Intern’s Day Out

DSC - business card line2

Week Three started with a national holiday. Columbus State University and Disability Service Center were closed for Labor Day. However, on Wednesday, I made up for the lost time caused by Monday’s holiday.

The day began with Jay tasking me to create an 18-inch by 24-inch poster and a ‘universal’ business card for the Disability Service Center. The poster would be used in the DSC. The ‘universal’ business card will be used for interns and for people who wish to promote DSC. I made two different styles of the DSC poster using PhotoShop for Jay to choose from. I made them on my laptop and sent them to him via email. Jay gave me a copy of his own business card and requested that I make something similar without his name on it. After I completed the plain card we further collaborated and I then made it look more like his business card using PhotoShop. In doing this two print items I have discovered that PhotoShop is more useful than I once thought.

Jay and I determined I would gain a better understanding of Disability Service Center if I went on an outside consumer call with him. I will only use the consumer’s first name in this blog. DeAnthony has signed a consent form with DSC as one of the success stories. D lost his leg below the knee after being hit by two cars at the end of last year. I went with Jay and D to a doctor’s appointment which I cannot discuss due to HIPPA. However, I can discuss the other appointment at the Alabama Artificial Limb & Orthopedic Service, Inc. Out of my curiosity, I asked lots of questions and they were all happily answered.

I did learn more about what Jay O’Neal’s job as the director of the Disability Service Center occasionally entails. I will admit I admire him for his selflessness.


BECOMING AN ASSET – Moe’s BBQ – Elizabeth Strickland


Although my days are long, and my commute to Columbus every week is tiring, I really enjoy my time in the class room. Each week brings a new topic of discussion. With each discussion, lightbulbs consistently are going off, making me eager to return the next week. This weeks lecture in my PR management class spoke of employee and consumer relations. I’ve spent a lot of time over the past week, thinking about my role in the restaurant. I not only want to be an asset, but I want to impact the employees and customers who enter the restaurant daily. I have always felt this way, but knew I could do more. I found 12 Most Marvelous Assets You Can Offer Your  Company extremely helpful in my quest to become a better intern and team member. Among the 12 assets listed, a few stuck out to me that we can all gain from during our intern experience. The first being, recognize you are always learning. As much as we all ‘know’ this, we as humans often forget there is something to learn in every situation, big to small. The second being, never say “I know.” Instead of telling my mentors, friends, and elders, “I know,” I will kindly say thank you, or just a simple, ok. Often, we don’t know as much as we think we do. Lastly, I want to become a better communicator, “A strong communicator”, as the article states. Taking time to listen and observe will most likely be more beneficial, rather than always rushing through conversations and situations.

ImageUltimately, were all here for the Que!

Rather than briefing you all on my responsibilities over the past week, which were the same as last, I thought I would share some of my research and thoughts. I can say, after months of preparations, Moe’s will be OPEN for business this coming week. As always, I must say how thrilled and thankful I am for being able to experience this journey.


My First City Council Meeting

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On January 28, 2014 I was introduced to what I like to call the “control room” of CCG-TV. When I first walked into the control room I noticed computer screens, televisions, and a huge window directly in the center of the room looking out into the City Council chambers. For those who are not familiar with the city council chambers, its where city council community meetings are held usually every 1st and 4th Tuesday starting at 5:30PM and every 2nd and 3rd Tuesday at 9:00AM. Each city council community meeting is broadcast live when in session via cable and streaming video online. My initial thought was “Gosh this is overwhelming, it must take months of training to learn what is going on”. It created this uncomfortable feeling because I had no idea what was going on, and on top of that I was given the task of assisting in a live production of the city council meeting by operating the switcher and using Chyron(television graphics that occupy the lower area of the screen).

Before the meeting began I was shown how to operate and switch between different cameras and display graphics. It seemed fairly simple, but thats easy to say when your not under any pressure. During the meeting Mr. King often used the term “superimpose” which is printing a image over another image so both are seen at once.

