Corinne – WTVM – Week One

This week began a new chapter. Monday was my first official day at WTVM. While I was only there for 3 hours, there was much to observe. They weren’t exactly sure what to do with me yet so I stayed in the background and tried to become acclimated to the environment. One of the first things that I noticed was the police radio playing in the background. There was nothing really interesting being said and nobody seemed to be paying attention to it. The assignment desk supervisor said that if anything interesting happens, someone will usually catch it. The phone rang and the assignment desk supervisor picked it up. It was an angry mother. She was upset about an incident that had happened at the mall with her daughter who had supposedly broken their dress code and was arrested. She was willing to drive all the way from South Carolina to come and talk to the media about it. Of course, there is always 3 sides to a story; both parties and then the truth. After some investigation, it was determined that this story was not worth pursuing. I observed that everyone in the news room becomes involved in every story. While each reporter has their particular assignments, they all collaborate with one another and are all aware of the stories being done.

Wednesday I was able to see this first hand. I spent the entire day with one of the lovely reporters, Mackenzie Zaragoza, in the field. She put together 2 packages that day, which means she was responsible for 2 stories. One was about how high school students can beat the stress of applying to colleges. The other was about 2 Phenix City Councilmen that recently got elected. On the latter story, she had a hard time getting contact information for the candidates. When she asked for help from other news team members, they were more than happy to get contact information for her. Eventually, we were able to track down one of them and spent the majority of the day looking for the other with no avail. Luckily, we were able to get a statement from one of the voters which completed the package or story. After driving around town for the majority of the morning and beginning of the afternoon, we headed back to the station. It was editing time! Mackenzie was clicking away and editing like a pro. I definitely need some practice! When she was almost finished with both packages, she gets a call from the candidate that we couldn’t get in touch with! She decided to do a phone interview with him and at the last minute had to find a way to work it in to her segment.

At no point that day did we get a lunch break. Mackenzie said that she always brings her lunch and either eats on the go or eats at her computer. This job is a crazy one with extremely short deadlines and little notice, but there is never a dull moment! Until next time Columbus, I’m Corinne Fisher with WTVM, News Leader 9….. (Haha! Maybe someday…)


Corinne – WTVM – Kickstart Another Good Cause

As I continue to await my internship with NPACE/ WTVM I decided to take on another project that would help in developing my skills going into the internship. I have volunteered to create a kickstarter video for the Servant Leadership senior project at CSU. For those of you not familiar with kickstarter, it is a website where anyone can post about their project, film, product, etc. and try to generate donations. Therefore, it is important to try to convey the project as best as possible to viewers, and create great rewards for their donations. The Servant Leadership Program at CSU is currently revisiting all of their past projects and touching up where needed. In the past we have helped the Homeless Resource Network, Azalea Trace (nursing home), Girls Inc., Boys and Girls Club, Habitat for Humanity and the list goes on. Our goal is to raise at least $5,000 to go towards these projects. This puts a great deal of pressure on me to design a video that can highlight our project as well as the need we have. The idea that I currently have in mind is to have a series of interviews; one with the servant leadership director, one with a staff member at an organization we have helped, and one with a student in the program. I will also have some still photos and B-roll, or action shots, to show while playing the audio from the interviews. I hope I will be able to capture the magnitude of our project, and at the same time, catch viewer’s attention and appeal to their emotions. This week I will be filming, and next week I hope to finish up editing. When the video is complete, I will probably post a link to it on the blog, so please check it out!

Corinne – NPaCE – Anxious

As I continue to await more news regarding my internship, I am trying to prepare myself by learning as much as I can in my video production class. Currently we are exploring different types of camera shots and how to create a different feel with each shot. We have started to film interviews and are practicing different shots during this time. Soon we will start filming whatever project we decide to take on. This will definitely help me when I begin my internship with NPACE and WTVM.

As an intern with WTVM, I hope to learn all aspects of video production. I would also like to have the opportunity to shadow a news reporter and possibly practice writing a script. At the NPACE center, I can’t wait to get involved in such a wonderful and growing organization. I look forward to helping in the process of reaching out to the community and doing what it takes to help the NPACE center become the best!

Until next time….

Exciting Opportunity

This past week, I, along with other hopeful communication students had the opportunity to meet with the big dogs at WTVM. These included Tom Burke, the News Director, Christopher Robinson, Manager of News/Content Operations and Lee Brantley the General Manager. It was so rewarding to finally get to sit down and hear from their perspective where they see the partnership with the Communications Department going. Overall, they can handle about ten interns at a time. The great news is, that as their intern, you will not be the coffee girl or be stuck doing paperwork. They will teach you and train you in whatever field you have an interest. If it’s producing, you will be side by side with a news producer while they are live. Reporting? Be prepared to follow a field reporter wherever they go. The opportunities are endless. Not only tha,t but this kind of experience is irreplaceable and will look amazing on a resume! Want more? WTVM is a training station for other RAYCOM Media stations!! This means even a greater opportunity for a job after the internship.

Mr. Burke emphasized that jobs in this market are here to stay and growing. WTVM just finished hiring 9 people! They also frequently lose employees that move on to larger markets. As a soon to be graduate, this was extremely reassuring. I look forward to interning with WTVM and the amazing opportunities that await.