Behind the Scenes

Columbus Regional Health

Columbus Regional Health

      This week, as usual, has been busy and full of more exciting media activity. Coming into the office has become one of my favorite parts of the day. I love filling in my planner on Monday mornings with all of the week’s activities. And I’m finding that I love the staff more and more, and I am enjoying the work that we are doing.

     This week I got tophoto 1 experience an interview for the Ledger Enquirer. This process is a little different because there is no audio or visual recording-the reporter just has a conversation with their interviewee and writes down the information that they want to use. There was a cameraman, but he was just snapping shots of Mike Smajde, the interviewee and Director of Columbus Hospice, and the renovated rooms in the new Columbus Hospice wing of the hospital. Columbus Regional Health is partnering up with Columbus Hospice to open up a wing right in the hospital! It is a great new addition to the hospital, and will open new doors. This wing will open its doors officially next week.

     In addition to the interest in Columbus Regional Health from the paper side of news, WTVM approached us, asking to do a few scenes for some new commercials about health. Of coursphoto 4e we jumped at the opportunity to promote Columbus Regional Health and good health habits.

     We coordinated to have specialized nurses available for the filming, and it was great to see such an experienced reporter on the job. Barbra Gauthier came in and lit up the room with her presence. It will be pretty exciting to see the final result in commercials on TV, and knowphoto 3 that I was a part of the behind the scenes.