Jennifer Therrien- Columbus Museum- Short Week

It has been a short week at the Museum. Monday the Museum was closed due to Veterans day so I returned today with plenty of things to do! It was time for another staff meeting today so we attended that first thing in the morning.  We listened to the latest announcements and any important updates that had to be told. After all of the speaking was done, there was a safety presentation done on cold weather.  It was to prepare us for the cold weather we might endure.

As soon as we got back to Ashley’s office is was back to work I went. Since I wasn’t there on Monday I was a little behind on some of the stuff I had to do. I planned all my Facebook posts for this week and began working on the next two weeks. It’s a lot harder than you think to create posts for Facebook when there is not really anything big happening. I went around the Museum and took pictures of things that I thought would make interesting posts and things that I think would attract visitors.

Our newest exhibit Growing Up in The Valley is very interesting, especially if you are from Columbus because you get to learn about what has gone on here in the past. Tomorrow is the opening of the newest exhibit called the Dawn Black Conceal Project. It’s always exciting when something new is about to go on. Third Thursday is back and it’s tomorrow and that is when the new exhibit will be opening. There will be a teens only event before that, which allows teens to come and talk one on one with the Artist Dawn Black herself.

That’s all for today!


Jennifer Therrien- Columbus Museum-

Today at the Museum was a very interesting day. I was able to attend a very important meeting with the entire development department. The meeting was with development members of the Museum board, so it wasn’t actually the entire board. The meeting began at 9 AM and lasted about an hour and a half. We met in the director of the Museum, Tom’s office. I had no idea that his office was so big. It had a huge table just like you see in the movies in it with big chairs. There were drinks set up and muffins that were available for everyone. People started coming and there was something there from each age group. It was neat to learn how they present their ideas and events to the board and see how they react to them. They present what they have at this meeting and then they will present everything at the next actual board meeting where the entire board is there. They talked about the membership campaign that they are working on right now and how well it is doing. In just a couple of months the number of memberships have gone up quite a lot. They talked about the upcoming event ARTBEAT and the role that the Museum would take in that big event. Ashley talked about the marketing side of everything and explained how she would be getting the word out there. The Museum will run ads on the radio, in magazines, the newspapers, and other publications. It is not quite in the budget for a commercial yet, but maybe in the future! I learned a lot from this meeting and I can’t wait to experience another one! After the meeting I continued working on some more post for social media! Tomorrow is the start of the big annual Holiday Open House for the Museum so we have been promoting that for quite a while now.

To find out more about ARTBEAT go to

Jennifer Therrien- Columbus Museum- Museum 101

I feel like I learn something new about working in a Museum every day. Some of the things that I hear about or am learning about I would have never even thought would take place. There is so much more than you can imagine and it is really opening my eyes. Today was a very interesting and important day at the Museum. We attended a meeting that was called Museum 101, where the director of the Museum and people from different departments gave presentations about what their jobs were and what they do that we might not know about. It helped me to better understand more of what goes on behind the scenes. I have way more appreciation for the Museum and what takes place in order for the community to see exhibitions.

When the Museum first started it was out of someone’s home in 1963. Each month was a constant struggle on whether or not the Museum would stay open or if they would have to close it down due to financial reasons. Since then the Museum has come such a long way, we will be celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the Columbus Museum in March.

Most of the Museum is funded by the Muscogee County School district.  The Columbus Museum is one of the very few Museums that is partnered with a school district. They help to pay for a majority of the costs that go in to running a museum.

There are many different exhibitions that go on at the Museum, and they are planned very far in advanced to make sure there is enough space and money to accommodate. When getting a new exhibition, the Curators meet with the Development Department to discuss how they are going to get the new exhibit out there. They make different ads and designs that will be effective in getting more people into the Museum! I also learned about the education department and what goes into all the school field trips I used to go on! I think the most interesting thing was the budget and to learn about all the money that is spent at the Museum, how it is spent and where it comes from!

On Sunday it will be the last day for the Rocio Rodriguez exhibit, and the staff will start working hard to take down that exhibit while putting up the new one called the Conceal Project by artist Dawn Black.

Another thing that we are working on right now is the next Muse that will come out in December. We are in the process of putting it together and checking all the final designs!

