Filming For iNto Columbus

Today, we filmed for another episode of iNto Columbus. Instead of filming and anchoring in the studio, we actually went INTO Columbus and got great footage! To make it easier, the anchors and production team first outing was downtown at the well-known Riverwalk. We had a great time and I am excited to see the final product of the segment. Here’s pictures from the Riverwalk:

Me and Ashton Merriwhether

Me and Ashton Merriwhether

In he above picture, me and Ashton setting up by the Riverwalk.



It was scary climbing over those rocks, but I understand to be a reporter/anchor, sometimes you have to do what you do not want to do (i.e. standing in the sun, being in the freezing cold, standing in heels for long hours of the day, etc.)

Me and my co-shot, JT Fellows

Me and my co-shot, JT Fellows

Myself and JT Fellows picking a spot on the rocks to stand.

Awesome day!

ArtBeat Radio, Arts in the Heart of Columbus!

Artbeat to me, is the life of Columbus. For two weeks, people come together and express themselves through their art. Me being originally from Augusta, Georgia I know of festivals like this such as Arts in the Hear. But Artbeat to me is special because of my involvement in it every year.

This week at the NPACE radio center I got to interview some of the most interesting people I’ve ever met. Latino artist, sculpture artist , actors, dancers, chairmen of committees.

The key that I’ve learned from working on Radio with Josh Pate is in instances like this let him take over and do all the work!

No I’m just kidding, but the thing that really has people come alive on air is talking about their passion. Having them sit down and explain their life, their art, their angle. That is what really makes the whole thing pop.

Where else are people of different nationalities, cultures, backgrounds, and artistic taste going to meet up and become one for two weeks?

The answer is nowhere, nowhere but Artbeat.

Friday Night Sports Focus!! Tune In!!

Friday Night Sports Focus!! Tune In!!


Houston we have Lift off – CSU Sports Talk – Derek Bailey


After Weeks of planning and painstaking work its here ladies and gentlemen!

CSU TV’s own Sports Talk Broadcast!! This show was the brain child of myself Chatil Bradford and Matt Gay. We’ve been planning this radio show out since the semester started and with the help of other students in the NPACE center we recorded our first broadcast this morning.


Honestly I felt very comfortable with the cameras around because it was very similar to the Friday Sports Focus Show I’m already doing for NPACE radio. So for me it went hand in hand. It was a little bit more nerve racking because as opposed to that show, I’m the host so the responsibility is a little bigger. Big Kudo’s to Matt Gay and Josh Pate for being able to do this on a week in and week out basis!


Tune in every couple of weeks for our Bi-monthly broadcast but DONT FORGET about the Friday night weekly show with Matt, Mark Madden, and myself where we talk EVERYTHING SPORTS. Also look for a special surprise very soon with a visit from a very Special guest!!

The Beginning of My Journey – Symone Grady


The beginning of my journey with the CSU internship began as a bumpy ride. However, when faced with obstacles, overcoming them makes us stronger and wiser.  Dr. Gibson introduced the option of being an Intern at the Columbus Chamber of Commerce, I was thrilled. Dr. Gibson explained to me that this is a very high prestige site and that the organization was seeking a student with strong writing and social media management skills. After conversing with my previous and current professors, Dr. Gibson felt as though I would be a great candidate for the position.

Each of the upper level classes that I have taken at CSU will help me succeed as an Intern at the Chamber of Commerce. The primary skills that I have acquired which will be used to my advantage include group communication skills, interpersonal communication skills, writing skills, public speaking skills, social media management skills, and listening skills.

This internship, like any other student’s internship, is a great experience to use the techniques and skills that have been learned in the classroom, and apply them to the real work force. I will use this internship as a means for networking as well as learning and understanding techniques that I may use in future and present endeavors.

I currently have a meeting with the Senior Vice President of the Columbus Chamber of Commerce on Friday February 7, 2014 to discuss my responsibilities and duties as an Intern as well as scheduling. I cannot wait to officially begin my journey with the Chamber of Commerce.

Hudson Thompson – What’s Happening in Columbus

There is a new show coming to fruition here at NPACE! The name is tentatively named “What’s Happening in Columbus” and will feature different activities/events happening in Columbus, Georgia! You will be able  to watch the show (airing in about 2 weeks, hopefully) and figure out what to do on your weekend, or see clips of what you missed out on in the week(s) prior — while also learning about local artists, musicians, etc.

This Thursday, we plan to go to Fountain City Coffee and film the open mic night and also get some B roll for our first segment.

fccShameless advertising

Also, I got to make the intro and outro for the show, which was great fun! I got to utilize Final Cut Pro X and also use 2 songs from my band, BadaBings, in the intro and outro!

David Douglas – Upcoming Events

Check out this list of upcoming events you might be interested in marking on your calendar!

October 31st

The Columbus Bearcats will sponsor a “Fall Festival” from 5 pm – 7 pm at the North Columbus Boys & Girls club on 1309 29th Street. The purpose of the event is to promote Halloween safety by bringing Halloween festivities to a safe and interactive environment. There will be a number of stations set up from a photo booth, pirate walk, penny drop, and craft station.

November 6th

The Columbus Bearcats will be volunteering to cook dinner for the families of the Ronald McDonald House in Columbus, GA. We are hosting a canned good drive until November 5th in effort to make a donation to the Ronald McDonald House. Players, coaches, and others will be in attendance preparing an early Thanksgiving Dinner.

November 13th

Meet & Greet our sponsors and players at CJ’s Wings off Buena Vista Road.

November 21st

Twin Cedars Youth & Family Services, Inc. Thanksgiving dinner from 6 pm – 7 pm. The Columbus Bearcats are accepting donations to help support.

Make sure you stop by any event to enter for a chance to win season tickets and a 42” Samsung TV.

Jasmine Jones – Transitioning at the Station

In the business of local broadcasting people are always moving in and out of the station.  Curtis McCloud is one reporter who just left and has moved to Richmond, VA.  I am very excited for him, but he is the guy who has been showing me the ropes and helping me with my personal reporter reel.  In the meantime I have been editing footage to continue with my ultimate goal.  Also, I have been able to sit with the producers and gain and understanding of what they do and the program they use for the shows.  Since Curtis has left the station I will be placed with Roslyn Giles, who I was with last year and she is a great reporter that I admire.  I know she will be a great mentor and I look forward to being with her throughout the rest of my time at the station.