Corinne Fisher- WTVM – Learning from the Best

This week at WTVM, I was able to experience more hands on activity. On Monday, I began using Edius, WTVM’s editing software and pieced together different interviews obtained that day. I also wrote out a script and created a mock package.

On Wednesday, Mackenzie and I went out to shoot interviews. First, we went to Reese Road Elementary and did a story about how they are applying for a contest to win PE Equipment. Girls at the school sang the song they had prepared for the contest. I learned a lot by watching Mackenzie and her interviewing technique. She doesn’t write any questions down to ask the interviewee. I guess they are all already in her head. She does have a way of getting the person to talk though and making sure she has enough footage and the right information. I also was intrigued by the different B-roll shots she decided to take. B-roll means action shots or shots to play while playing the audio from an interview. She got B-roll of the kids dancing, signs on the wall, she got a close up on kids feet while they were playing soccer along with many other shots. After this, we then went back to the station and began editing. Not too long after we had to leave again to obtain another interview. This one was at the Muscogee County School Board building. We interviewed one of the staff members about the sex ed program in Muscogee County and what the curriculum consisted of. When we finished with this, it was back to the station. I was able to work on piecing together the Reese Rd. story on Wednesday as well and incorported B-roll. I am still learning  how to use Edius, but I am pretty sure I still prefer Final Cut. Soon enough, I will learn how to put together an entire package!