Jennifer Therrien-Columbus Museum- A Different Day

Well, the past week has been a little different than all the other weeks at the Museum. I have finally got the hang of planning the Facebook posts, so now they are prepared and ready to go at least two weeks before they post. It is so much easier to have them planned. Last week we created our Pinterest for the Museum and it was so exciting to actually begin on that. We are still new to it but it seems to be coming along quite nicely. It is interesting to see what other Museums post on their Pinterest accounts. Some of the boards we want to create are Chicken George, Events, a Museum board, Contemporaries, and a Museum Shop board.  Right now we have the most information on the Chicken George board.

Last Friday was a very fun and entertaining day at the Museum. It was nice not to be stuck in an office all day at a computer. The Museum hosted an event called the Historic Bradley Olmsted Garden Tree Walk & Luncheon. There was about 25 people to attend this event. Before the guests arrived Ashley and I set up the tables with pamphlets and information about what was going to happen that day. We listened to a speaker talk about the Olmsted Garden at the Museum and the original house on the Museum! It was interesting to learn how much the Museum has grown over the years and to see what the original building was. The Olmsted Garden at the Museum was created by the same person that created Central Park in New York. After listening to the lectures we went on a tree walk around the garden at the Museum to look at different trees and plants and pools that used to be occupied. It was a beautiful day for this walk and it turned out to be a huge success. Most of the women there asked if the Museum would do another garden walk in the spring time to look at the way the trees and plants are at that time. I can’t wait to help out with another event at the Museum!

Jennifer – Columbus Museum – So far, so good

Well, this week at the Museum has been quite an exciting one. We have accomplished so much, and I am finally starting to get the hang of things. We started off this week by meeting with Jennifer, who is in charge of the Museum Shop. We met with her to take pictures of items that we would feature on our Facebook page. We finished making a social media plan for the rest of this week and then began to start on next weeks. Our goal is to be a week ahead of schedule. I never knew how difficult and time consuming this would be. Then Ashley and I went to the Transformations part of the Museum and took pictures of art work that was done by some students in the school district. That was fun because I got to look at artwork.

Wednesday was a little different. After finishing up the social media plan for next week, I got to sit in on a meeting with Ashley with someone from Screen Vision. She was trying to sell advertising to the Museum, where our add would be in the movie theaters. It was interesting to see the cost of ads and how effective it is. Additionally, I helped Ashley with designs on special projects she was creating. I got to meet with our graphic designer to see how they talked about the different changes for an ad that would be in Southern Views Magazine. We talked about what would be best to put on the ad, and who would be more likely to look at it. It was interesting and fun!

I’m looking forward to Friday because we have two meetings set up. I like getting to interact with other people and see what Ashley does on a day to day basis.


Chicken George is the character for the Museum for the children

Jennifer-Columbus Museum-Getting down to business

Well, it is already my third week at the Columbus Museum, and I love it! Everyone continues to be so warm and friendly; always making me feel so welcomed. It has been a busy week at the Columbus Museum, creating our social media plan, but it is coming together quite nicely. Last Friday, I got to witness an exciting moment for the Development Department. They created new membership flyers, which were delivered that day. It was great to have a sneak peak of this great flyer. Everyone was so excited! Ashley explained the process to make them and how long it took, and believe me I was in shock.  Monday was quite a hectic day getting everything together but we did. I created the Facebook posts for the rest of the week and scheduled them in Hootsuite. The more I post, the more I learn. It feels so good to finally see everything come together. Hopefully at the end of the week we will begin something new!


Jennifer- Columbus Museum- My first week at the Museum

Permanent Collection

Well, so far my first week at the Columbus Museum was a success. I am working with Ashley Bice who is in charge of development and marketing of the Museum. My first day was Wednesday and I arrived at 8:30am. We began talking about what I would be doing there and the goals they wanted me to achieve while interning there. Ashley introduced me to everyone and they were so warm and welcoming and most of all very friendly. We then went on a tour of the Museum and saw all the parts of the building I never knew existed. After so many field trips there I was amazed. She showed me the different exhibits and told me a little bit about each one. The tour was much needed and is going to help me a  lot when I am trying to get around that place.

After the tour, she gave me tons of research to look at involving social media plans of different Museums and how to create your own social media plan. I took notes of everything I thought would be helpful to me. I  then got to explore the different social media sites that the Museum has and learned about the many different Facebook pages. One of my goals during my internship is to set up HootSuite and Nutshell mail for them. Those websites will be very helpful when we are checking the notifications from the many social media sites.

I am so excited to be interning there and look forward to the many opportunities they give me!