Drum-roll Please…,Valerie Evermon, Easter Seals


Well, my internship at Easter Seals is coming to an end. I am very proud of everything I have accomplished during this semester. My goal was to help increase their social media presence and I feel like I successfully fulfilled that goal. I have also gotten the opportunity to be involved in so many aspects of how a non-profit organization works. In addition to all of the work I completed, I was able to make some very special friends. This internship has been one of the best experiences I have ever had in my academic career. My confidence and knowledge has grown tremendously in just a few short months.

With all of this being said, I would like to announce that although my internship is coming to an end, my time at Easter Seals is not. The CEO and other directors I have been working with were so impressed with my work that they offered me a permanent position as their marketing person. This is a new position at this facility and I am excited to put everything I have learned in the Communication Department into action to help build a brand for this organization.

I want to say a quick thank you to the department for the opportunity to complete a senior internship, without this opportunity I wouldn’t be graduating with a job at an organization that is so dear to my heart. This really is a dream come true and an answered prayer.

Please continue to check Easter Seals Facebook page to stay up-to-date! Thanks for reading!



Judges and Nominees for YOY

The past two weeks have been very hectic for everyone at BGCCV. We have all been working hard on making sure everything is in order for our Youth of the Year event. I spent the last two weeks working with WTVM, on editing two videos that will be aired during the event as well. That in itself has been a very fun and educational experience for me. Having a strong background in video broadcasting from high school allowed me to be more helpful  and I got to see how new software programs are being implemented in the editing process. Click the links below to see clips of the nominees airing on WTVM this week!



In addition to, I sent out our second news release regarding the event and it will be featured in Phenix City Life Magazine and was released on WTVM’s website as well. To read the article follow the link below!


Picture Information:

Front row from left to right:Board member Julie Stark; guest judge Nora Garrard; board member Judy Dunham; Finalist Jhaqula Tyson; Finalist Austin LeathersBack row from left to right:Guest judge Gene Perkins; board president Jack Turner; board member John Flournoy; Finalist Joseph Knight, Jr.; Dr. Chris McCullough; board member Bill Reaves; guests judge Dr. David Lewis; and Finalist Caleshia Ferguson


This week I missed a day out of my normal internship schedule to partake in my Exit Assessment. It was a nerve wrecking experience, but it helped further my interview skills. I encourage all Communication majors to take pride in the work they submit in each course. Every project and paper will benefit you in the end if they are done properly and skillfully. In addition, it will help with the preparation for Exit and a portfolio for potential job prospects.


Although I did miss a day in preparing for Youth of the Year, my work was patiently awaiting my arrival at my desk. I sent out our second news release for Youth of the Year, added final touches to the visuals being displayed at the event, assisted WTVM with editing footage of our finalist and prepared for our ArtBeat display. I know it seems like a lot, but its quite worth it when working for a phenomenal organization. We have one full week left until YOY is here, and I’m beyond excited.



Although the semester is just starting, my internship has been ongoing. I originally started interning at the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Chattahoochee Valley during Spring 2013. I was lucky to have been offered a permanent position towards the end of the semester. Since then, I have been on hand with planning events, updating social media websites and creating news releases. I have learned so much within this year and am truly blessed for this opportunity!

YOY STD Email graphic

During my junior internship, I worked heavily with our annual Youth of the Year event and this semester I will be doing the same. The major difference between last year and this year’s event is that this year will be our 1st Annual Corporate Youth of the Year. This is very exciting as I will be more on hands in co-planning this event. It will be held at the Infantry Museum on March 13, 2014.

In preparation for the upcoming event I have spent the past couple of weeks prepping news releases to come out chronicling the stages of the Youth of the Year event. I have also been confirming little, yet important details for the event. As far as media, I spent the early days of this week adding new sponsors to our website. I cant wait to share new details for whats to come!

Check out our new website and link to this important event!


The end is the beginning

For most, the semester is almost over. My internship is just getting started. I bet you want to know why. Well my internship is with the Columbus Regional Healthcare system’s communication department. When I met with them at the beginning of the semester, they had to do some paperwork with the legal department for me to begin working. Well 3 months later, we found a way around that so I could get started.

