet, I have done voice over or tracking and put together something that is similar to what would air. A stand up is when the reporter says something in front of the camera about the story that they are working on. When finished, I asked an anchor for the station to review my work. He gave me some great tips! He said to try to include natural sound or “nat” sound. For example, my piece was on a canned food drive and I could include the sound of a can being dropped into a bin. I’m glad he pointed this out because I was always under the impression that B-roll or the footage being played while the sound of an interview┬áis being rolled should have no sound. It makes sense though, because it helps the viewer to feel like they are there and the story become more realistic. I was also told to try to add more base to my voice when talking. I knew that my voice overs sounded high and I had been trying to sound a little lower but that is something that I will just have to work on. The reporter that I work with told me that I could try to make the story follow one individual and make it a little more personal. For example, I could have started with one little girl and talked about how she is donating canned goods and shown footage of her.

Each day, I am learning new tricks of the trade and learning how to come out of my shell. Today, we interviewed MOS’s or men on the street and I had to ask people to interview for us. I also had the opportunity to shoot some B-roll at a women’s luncheon that we attended and we met the former mayor, Shirley Franklin. Election day is coming up and news rooms everywhere will be busy reporting numbers and doing live shots at precincts and headquarters everywhere. This election night, WTVM has asked me to work with Mackenzie at the government center to both report numbers back to the station and to conduct live shots. I am excited for this opportunity and can’t wait to tell you all about it!