Danielle Washington – Bittersweet


Over the course of this summer I have had the best time of my life. This internship had showed me so much about the News Business and I am truly grateful to have gotten the opportunity to intern at the number one newsstation in Columbus Georgia. There is no doubt in my mind that I have gained so much more as a Communications major and person by being allowed to intern with WTVM.

Danielle intern

The team has been outstanding in lending so much wisdom to me as I got the opportunity to interview some legendary people of the station. Men such as Chuck Leonard, Paul Therrien, and Mr. Eddie Bland taught me so much about the history of WTVM. While the oustanding report Mr.Curtis McCloud took me under his wing this summer and he definitely showed me how to be a reporter. Word can not express my gratitude to the entire staff of WTVM for showing me what it is like to be a part of a newsstation. I also am forever indebted to Mr. Chris Robinson for allowing the opportunity to intern this summer.  I look forward to particapting in the first ever intern newscast this Saturday and I am very excited to be a part of it.

Live on Set

I have seen it all and loved every moment of sitting in the newsroom and also being live in the field. The city of Columbus will always depend upon WTVM for the news it can count on and WTVM will continue to deliver with style and grace as it had been doing for the past six decades. I have cherished this internship and I will take the skills I have formed with me in the future.

Danielle Washington – Behind the Scenes

Production!! Production!! Production!! It can be real fast pace behind the scenes and I was thrilled to watch how a show comes together. After an interesting day of reporting with Curtis he gave me an assignment. This assignment was to sit in with the producers of the shows to fully understand how a show functions. The producer’s job is definitely a handful because they have to manage the scripts and control every minute of the show. As I sat back with Jessica who is one of the producers at Wtvm she really showed me the ropes of producing. There are many parts that go along with getting news broadcasts to the viewers and I was so happy to be able to learn about this intricate process.

Jessica gives cues to the anchors and she also tells them of any changes that need to be made in the show. So one must always run a tight ship in order to make sure a show goes smoothly. The anchors also have to be well prepared and familiar with the news they are presenting on air because there is no room for error when going live. I was amazed as I sat in the control room and watched the news from a completely different perspective. It was truly eye opening to watch the transitioning from the green screen to the live shots and I loved every minute of it.

The production team is so wonderful and I gained a greater respect for producers because their task is a very important part of the news cast because they develop the topics that are major issues in the world and community. They also have to be prepared to rearrange shows due to breaking news or to a great story that a reporter wants to cover that will impact the community. Just to sit in the control room I realized that Wtvm operates in strong team work. I also realized that all the elements from behind the scenes producing to anchoring fits together perfectly to render Wtvm as the number one TV station in Columbus Georgia.

Production jessica Control Room Behind the Scenes