Also in the past 2 months, I’ve decided to join the Air Force. So I was faced with the dilemma  of whether or not I should graduate before I leave for basic training or stop after this semester and finish my degree later. Well I found out that I’m only 6 credit hours short of graduation, SO it seems silly to stop now, right? Through the efforts of Dr. McCollough and Dr. Gibson, I’m using some of the extra classes I’ve taken to count for some hours I need so now I just have to finish this internship and take my exit exam then I’m DONE! It feels good but its been a long semester.

So my internship so far is pretty great. The lady I work with is super funny and easy to talk to. Anne deals with a lot of media and marketing so I find it very interesting. We are about to start planning an organ donation event within the next week so I’ll keep everyone posted with that!

Chasity Cook- My Start at St. Francis Hospital

My start at St. Francis Hospital has been quite the experience. The first day that I arrived was a busy one. Every Monday morning is the community relations team meeting. In the meeting they evaluate the previous week’s tasks, and where they are in getting things together for the welcoming of new residents and doctors. St. Francis is also opening a new women’s health facility and they will open the labor and delivery hospital. The hospital stopped delivering babies in 1981, but they are now ready to start again and better serve the Columbus, Ga. area and its demand for baby deliveries and OB/GYN services.

During the meeting I was pleased to meet my new co-workers (I like to call them teammates) Jessica, John, and Karen.  They each shared with me their personal experiences at St. Francis both good and bad. Each of them is in different stages of their career. For this I am thankful because it gives me the opportunity to see how they have grown as writers, PR professionals, and media specialists.

As a communication major, I never thought that I would have to learn a medical term in my life. In about a two day span, I have come across at least thirty or more that I had no clue what they mean. I know see that this job is not only going to benefit my writing skills but also my research and networking skills. This is definitely an opportunity that I will never forget. It is time go full force and ride on this fantastic voyage called St. Francis!

Christina Kleehammer – WTVM – Week 6: Reporter

Ladies and Gentlemen, the week we have all be waiting for!  (And by “we”, I mean “me”.)  Reporter Week!

When it comes to working in news, reporting is a topic that constantly comes up in every department, so I was eager to go out and see what it’s like.  My mentor for the week: WTVM Reporter Curtis McCloud.

The first assignment we went on was a live shot during a Board of Education meeting.  Paul (the same Photog I worked with last week), Curtis, and I took the live van out to the Board of Education Building.  The big item on the agenda: Whether or not to return all Muscogee Country Schools back to a traditional calendar–meaning no year-round schools.  The vote passed.  A reporter from Channel 3 was also there to get a live shot on the same story.  For the first time, I was able to observe the competitive/cooperative dynamic that exists between reporters from different stations working on the same assignment.  Their networks may be in competition, but when they are on location, there seems to be an understanding that they have to work together to an extent in order to get the job done.

The second day, I learned that as a reporter, you have to be prepared for anything when you arrive at the station.  At first, I was wearing business attire, but Curtis had on jeans and sneakers.  He told me we’re going to tour a construction site, and I had 10 minutes to run home, change, and meet him in the parking lot, ready to go.  Good thing I live pretty close!  I got back in exactly 10 minutes, and we headed out to the construction site of the new Martin Army Hospital on Fort Benning.

The media can never go onto the military post without supervision, so a Military Public Affairs escort met us at the gate and stayed with us the whole time.  After getting suited-up in our hardhats, construction vests, and protective glasses, we went on an exclusive, inside tour of the construction site with Lt. Col. Ross Davidson, and the Project Executive from Turner Construction, Martin Miller.  They’re working hard to create a low-stress environment for recovering patients.  There are healing gardens, therapy pools, a giant water wall for ambience, and tons of giant windows for natural lighting.

Not only was I a part of the interviewing process, but the best part was being able to practice recording my own stand-up shots.  I looked right into the camera, held the microphone up, and with my best news reporter voice, said, “The New Martin Army Hospital is expected to welcome its first patients in November of 2014.  Reporting from Fort Benning, I’m Christina Kleehammer, WTVM News Leader 9.”

You can watch the final report on the new Martin Army Hospital here.