For more information about CCG-TV or Columbus council meetings visit the link below:

First Impression – Symone Grady

I was thrilled to finally meet with Amy Bryan, Senior Vice President of Talent, Retention, and Community Development at the Columbus Georgia Chamber of Commerce.  I was a bit nervous walking into my initial meeting because of the slightly conservative atmosphere . However, I found that my nerves quickly began to subside after meeting Amy. With such a  fun and outgoing personality, she has a way of making one feel right at home.

After discussing my skills, previous work, expectations, duties, and scheduling, Amy hopped out of her chair and gave me a grand tour of the office while introducing me to staff members we crossed along the way. During the tour,  I was greeted with warm smiles and firm handshakes . Right away I sensed that this was a close-knit working environment;  staff members are like family.

Overall, my impression of this internship site and all of it’s staff is positive. The work environment is not too hectic and everyone is more than happy to assist me with any questions that I have. When going into an internship, one hopes that they will not be looked down upon or simply made into a gofer. However, I know that this will not be the case with the staff at the Chamber of Commerce.

Brandon Lashley – “Check, Is This Thing On?”

PMBWe are just 2 weeks away from the steeplechase and I am beyond excited about it! Last week I went with the General Manager and the Executive Director and we went to PMB broadcasting. We ended up being on 3 radio stations, 1 live and 2 recorded. By far my favorite of the three was the live broadcast because it allowed me to talk impromptu about the steeplechase and working with the women of the steeplechase. we joked around for a minute on air and were able to talk about steeplechase in real time, which was an experience. The recording sessions were  interesting in their own right. the first one, the radio personality was quite humorous, and kept us entertained while the second was more structured and information based.

Another thing I was able to accomplish was updating and creating a webpage for the leadership of the steeplechase. I have never actually changed a website before and this was a great experience for me.

David Douglas – 3 Things I Have Learned…


In this post I’ll share a few things I have learned so far as an intern for the Columbus Life Bearcats. In the first blog post I mentioned what the Columbus Bearcats establishment is, and what I hoped to gain from the experience. So far it has been a little over three months as an intern for the Columbus Bearcats, and the half-way point of the fall 2013 semester. Throughout this time period I have grown as a person and gained what I feel to be valuable skills.

  1. Applying Skills Learned in Class

Currently I am taking Professor Humphrey’s group communication course. This course focuses on ways of dealing with group conflict and how to increase group productivity and creativity. As an intern I have learned to apply what I am learning in class and test these skills in the real world. Testing your skills in the real world is a great way to receive feedback.

2. Professional Connections

An internship can be a great way to build professional connections. Building professional connections while in college can help you land a job after graduation. The people you work with in the professional setting become familiar with your work and personality. These connections offer you the opportunity to meet others with similar interests.

3. Time Management Skills

Time management skills are important for a number of reasons. Using time wisely can accomplish more than one task in a given period of time. Before Interning for the Columbus Bearcats I only could see. Time management involved school related tasks. From this internship I have learned the role time management can play outside of the classroom in the professional setting.

In summary I am learning how to applying what I am learning in class in a professional setting, build connections, and different methods of time management. Internships can help with more than just what I have mentioned, therefore take advantage of an internship and learn as much as you can.

Jennifer Therrien – Spreadsheets and more spreadsheets!

Who knew I would be using so much Excel! This week was another busy week at the Chamber! My computer skills really came into play this week. After the Inter-City Leadership Trip there was surveys conducted for each day they were there. One of my tasks this week was to take the surveys and gather all the data from them. It really took a lot of patience to go through 52 surveys. I gathered all the data in an excel spreadsheet and then that gave me all the information I needed. Another thing  I had to do was create a document of all the additional comments on the surveys. There were so many opinionated people on the trip and some of the comments were a little crazy.  I never knew I would be using Excel so much.

The next task I was to do was to create a spreadsheet of the Youth Leadership winners with all of their information on it. The next thing I had to do was a mail merger. I had no idea Excel and word were capable of all these things.  I am now able to say I completed my first mail merger. I even got to put them through the postage machine.I learned quite a lot this week and am now very comfortable with Excel!

Just a stack of the surveys I had to go through.

Just a stack of the surveys I had to go through.